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I Made A Mock Video Treatment For Rapsody’s “Forgive Me”

Though it was literally my last feature piece of 2014, the piece I did interviewing Rapsody and director Brian Petchers about what a Rap "Forgive Me" video might look like was one of my favorites of the year. I was... Read More
Posted 6 months ago

Black Girls Rock: The State of Women In Hip-Hop With Rapsody

I'm a hypocrite. After studying gender roles (especially in hip-hop) for a good chunk of my college career, I swore to myself that if given the chance, I would never help feed into the gross misrepresentations of... Read More
Posted one year ago

Pepsi Pulse Mixtapes of the Month: October 2013

There was a time when mixtapes were loose collections of songs not good enough to make an album. Those days are over. In 2013, an age where artists recognize that the road to stardom is paved with free music, mixtapes have... Read More
Posted one year ago

9th Wonder & Rapsody Talk Culture (& Duke Basketball) Over Everything [Exclusive Video Interview]

On March 17, The DJBooth closed out SXSW with one of the livest showcases in the history of mankind, ever. DJBoothTV's own Jacques Morel was lucky enough to catch up with legendary producer 9th Wonder and the first lady... Read More
Posted 3 years ago

The Road to SXSW: Rapsody

The DJBooth is proud to announce that Rapsody will be rocking on our stage for this year's SXSW music festival in Austin. Rapsody is the new force in hip hop, blazing the trail for a new generation of emcees, showcasing... Read More
Posted 3 years ago

Rapsody Offers “For Everything” for Streaming/Download via The DJBooth

New York, N.Y. -- First in Flight State emcee Rapsody is offering up her latest street release, the For Everything mixtape, for streaming and download via The DJBooth. The follow-up to summer's acclaimed Thank H.E.R. Now,... Read More
Posted 3 years ago

Rapsody to Join Forces With DJBooth for “Return of the B-Girl”

Raleigh, N.C. -- Rapsody, the Raleigh buzzmaker (and Kooley High member) who brought us "U Sparklin'" in mid-November, is preparing to take listeners on a musical journey through time and space on her latest street album,... Read More
Posted 4 years ago