Al-Fatir Songs


Al-Fatir - One Man’s Dream

Although Al-Fatir’s latest feature is entitled One Man’s Dream, I am sure a few Boothies out there (myself included) will identify with this paper-chasing cut. Don’t get it twisted; this isn’t your average, “If...Read More

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Al-Fatir - Man From the Sky Artwork

Al-Fatir - Man From the Sky

According to T.I. and Jamie Foxx, homies who have passed away too soon all Live in the Sky. What Tip doesn’t account for, however, is Booth newcomer Al-Fatir, a Man From the Sky. In line with the title, beatsmith A-Nice...Read More

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Chris Skillz

Chris Skillz ft. Al-Fatir - Young Man Pt. 2

Panhandle State up-and-comer Chris Skillz may be “...just a young man,” but he’s clearly got, well, skillz beyond his years. For proof, take a listen to Young Man Pt. 2, a new single which finds the artist...Read More

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