I/O (Ayo Olatunji) Songs

I/O - Right Track Artwork

I/O - Right Track

Craving something with a soulful, understated vibe? Well, you’re on the Right Track. I/O, the singer and producer who hooked up with the Booth to drop debut street album Isolation in summer of 2012, is back to ring in...Read More

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I/O - Wasted My Time Artwork

I/O - Wasted My Time

I know what you might be thinking: “A new video single? Didn’t I/O‘s debut set hit the Booth almost a year ago?” For an answer to your objection, you need look no further than the record itself, on which the...Read More

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I/O - You Slay Me Artwork

I/O - You Slay Me

Released in late July, the debut project from I/O (aka Ayo Olatunji) saw him grappling with the pain of Isolation. How did he get to that dark place? Unsurprisingly, there seems to have been a woman involved. On You Slay Me,...Read More

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I/O (Ayo Olatunji)

I/O - We’ll Always Be

No longer content with being mere Strangers, New York City singer/songwriter/producer I/O (also known as Ayo Olatunji) has returned to the DJBooth for the premiere of his second feature We’ll Always Be. As opposed to...Read More

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I/O (Ayo Olatunji) - Strangers Artwork

I/O (Ayo Olatunji) - Strangers

Ayo Olatunji may be an unfamiliar face in The DJBooth but, as I always say, Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet. Psych—I never say that, and I might actually have to wash my keyboard after typing something...Read More

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