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Tiffany Evans Recording Sophomore Album, New Single to Debut in November [Feature ]

New York, NY-- Rising R&B/pop singer and performer Tiffany Evans is hard at work on her sophomore album, Ponytail Krush, slated for release in early 2009. A recent transplant to the city of Atlanta, sixteen-year-old-Evans... Read More

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Tiffany Evans - Tiffany Evans [Album]

If Tiffany Evans can’t make it, then America is in trouble. It’s no secret that the only thing this country loves more than bacon cheeseburgers is sex and celebrity scandals (preferably involving celebrities having sex),... Read Full Review

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Tiffany Evans ft. Bow Wow - I’m Grown [Stream]

Singer Tiffany Evans is not yet old enough to vote, gamble, drink or even drive a car without a permit and an adult in the front seat.  However on her follow-up single to Promise Ring (featuring Ciara), Evans is... Read More

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Tiffany Evans ft. Ciara - Promise Ring [Stream]

Seeing the name Ciara and a song with “Promise” in the title gives a slight sense of déjà vu, but upon looking again, you’ll see that the track is entitled Promise Ring and is performed by up-and-coming singer Tiffany... Read More

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