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Ballad - What to Say to You Artwork

Ballad - What to Say to You

Even eminently smooth individuals like Ballad occasionally find themselves at a loss for words. Of course, the indie crooner still has a distinct advantage over us mere mortals; when speaking is too difficult, he can get the...Read More

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Ballad - Where to Now Artwork

Ballad - Where to Now

Ballad‘s generosity knows no bounds. Thus far in 2014, the indie R&B singer has unleashed a whopping five features as exclusive world premieres (The most recent was last week’s party-ready PANL.), and now...Read More

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Ballad - PANL Artwork

Ballad - PANL

If Ballad‘s recent features are any indication, the indie R&B buzzmaker’s love life has been a bit of a rollercoaster lately. One week, he’s Fighting to keep a relationship afloat, the next his...Read More

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Ballad - Under Artwork

Ballad - Under

Last we heard from Ballad, he was Fighting to keep his relationship with the woman he loved alive. Well, a lot can change in a week. Another Booth-exclusive world premiere, the singer/songwriter’s latest promo cut finds...Read More

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Ballad - Fight Artwork

Ballad - Fight

In a perfect world, love would be simple and straightforward, but mixed emotions and past heartbreaks have a nasty tendency to make matters more complicated. On Ballad‘s latest loosie, making its world premiere right...Read More

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Ballad - You Artwork

Ballad - You

Have a big date coming up? Maybe an anniversary? I know just what you need…You. No, not you as in yourself, but rather You, an exclusive DJBooth premiere from indie crooner Ballad. Of course, you can’t let that...Read More

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Ballad - Love You Down Artwork

Ballad - Love You Down

Uh-oh, you forgot today was Valentines Day! This means all the premo flowers are long gone and there is no more chocolate! Don’t panic, though. Simply send your Valentine a link to Ballad‘s Hallmark holiday-themed...Read More

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Ballad - Lost in the World Artwork

Ballad - Lost in the World

Some artist stage names make no sense, but there remain a select few that are so damn fitting. Ballad is the perfect example of the latter. On his latest single, Lost in the World, he blends a variety of musical styles to...Read More

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Ballad ft. Flo - Other Loving Artwork

Ballad ft. Flo - Other Loving

Since we’ve already received a little Love From Morocco it’s time to move on to some Other Loving from Angolan singer Ballad. (See what I did there?) Last Friday, Other Loving joined Something She Said as one of...Read More

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Ballad - Love From Morocco Artwork

Ballad - Love From Morocco

A Luanda, Angola native who adapted to U.S. culture by studying the music and fashion of the late, great Michael Jackson, Ballad combines classic R&B/pop stylings with a uniquely global sensibility. Appropriately, the...Read More

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