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Zak Downtown ft. Casey Veggies - Hiatus [Stream]

Breaking news, Booth readers: NYC rapper Zak Downtown and Epic Records signee Casey Veggies are on Hiatus. By which I mean that they’re featured on a record titled “Hiatus,” not that they’re taking a break... Read More

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Zak Downtown - Don’t Blow My High [Stream & Download]

Zak Downtown’s new Don’t Blow My High might share a title with Kendrick’s Section.80 standout, but that is about all they share. While K.Dot’s DBMH is a kushed out, Bun B/Aaliyah sampled effort, Downtown’s version... Read More

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Zak Downtown - City’s Ours [Stream & Download]

After Zak Downtown dropped off Don’t Blow My High back in March, we didn’t hear a peep from him for the rest of 2013. But that doesn’t mean the NYC rhymesayer’s been slacking off in the meantime. Just... Read More

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Zak Downtown - Catch Me [Stream]

The last time we heard from Zak Downtown he was promised to start delivering new tracks on a weekly basis as part of his Always Down August series…hold on, let me check the calendar….yep, looks like it’s... Read More

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Zak Downtown - Always Down Vol. 1 [Album]

Big Apple buzzmaker Zak Downtown has come together with The DJBooth to bring fans his latest street release, mini-mixtape Always Down Vol. 1. The project features four reader-approved records originally released as part of... Read More

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Zak Downtown - Do It Forever [Stream]

All good things must come to an end… right? While that maxim does indeed apply to Zak Downtown‘s Always Down August series, it seems that he may have found a loophole in the romantic arena. On Do It Forever the... Read More

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Zak Downtown ft. Donnis - Girl Like You [Stream & Download]

Ladies, I hope you’re having a good day, because it’s about to get even better. Zak Downtown and Donnis are looking for a Girl Like You. Yes, you…well, provided you’re the kind of girl who can shake... Read More

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Zak Downtown - Yellow Diamonds [Stream & Download]

It really isn’t a Wednesday unless you have a banging electro-meets-trap record to sweep away your midweek blues.  Thankfully, on this Wednesday, Zak Downtown provides us with this perfect remedy on his latest... Read More

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Zak Downtown - Kiss Me Goodnight [Stream]

Is your first date winding to a close and you want to make a move, only you don’t know exactly the right words to say? Don’t worry, just throw on DJBoothTV interview album Zak Downtown‘s Kiss Me Goodnight... Read More

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Party Starter Zak Downtown on Upcoming Tour, Unique Sound & More [Exclusive Video Interview] [Feature ]

Fresh off the release of his new Blood Flow video, DJBoothTV's own Jacques Morels catches up with fast riser Zak Downtown before a Santos Party House show to talk about his upcoming tour, his unique sound, his musical... Read More


Zak Downtown - Blood Flow [Stream & Download]

Need a little something to get your heart pumping? Look no further than Blood Flow, the latest single/video from Big Apple rhymesayer Zak Downtown. Here, Hollagrafix driving, dubstep-informed production sets the mood for... Read More

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Zak Downtown - Cupid [Stream & Download]

Still in the Valentine’s Day spirit? Good, because Zak Downtown‘s back in the Booth with a holiday-themed promo single we didn’t get around to featuring on Tuesday. On Cupid, Emil and Friends’ grinding... Read More

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Zak Downtown ft. Murda Mook - Bad Man’s World [Stream & Download]

Do nice guys really finish last in the romantic arena? Zak Downtown thinks so—as the Manhattan buzzmaker puts it on this newly-highlighted mixtape standout, “It’s a Bad Man’s World.” Here, DJ... Read More

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Zak Downtown ft. Hoodie Allen - Rock The Show [Stream & Download]

Nothing separates the pretenders from the true artists like a live performance. I’ve watched “hot” artists lose their buzz in minutes with a wack show, and I’ve seen complete unknowns win lifetime fans by... Read More

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