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Blackbear ft. T. Mills - Bodybetter [Stream]

If you grew up during the 1980s, you already know that milk does a body good. But do you know what does a Body even Better? Blackbear. On his latest promotional single, coming on the heels of mid-February’s The... Read More

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T. Mills - All I Wanna Do [Stream]

Yesterday, Columbia Records buzzmaker T. Mills blessed the ‘net with his latest project, a digital EP featuring four fresh cuts. If new single and title track All I Want to Do is any indication, the set leans heavier on... Read More

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T. Mills - Riverside Girl [Stream]

I’ve never been to Cali, so meeting a Riverside Girl is something I have yet to do. Thanks to T. Mills‘s latest effort, however, I feel like I know them already. On the new promo single, Mills spits a few bars that... Read More

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T. Mills - Loud [Stream]

Like Nigel from Spinal Tap, T. Mills isn’t satisfied with turning his speakers up to 10—they’ve got to go to 11. (And I swear to God, I’m not as old as that reference makes me sound.) Whether it’s... Read More

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T. Mills - Right Song [Stream & Download]

What, exectly, is it, that makes T. Mills so irresistible to listeners—especially those of the female persuasion? On a brand new, non-album loosie, the artist shares his own hypothesis: it all comes down to hitting fans... Read More

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T. Mills ft. James Fauntleroy (of Cocaine 80’s) - Other B*tch Callin’ [Stream]

Man, and I thought Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me was a bad idea. In the grand scheme of things to say to a woman, “it’s just My Other B*tch Callin’” is even more guaranteed to earn you a slap than “you know,... Read More

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Gotham Green x Quickie Mart ft. Freddie Gibbs & T. Mills - All I Know [Stream & Download]

With the clock winding down toward the release of Gotham Green and DJ Quickie Mart‘s Haze Diaries Vol. 4, the duo has been gracious enough to drop off yet another banger from their forthcoming project. Green and Mart... Read More

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T. Mills - Lightweight [Stream]

Double-fisting drinks, stealing girlfriends, living large at the local spot—it’s all part of the everyday routine for T. Mills. On the latest release off his next mixtape, the Columbia‘s skate-hop’... Read More

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T. Mills - Diemonds [Stream]

Death and precious stones have long been popular themes in hip-hop, T. Mills is the first to my knowledge to combine them into one entity with Diemonds single numero uno off his next street release. Currently being promoted... Read More

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Kid Famous ft. T. Mills & Shad Star - Anonymous Girl [Stream & Download]

Somewhere out there, there’s a perfect man or woman for each of us. Of course, most of us have to be satisfied with rough approximations—even assuming that you and your soulmate are alive at the same moment in... Read More

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Troy N?KA ft. T. Coles & T.Mills - Black Out [Stream & Download]

Most sane human beings view Black Out drunkenness as something to be avoided at all costs—leading, as it inevitably does, to regrettable behavior and absolutely brutal hangovers. Troy N?KA, however, isn’t fazed by... Read More

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T. Mills ft. Juicy J - Beat it Up [Stream]

Originally released via The DJBooth, T. Mills’ acclaimed Leaving Home tape is about to be flipped into a physical EP release courtesy of Columbia Records. Added for the new verson of the project, promo single Beat It Up... Read More

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pop-urban-cmj-showcase-1011112, Vine Street Music & ZS Events Present “T. Mills and Friends” Showcase at CMJ 2011 [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- As part of 2011's CMJ Music Marathon,, Vine Street Music and ZS Events have assembled a lineup of the game's hottest up-and-coming artists for a genre-bridging showcase. Going down the evening of... Read More


T. Mills - Can’t Take Ur Eyes Off Me [Stream & Download]

If his last two features didn’t drive the point home, T. Mills is not the kind of man who can be tied down to one woman—even if that woman is a Hollywood starlet or, as on the artist’s latest mixtape... Read More

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T. Mills ft. Colin Munroe - Hollywood [Stream & Download]

If you’re a T. Mills devotee, I’m betting you’ve already download the Columbia signee’s latest digital album, listened to it a hundred times, and hung a framed print of the cover art on your wall.... Read More

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T. Mills - Leaving Home [Album]

West Coast buzzmaker T. Mills has excitedly brought new listeners and prospective fans his latest release, the Leaving Home digital album. Engineered by Paul Bailey and Exit, the project features 10 original cuts from the... Read More

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T. Mills - F*ck Em (With My Vans On) [Stream & Download]

“Got my Vans on, but they look like sneakers…” Whoops, wrong song. Whereas The Pack were simply eager to show off their spotless kicks, Booth newcomer T. Mills uses his footwear as a signifier of his haughty... Read More

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