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This Is My Rifle: The Myth of the Low Budget Album Success Story

After my last article went live a few weeks ago, I never anticipated the amount of discussion it would generate in the following days. The sudden outpouring of love from fellow artists and debate with music fans on... Read More
Posted 23 hours ago

This Is My Rifle: Art vs. Free Music (The Run The Jewels Effect)

What is the true value of a free album? As I’m rounding the corner of the final lap in the recording process of my next album, I’ve been asking myself this question on a frequent basis. There has been a lot of... Read More
Posted 8 months ago

This Is My Rifle: Crash Landing on The Mothership

Five years ago I was standing at the bottom of a mountain staring upwards. At the time, I was half way through my debut album with my producer Rodney Hazard and I was at the tail end of an artistic transition. In the years... Read More
Posted one year ago