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Vince Staples on Why He Focuses on Making Albums, Not Hit Singles

It’s one of the consistent conversations in hip-hop and popular music at large: the single vs. the album. As album sales continue to dip and... Read More
Posted 2 weeks ago by Jake Krez

Vince Staples Admits He Joined A Gang “Because I Wanted to Kill People”

Take anything in America that has happened with any sort of regularity over the last 50 years and you can probably find a pretty well-steeled... Read More
Posted one month ago by Jake Krez

A Guide to the Funniest Rapper Alive, Vince Staples

Most rappers are surprisingly boring. All the charm and energy that appears on the records we adore are lost when they leave the booth or stage.... Read More
Posted one month ago by Yoh

The Low Key Best Songs of 2015

It's September, which means the end of the year is now vaguely visible in the distance, which means that for the .0001% of the world... Read More
Posted 2 months ago by Nathan S.

Vince Staples’ “Summertime 06” Album Sold Under 5K Copies…or Not

As you undoubtedly know if you follow DJBooth, Vince Staples released his major label debut album last week. Entitled Summertime '06 and... Read More
Posted 4 months ago by Brendan V

Vince Staples’ “Summertime ‘06” Album Will Lift Us Up (Review)

The same kid that once said, “Rap ain’t never did shit for a nigga with no options, you want some positivity go listen to some... Read More
Posted 5 months ago by Yoh

Stop Your Life & Watch Vince Staples’ Incredible “Senorita” Video

We all have that one friend who shares everything they uncover on the internet. Every song they swear is bound to blow up, every stupid YouTube... Read More
Posted 6 months ago by Yoh

J. Cole, Vince Staples + more Close Out The ILLMore at #BeatsSXSW

Beats By Dre closed out night three of The ILLMore at SXSW with a resounding bang.  J. Cole, OG Maco, Vince Staples, Bun B, Tory Lanez... Read More
Posted 8 months ago by DJ Z