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Jay Rock’s “90059” Album Projects to Sell 15K Copies - Ouch?

First week sales projections for Jay Rock's 90059 album are out and they aren't looking particularly impressive. HitsDailyDouble reports... Read More
Posted 2 weeks ago by Nathan S.

Jay Rock “90059” | 1 Listen Album Review

At long last, the day is here, and we didn’t even have to wait until 2016! After a unique release strategy that demanded a certain number of... Read More
Posted 3 weeks ago by Brendan V

Jay Rock Didn’t Murder Kendrick on “Money Trees”

Jay Rock is so hot right now not even a money tree could shade him. With a few record releases, a listening session and an album that we may be able... Read More
Posted one month ago by Lucas G.

Jay Rock’s “90059” Album Isn’t Coming Out Until You Pre-Order

The last week has seemingly been all about Jay Rock. After years of waiting for a sophomore album, Rock's label, TDE, announced... Read More
Posted one month ago by Brendan V

Exclusive: Jay Rock “90059” Listening Session Tracklist

[Photo via Instagram] Jay Rock was TDE's original emcee, but in the four years since his debut studio album, Follow Me Home, Jay has largely... Read More
Posted one month ago by Nathan S.

Jay Rock: It’s Finally Time for TDE’s Original Soldier to Shine

[Art by BokkaBoom] It’s Friday night at 9:22 PM. My download for Jay Rock’s Follow Me Home won’t finish for another 36... Read More
Posted one month ago by Sermon

Did Jay Rock Murder Kendrick on “Money Trees”? An Absurdly Detailed Investigation

An article about a RefinedHype article? Fuck yes an article about a RefinedHype article. Because RefinedHype Nation is the greatest, Lucas'... Read More
Posted 2 years ago by Nathan S.

Jay Rock Spits “I’m Good Too” for DJBooth.net Freestyle Series

New York, N.Y. -- Jay Rock, the Inglewood up-and-comer who brought us reader-acclaimed cuts "Day One Girl" and "Follow Me Home (California Soul)," has... Read More
Posted 5 years ago by richard