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Get Rich Then Die Broke? 50 Cent Files for Bankruptcy

Once one of hip-hop's biggest and richest stars, 50 Cent has filed for bankruptcy. The news comes on the heels of a court... Read More
Posted 4 months ago by Brendan V

Rap Quiz: 50 Cent Line or “The Wire” Quote?

Here at DJBooth, we like to test your rap IQ every other week. For this week's edition we have combined two of white peoples' favorite things: 50 Cent... Read More
Posted one year ago by Lucas G.

50 Cent: Rap Game Dwyane Wade

We told you nothing was going to change.... Only a week removed from the official DJBooth/RefinedHype merger and we are already rolling out a rap/NBA... Read More
Posted one year ago by Lucas G.

Does 50 Cent Still Matter? Debating Curtis Jackson’s Rap Legacy

Last week, Lucas and I were talking about 50 Cent's upcoming Animal Ambition album, officially dropping tomorrow, and I suggested doing an entire... Read More
Posted one year ago by Nathan S.

Five 50 Cent Songs Even Haterz Love

50 Cent seems to be a hot topic as of late. I don't consider myself a hater, but in this day and age, apparently not really caring means you are a... Read More
Posted one year ago by Lucas G.

Who Still Cares About 50 Cent?

As always, Sunday night was spent perusing the charts of the mothership to see which songs I needed for the Top 20 playlist. There were the usual... Read More
Posted one year ago by Lucas G.

STREET by 50 Headphones, Courtesy of DJBooth & SMS—Winner Announced

New York, N.Y. -- Designed by SMS Audio in conjunction with hip-hop mogul 50 Cent, STREET by 50 Over-Ear Active Noise Control Wired Headphones are... Read More
Posted 2 years ago by richard

Karma’s a B*tch: 50 Cent is Now Jimmy Iovine’s Young Buck

For those who somehow missed yesterday's "Girls Gone Wild" travachamockery, things are not going well for 50 Cent musically. He's actually a... Read More
Posted 3 years ago by Nathan S.

50 Cent Presents MJ Tribute Mixtape “Forever King” [Download]

New York, NY -- G-Unit head honcho 50 Cent is back with the second entry in the underground mixtape trilogy he began with his reader-acclaimed War... Read More
Posted 6 years ago by richard

50 Cent Unleashes “War Angel LP” Mixtape [Download]

New York, NY -- As he prepares to drop his perpetually-delayed fourth album, 50 Cent has undertaken to regain his early street cred with a trilogy of... Read More
Posted 6 years ago by richard