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Willow Smith - Human Behavior (Björk Cover) [Stream]

Her brother Jaden may be getting more of the headlines, but Willow Smith is definitely her brother’s sister, and a very talented and intriguing artist in her own right - much more so in the post-hair whipping part of... Read More

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Willow Smith - H E A R T [Stream]

Last month, Willow Smith won some of her most positive reader reviews to date for 9, an EP single created with the help of Top Dawg R&B songstress SZA. Though the Fresh Prince progeny has yet to announce plans for any... Read More

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Willow Smith ft. SZA - 9 [Stream]

This year we realized that Jaden Smith is slowly becoming a note-worthy rapper, but he isn’t the only Smith going through an artistic puberty. His younger sister, Willow Smith, has evolved beyond whipping her hair, and... Read More

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Willow Smith - Female Energy (Freestyle) [Stream]

Earlier this month, Jaden Smith blessed the Booth with Fast and Blue Ocean, singles which found him showcasing some surprisingly solid skills on the mic. I’m not sure whether I’m ready to accept the Fresh Prince... Read More

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Jaden Smith ft. Willow Smith - Blue Ocean [Stream]

Jaden Smith‘s latest work begins with the admission, “I met a girl at Coachella. I like her but I couldn’t tell her because she has her own fella.” Jaden, brother, I hear you. It’s easy to think... Read More

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Willow Smith ft. Mecca Kalani - Drowning [Stream]

Last we heard from Willow Smith, the Fresh Princess had departed from her hair-whipping antics of old to showcase a more melancholy side of her artistic vision on January’s Sugar & Spice. While the overall reception... Read More

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Willow Smith - Sugar And Spice [Stream]

Think Willow Smith is only popular because her dad is the Fresh Prince? Think again. Sure, her pops is famous, but Willow has the vocal chops to make it without any help from her dear old(er) dad. Take her new kinda-single,... Read More

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Willow Smith - I Am Me [Stream & Download]

At the age of 11, most us have barely begun the endless work of defining ourselves as individuals. It goes without saying that life as a celebrity, with the constant attention and judgment that it invites, would be a stress... Read More

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Willow Smith ft. Nicki Minaj - Fireball [Stream]

Though many Boothgoers falling outside Willow Smith‘s target audience of teen and preteen females were unsure how to deal with such off-the-charts swag coming from a 10-year-old girl, the Platinum-selling success of... Read More

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Willow Smith - 21st Century Girl [Stream]

In the 17th century the daughter of world renowned celebrities couldn’t have dreamed of releasing a hit single (Whip My Hair), signing to Roc Nation and quickly becoming an overnight celebrity in her own right, but Willow... Read More

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Willow Smith - Whip My Hair [Stream]

Do talented parents breed talented offspring? According to my thirty seconds of Google research, the matter is still up for debate. Whether the Will/Jada Pinkett-Smith progeny’s emergence as an artist in her own right... Read More

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