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King Mez on “Compton,” Writing for Dr. Dre & the Impossible Dream (Interview)

[Photo by Christopher Parsons] "When you set out to do something so impossible, and then actually you do it, it changes your perspective on... Read More
Posted about 2 months ago by Nathan S.

Don’t Know the New Artists on Dr. Dre’s “Compton”? We Tried to Warn You

If it felt like it's been an eternity since the last Dr. Dre album it's because it has been; we've waited nearly 16 years (well,... Read More
Posted 2 months ago by Brendan V

Real Recognize Real: King Mez on Biggie’s Influence, Azizi Gibson & More

Sometimes it can feel like artists move through the world in their own bubble, orbiting around each other but never touching, especially in hip-hop... Read More
Posted one year ago by Nathan S.

The DJBooth & Tuff Tunezz Present: The Grassroots Effect

Providence, R.I. -- On Thursday, July 19, Tuff Tunezz and The DJBooth will come together to present The Grassroots Effect, a showcase featuring... Read More
Posted 3 years ago by richard

SXSW Long Days and Longer Nights

Oddly enough, as the days have progressed during my stay in Austin my nights (sleeping-wise) have been reduced. Not too odd after all right? Anyways,... Read More
Posted 4 years ago by Ivan Ibarra

King Mez Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive]

In a world twisted by disagreements, two-sided arguments and split decisions, is there anything that’s not up for debate? Yes - the South has turned... Read More
Posted 5 years ago by Matty K

King Mez Spits “919” for Freestyle Series

New York, N.Y. -- King Mez, the North Carolina native who earned reader acclaim for mixtape cuts "Winter" and "So Long," has stepped into the Booth to... Read More
Posted 5 years ago by richard