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Aer - Says She Loves Me Artwork

Aer - Says She Loves Me

On New Year’s Eve, I witnessed a woman get in a fight and then try to light the wrong end of a cigarette just before throwing up on the sidewalk. Moral of the story? Being drunk only leads to trouble. If you don’t...Read More

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Aer - Won’t Laugh Artwork

Aer - Won’t Laugh

On their previous Booth features, Boston-based pop duo Aer showcased a mellow, reggae-tinged style that screamed “summer.” Rather than going into hibernation now that a chill has begun to creep into the air, David von...Read More

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Aer - Take It Wrong Artwork

Aer - Take It Wrong

As evidenced by their sunny sound and the activities depicted in previously-featured videos, Boston duo Aer thrive in warm weather. So it should come as on surprise that, just as things are beginning to thaw out nationwide,...Read More

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Aer - Songbird Artwork

Aer - Songbird

Whether you’re a top chef in the making, a budding soccer star, or a hopeful musician, according to Boston duo Aer, despite any differences “everyone is one kind.” With help from producer David von...Read More

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Aer - Floats My Boat Artwork

Aer - Floats My Boat

Though Booth readers who have been doing their memory-training exercises may recall hearing the Massachusetts twosome’s Feel I Bring given a wintry twist courtesy of Black El and Durkin back in December 2011,...Read More

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