Al-Fatir Songs

Artist: Al-Fatir
Although Al-Fatir’s latest feature is entitled One Man’s Dream, I am sure a few Boothies out there (myself included) will identify with this paper-chasing cut. Don’t get it twisted; this isn’t... More
Posted on May 29, 2013
Al-Fatir - Man From the Sky Artwork
Artist: Al-Fatir
According to T.I. and Jamie Foxx, homies who have passed away too soon all Live in the Sky. What Tip doesn’t account for, however, is Booth newcomer Al-Fatir, a Man From the Sky. In line with... More
Posted on Apr 02, 2013
Chris Skillz
Featuring: Al-Fatir
Panhandle State up-and-comer Chris Skillz may be “...just a young man,” but he’s clearly got, well, skillz beyond his years. For proof, take a listen to Young Man Pt. 2, a new single... More
Posted on May 18, 2011