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Big Jess ft. Chaundon, Greg Grease & Metasota - Simple and Plain

Pop culture is littered with trilogies. From Star Wars to the Lakers of the early 00’s, great things always seem to come in threes. For producer Big Jess, though, three just doesn’t cut it, which is why he is...Read More

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Glo Pesci

Glo Pesci ft. Sadat X - RunWild

Big Jess’ Honorable Mention compilations are generally focused on showcasing emerging talent from the Twin Cities area, but when an industry vet as illustrious as Sadat X wants to jump on a track, how can you say no? If...Read More

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Big Jess - Rollercoaster Artwork

Big Jess - Rollercoaster

Last heard working through his issues with the fairer sex on Evil Woman, Unknown Prophets emcee Big Jess has returned for another session of mic therapy. The latest leak off his new double-LP, this pensive, self-produced...Read More

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Big Jess ft. Sab The Artist - Evil Woman Artwork

Big Jess ft. Sab The Artist - Evil Woman

From my experience (some of it firsthand), fellas have a pronounced tendency to put their better judgment on hold when a beautiful woman enters the picture – even when the results of such clouded thinking could be...Read More

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Big Jess - Still Jess Artwork

Big Jess - Still Jess

The 233rd entry in and Streetammo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Big Jess, the Minneapolis native (and Unknown Prophets member) who earned reader acclaim for Incredible and Get It In. On his...Read More

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Big Jess ft. Jellyfish - Incredible Artwork

Big Jess ft. Jellyfish - Incredible

Big Jess, whose Get it In single was recently featured at the Booth, is back for another round with Incredible.  The self-produced record, which will be placed on the Good Clean Fun 3 side of his forthcoming double...Read More

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Big Jess ft. MaLLy & Muja Messiah - Get It In Artwork

Big Jess ft. MaLLy & Muja Messiah - Get It In

Here in Minneapolis, we’re getting to that time of year when stepping outside means running the risk of becoming a human icicle. Which is bad news for us, but good news for the rest of the hip-hop nation – with...Read More

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