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StartYourOwnRebellion - Infamous [Stream & Download]

Ever since dropping off the reader-acclaimed Wild & Crazy back in summer of 2012, the Infamous band of musical outlaws known as StartYourOwnRebellion has been lying low in an effort to keep their movements secret from... Read More

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StartYourOwnRebellion - Wild & Crazy [Stream & Download]

In today’s atmosphere of fear and paranoia, anyone who differentiates him or herself from the pack is liable to be labeled a criminal, a threat to society—even a Terrorist. In 3020, the year StartYourOwnRebellion call... Read More

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StartYourOwnRebellion - Shipwrecked [Stream & Download]

In the famous concluding sentences of high-school English staple The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald describes his characters (and, by extension, humanity) as, “ against the current, borne ceaselessly into the... Read More

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Rosalind ft. Maza (of SYOR) - People Fall [Stream & Download]

“People Fall in love fast, and out of love even faster.”  On Rosalind‘s first Booth feature, a standout off her recently-released street album, the unsigned pop songstress soulfully laments the... Read More

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FinaL OutlaW ft. StartYourOwnRebellion - Im an Outlaw [Stream & Download]

This just in: FinaL OutlaW is, in fact, an OutlaW. While the thesis of new mixtape single Im an Outlaw may go without saying, it’s hard to fault the man for stating the obvious when he does it in such an eminently dope... Read More

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Voli ft. SYOR - New Religion [Stream & Download]

Shopping around for a New Religion? You could do far worse than worshiping Jersey rapper/producer Voli, who plays the misunderstood prophet on the latest leak off his forthcoming, Booth-sponsored street release. Doing... Read More

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StartYourOwnRebellion ft. J. Cole - Let it Go [Stream & Download]

It’s an age old dilemma for a relatively unknown artist. Get a major feature on your song and the world will pay attention, but then you risk becoming outshone on your own song, causing the populace to refer to you as “oh... Read More

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