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The Game ft. Problem, Huddy & Bad Lucc - THOT Artwork

The Game ft. Problem, Huddy & Bad Lucc - THOT

While the Urbandictionary entry for “THOT” indicates that the Chicago slang term (an acronym for “That Hoe out There” or “Thirsty Hoe out There”) has been around since at least 2012, all signs point to 2014 being...Read More

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Nutso ft. Problem & Bad Lucc - Phuk It! Artwork

Nutso ft. Problem & Bad Lucc - Phuk It!

Not featured on our pages since bringing us an exclusive stream of his Behind These Bars EP in September of 2012, Q-Borough emcee Nutso makes his grand re-entrance into the Booth with Phuk It!, a freshly-minted single off his...Read More

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Problem ft. Bad Lucc - Like Whaaat Artwork

Problem ft. Bad Lucc - Like Whaaat

If you frequent clubs on the West Coast, Problem‘s latest promo single needs no introduction; over the past couple months it’s been blowing up dancefloors in L.A. and beyond. For the rest of y’all, I proudly...Read More

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Problem ft. Bad Lucc - Twerk Artwork

Problem ft. Bad Lucc - Twerk

Houston, we have a problem…well, a booty shaking, speaker busting problem. This is thanks to West Coast emcee Problem’s new single, Twerk, which is an ass shaking anthem that appeals to a wide range of taste(rs), not just...Read More

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Bad Lucc - I’m Focused Artwork

Bad Lucc - I’m Focused

With his free Breaking Bad project due out on October 31, and an album on the way, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles emcee Bad Lucc has found himself very much focused on his newest cut. Backed by Grammy-nominated...Read More

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Bad Lucc

Bad Lucc - S.L.U.T.

There’s no telling what to expect with a song titled S.L.U.T. and that uncertainty becomes amplified when you pair it with a music video for said song. I will admit that I didn’t quite expect a wine and cheese...Read More

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Problem ft. Bad Lucc - Rollin’

Not featured on the solo tip since dropping off the gritty, reflective Life back in fall 2011, Problem returns to our pages with a club-ready new video single off his last project. On Rollin, DNYCE‘s tongue-in-cheek...Read More

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Polyester The Saint

Polyester The Saint ft. Freddie Gibbs & Bad Lucc - 7th Letter

A, B, C, D, E, F—oh, now I get it. If you, like yours truly, had to mentally recite the alphabet up to the 7th Letter before you understood the title of Polyester the Saint‘s latest feature, smart money says...Read More

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Problem ft. Jay Rock & Bad Lucc - Life Artwork

Problem ft. Jay Rock & Bad Lucc - Life

As the saying goes, “Life is what you make it”—it’s just that some start out with more to build on than others. On the latest leak off his forthcoming mixtape, Problem encourages listeners to “do...Read More

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Bad Lucc

Bad Lucc ft. Problem - The Repo Man

In light of today’s unemployment numbers and general economic climate, there may be a couple of y’all who are currently dreading a visit from The Repo Man . Well, provided you aren’t in the business of...Read More

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Bad Lucc

Bad Lucc - Last Man Standing

If a battle royale was held to determined the hardest rapper in the known universe, who would be the Last Man Standing. Watts, California repper Bad Lucc thinks he has a shot at that title, and his latest mixtape leak/first...Read More

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Terrace Martin

Terrace Martin ft. Bad Lucc, Wiz Khalifa, Lady G & Kurupt - The Demo

Been jonesing for a new online series to keep tabs on? Beatsmith Terrace Martin‘s got you covered like bedsheets – to build anticipation of the 2010 release of his forthcoming The Demo LP, the West Coast...Read More

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