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Future’s “Dirty Sprite 2” is the #1 Album in the Country, #FutureHive is Real

The #FutureHive was out in full support for the opening week for Future's latest masterpiece album, DS2. The album moved 147,000... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Brendan V

Views From the Hive: Why I’m Hyped for Future’s “Dirty Sprite 2”

The Future obsession is in full swing, and the question that many have is simply, "Why?" I have the answer because I'm a Future fan.  I... Read More
Posted 2 weeks ago by Brendan V

Future is Jesus, Future is Garbage

When I was first introduced to Future the only rappers for me were the big ones: Big L, Big Pun and Big Poppa. Lyricists, wordsmiths, street... Read More
Posted one month ago by Yoh

In Which I Honestly Try to Like Future’s “Honest” Album (Stream)

There a pros and cons to every job. For example, working in an office, you get health benefits and a steady income but you are (probably) bored out of... Read More
Posted one year ago by Lucas G.