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If Jay Electronica Never Drops An Album, Will He Still Be Remembered in 10 Years?

Meek Mill vs. Wale Green Ranger vs. Red Ranger Lucas vs. Yoh Just because people are on the same team doesn't mean they always agree on... Read More
Posted one month ago by Lucas G.

Where’s “Act II”? The Complete Timeline of Jay Electronica’s Long Awaited Album

Jay Electronica’s career has made little sense to the larger world. He’s put out one project, several loose songs, and continues to remain... Read More
Posted one month ago by Sermon

Jay Electronica Calls Out Drake & J. Cole, Says He’s the “God of Rap” - Is He Right?

[Image via Instagram] One of the biggest questions in hip-hop over the last few years (and counting) isn't "What the f**k is a Jay... Read More
Posted 3 months ago by Brendan V

Going Through the Five Stages of Jay Electronica Grief

[Art from @tedikuma] I spend more time with albums than I do people. To me, a "1 Listen Review" is more exciting than a first date. I... Read More
Posted 8 months ago by Lucas G.

Big Boi, YelaWolf & Jay Elecontonica Make the ATL Proud [Exclusive Coverage]

Most hip-hop fans take pride in their hometown rappers. However, moving from state to state I never truly got to feel that pride until this weekend.... Read More
Posted 5 years ago by JRTheWriter

Stars Come Out in Support of Diabetes Awareness

New York, N.Y. – On Monday, January 20, advocates, musicians, actors and DJs united in support of diabetes awareness at Brooklyn’s new Knitting... Read More
Posted 5 years ago by Erica L.

DJBooth & RefinedHype Present the Weekly Rap Up - Vol. 1

Every week DJBooth.net's partner site RefinedHype.com takes everything that's new in urban music and culture and refines it for a discriminating... Read More
Posted 5 years ago by Nathan S.