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Mick Boogie ft. Tanya Morgan, 6th Sense, & Nitty Scott, MC - Down With The King 2011 Artwork

Mick Boogie ft. Tanya Morgan, 6th Sense, & Nitty Scott, MC - Down With The King 2011

Has it really been a whole quarter-century since Run-DMC unleashed their groundbreaking third album, Raising Hell, upon the unsuspecting public? To answer my own rhetorical question: yes, yes it has. To celebrate the seminal...Read More

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Chris Faust

Chris Faust ft. Mike Maven & 6th Sense - So Long

Don’t worry, Chris Faust fans – the Brooklyn up-and-comer isn’t saying “Au revoir” just when he’s started to get a serious buzz going for his forthcoming, 2DopeBoyz/DJBooth.net-sponsored mixtape. In...Read More

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Black EL ft. El Prez & 6th Sense - Sunday Drive (Remix) Artwork

Black EL ft. El Prez & 6th Sense - Sunday Drive (Remix)

Ah, Sunday; no alarm to wake you up in the morning, nowhere you need to be, and nothing to do but lay around till Saturday night’s hangover fades away (Unless you’re a churchgoer… or a DJBooth staff member...Read More

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DJ Mickey Knox

DJ Mickey Knox ft. Thad Reid, Jon Hope & 6th Sense - Fatal Attraction

In 1987 film Fatal Attraction, a Manhattan attorney’s life gets turned upside-down when a woman with whom he’d had an affair reveals herself as a crazed and violent stalker. DJ Mickey Knox’...Read More

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6th Sense

6th Sense ft. Punchline - Use Your Head

Investing in Bernie Madoff, drunk sledding, watching For the Love of Ray J, people make a lot of bad decisions, but luckily one of the Booth’s favorite producers/emcees 6th Sense and aptly-named emcee Punchline – who’s...Read More

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MaG ft. 6th Sense & Zack Berkman - Rich and Famous (Remix)

Unlike some liars who might say they want world peace or an end to global warming, Bronx bomber MaG is honest about what he desires in life: fame and money. On the remix to the aptly named single Rich and Famous, MaG is...Read More

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6th Sense

6th Sense - I’m Good

The 87th entry in our DJBooth.net Freestyle Series comes courtesy of 6th Sense, the emcee/producer who appeared on Pugs Atomz’ Winners, as well as contributing guest bars and boardwork to Outasight‘s Rehearsal...Read More

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Pugs Atomz

Pugs Atomz ft. 6th Sense - Winners

As proven by Booth favorites Young Son and Pay$0z’ collaborations with Manic Mondays mastermind K. Sparks, DJBooth.net is a valuable resource for artists as well as listeners.  The latest emcee to take advantage of our...Read More

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Outasight ft. 6th Sense - Rollin’ Wit Me

If you were one of the many to assign Outasight and 6th Sense‘s Booth-exclusive Rehearsal Tape freestyle a four or five-star rating, you’ll be happy to hear that the dressiest emcee in the biz has rejoined forces...Read More

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Outasight ft. 6th Sense - Rehearsal Tape

Last week, we premiered brand new freestyles from Novel (Soul Survivor) and K. Sparks (Soul Child).  Now, we’re proud to bring readers the third entry in our DJBooth.net Freestyle Series.  Outasight’s...Read More

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