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Alex Jordahl ft. Mayo - First Time Artwork

Alex Jordahl ft. Mayo - First Time

You never forget your First Time—your first time listening to an Alex Jordahl record, that is. Even if you’ve been following the Chi-Town crooner since he introduced himself to our pages in 2012, though, his latest...Read More

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Alex Jordahl - Lie to You Artwork

Alex Jordahl - Lie to You

I can’t Lie to You; if you are expecting the same Alex Jordahl you heard on Forever Yours, you are in for a surprise. On this loosie, Jordahl shows his range, opting for a grungier, darker vibe than on that Booth-hosted...Read More

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Emilio Paredes x Alex Jordahl - 310 Artwork

Emilio Paredes x Alex Jordahl - 310

You know how, when you would get a new toy or video game as a kid, you literally couldn’t wait to get home and test it out? Well, that must be how Alex Jordahl feels. Emilio Paredes, the newest signee to Jordahl’s...Read More

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Alex Jordahl - Go Away Artwork

Alex Jordahl - Go Away

The title of Alex Jordahl‘s latest single, Go Away, isn’t the most inviting, but trust me—if you’re a fan of innovative, atmospheric hip-hop and R&B, you’re not gonna want to keep this cut at...Read More

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Mayo ft. Alex Jordahl - Applaud For Me

One thing I will never understand is why people clap at the end of a movie. I mean, it’s not like the director is actually there and can hear your applause. Despite my aversion to cheering, however, I found myself...Read More

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Alex Jordahl - It’s On Artwork

Alex Jordahl - It’s On

With this week’s Powerball hitting half a billi, everyone and their mother was scrambling around to think up the winning number combination. An entire nation was chasing the same thing; the feeling of finally having...Read More

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