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B. Dolan - King Bee (Buddy Peace Howlin’ Remix)

Mere weeks after releasing his bluesy rock-rap tune King Bee, Providence rapper B. Dolan returns to the Booth with a remixed version of the song. Compared to the original version, King Bee (Buddy Peace Howlin’ Remix)...Read More

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B. Dolan - King Bee Artwork

B. Dolan - King Bee

Fresh off delivering 100 Bars for SFR on a Jackin for Beats style non-album cut, B. Dolan returns to our pages with a freshly-leaked cut off his forthocming, DJBooth-distributed street album. On King Bee, beatsmith Buddy...Read More

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B. Dolan - 100 Bars for SFR Artwork

B. Dolan - 100 Bars for SFR

Think B. Dolan sounds like Sage Francis? Well, keep it to yourself—as evidenced by his latest feature, the Strange Famous emcee is getting f**king sick of the comparison. However, that doesn’t stop him from...Read More

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B. Dolan - Still Here Artwork

B. Dolan - Still Here

After only a handful of features in 2011 and absolute silence thus far in ‘12, fans may be starting to wonder: where the f**k is B. Dolan? The short answer lies in the title of the Strange Famous emcee’s new...Read More

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B. Dolan ft. Toki Wright, Jasiri X & Sage Francis - Film The Police Artwork

B. Dolan ft. Toki Wright, Jasiri X & Sage Francis - Film The Police

The police have handguns, Kevlar vests, horses, batons, shotguns and pepper spray, but the people have something that can be even more powerful; video cameras. For his latest effort the always unapologetically revolutionary...Read More

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Metermaids ft. Sage Francis & B. Dolan - Bad Things (Redux) Artwork

Metermaids ft. Sage Francis & B. Dolan - Bad Things (Redux)

With the release of their sophomore LP right around the corner, Brooklyn duo The Metermaids return to build anticipation for their sophomore full-length with an expanded redux of standout cut Bad Things. On this version of...Read More

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B. Dolan

B. Dolan & Buddy Peace - Earthmovers (Redux)

On his last Booth feature, B. Dolan got behind the wheel of some heavy machinery to mount a surreal lyrical attack on the foundations of consumer culture. Today, the ever-innovative emcee and beatsmith Buddy Peace hop into...Read More

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B. Dolan

B. Dolan - Earthmovers

I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to walk on the moon (sadly, shackled with two left feet, I can’t even pretend Mike Jackson-style). However, I do take solace in knowing what zero-gravity clubs will be bumping...Read More

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B. Dolan

B. Dolan - Fifty Ways to Bleed Your Customer

As those who tuned in for his Booth-exclusive video interview (shot backstage at ‘09’s Rock the Bells opener) already know, B. Dolan is far from your average rapper. Along with his lovingly-maintained, biker-esque...Read More

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