Ahmad Songs

Ahmad - Good Meat Makes Gravy Artwork

Ahmad - Good Meat Makes Gravy

Whether it’s his classic song Back In the Day, his last album the Death of Me or his decision to put music on hold to get a degree from Stanford, Ahmad has never followed the beaten path. So it’s only right that...Read More

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K. Sparks

K. Sparks ft. Ahmad - Black Magic

“Hey, didn’t K. Sparks have a record about Magic featured back in August?” Indeed he did, and received rave Booth reviews for his trouble. Far from being a retread, however, newly-leaked cut Black Magic is proof the...Read More

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Ahmad - I’ma Star Artwork

Ahmad - I’ma Star

The 207th entry in DJBooth.net and Streetammo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Ahmad, the West Coast veteran who recently earned reader acclaim for I’ma Emcee and Get Some Money & Go to Jail. On...Read More

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Ahmad - I’ma Emcee [Premiere]

There’s something to be said for stating the obvious – at least when the obvious is being stated in the form of a fresh new record from Ahmad, making its world premiere right here in the Booth. On the final leak off...Read More

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Ahmad ft. Crooked I - Get Some Money & Go to Jail Artwork

Ahmad ft. Crooked I - Get Some Money & Go to Jail

Ahmad, it isn’t every day that I say something like this, but welcome back to making good music; Ja Rule, take notes from someone doing it right. Now in all honestly I had to check it twice (thanks to the hip-hop...Read More

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