New Skizzy Mars Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Devon Baldwin ft. Skizzy Mars - Knock You Down [Stream]

Yesterday, Refuse songstress Devon Baldwin unexpectedly unleashed a three-pack of fresh records upon the ‘net. Our pick of the litter, Knock You Down, is a low-key, yet driving, Christoph Andersson-produced jam featuring a... Read More

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Skizzy Mars ft. G-Eazy & Olivver the Kid - Time [Stream]

Fresh off the release of his latest independent full-length, Manhattan-based rap buzzmaker Skizzy Mars steps into the Booth with a brand new single off the set. Produced by Michael Keenan, Time packs guest vocals from G-Eazy... Read More

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Skizzy Mars - Be Lazy [Stream]

With the release of his next independent full-length right around the corner, Skizzy Mars is working overtime to ensure that the project is a success. What’s he gonna to to reward himself once it’s dropped? The... Read More

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Skizzy Mars ft. Marc E. Bassy - Do You There [Stream]

When Quality Time hit our front page on Monday, I speculated that Skizzy Mars had unleashed the loosie in order to tide fans over as they waited for a new single off his next LP. Well, the appetizer, though appreciated, was... Read More

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Skizzy Mars ft. Rockie Fresh - Quality Time [Stream & Download]

After a couple months without any Booth appearances from the Manhattan buzzmaker, y’all must be itching to spend a little Quality Time with Skizzy Mars. He knew you’d feel that way, so he cooked up a little... Read More

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Skizzy Mars - Like This [Stream]

With Skizzy Mars hard at work on his next project, the Manhattanite’s fans in the Booth and beyond are undoubtedly wondering “What’s it gonna sound like.” Now, we’ve got our answer: “Like This... like... Read More

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Skizzy Mars x Marc E. Bassy - Sweetest Hangover [Stream & Download]

Drink too much yesterday evening? Well damn, maybe you should slow down; it’s only Thursday! Regardless, we’ve got a little something that’ll help make this your Sweetest Hangover ever. Namely, a brand new... Read More

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Skizzy Mars - Way I Live [Stream & Download]

Skizzy Mars doesn’t lead the most conventional life; he quit school in order to pursue his musical ambitions, and he spends more time smoking trees, sipping liquor and chasing women than his parents would likely approve... Read More

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Lais x Skizzy Mars - For You (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Booth readers, I’ve got a little surprise For You. OK, it’s basically the same thing we give you on the daily—new music from talented emerging artists—but I think y’all will agree that this cut, the... Read More

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Skizzy Mars - Come Over [Stream & Download]

In late July, we heard Skizzy Mars put a hip-hop spin on Lucy, a 2013 single from electro-pop buzzmaker Olivver. The reception was so positive that he decided to try a similar trick on the follow-up. Touch, a recent release... Read More

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Skizzy Mars - Lucy (Olivver Remix) [Stream & Download]

Not glimpsed on our front page since March, when he unleashed his Pace mixtape for free streaming and download, Skizzy Mars returns with a little something to feed his hungry fanbase. On his latest feature, the Manhattan... Read More

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Skizzy Mars - Pace [Album]

Manhattan-based rap buzzmaker Skizzy Mars has unleashed his latest collection of original material, the Pace LP. The artist's second full-length in total, the 12-track set directly follows 2013's Phases tape. It includes... Read More

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Skizzy Mars - All Say [Stream]

Skizzy Mars has been juggling so many women lately that he should consider equipping his bedroom with revolving doors. To me, that doesn’t sound like what you’d call a problem. On his latest single, however, he... Read More

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Skizzy Mars x Jon Waltz - Coming Down [Stream & Download]

NYC rhymesayer Skizzy Mars has been absent from our pages for nearly four months following the April release of Booth-approved promo cut Phases. Though today marks the end of that mini-hiatus, his presence on our homepage is... Read More

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OnCue ft. Skizzy Mars - Live Forever [Stream & Download]

Three months after enjoying Booth-acclaimed single Cereal, OnCue devotees are doubtless getting hungry for more fresh material from the Connecticut representative. Not wanting to leave his fans hanging, the emcee has... Read More

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Skizzy Mars - Phases [Album]

Introduced to our readers through his work with Booth-approved artist G-Eazy on "All I Could Do" and "Pay for You," Skizzy Mars is finally ready to make a solo impact with the release of his debut project, Phases. The free... Read More

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Skizzy Mars - Nostalgia (Interlude) [Stream]

With his next street album just a day away from release, Big Apple rhymesayer Skizzy Mars has liberated one last track for his fans in the Booth and beyond. Released in conjunction with Crooked Engine and Marcus McFly‘s... Read More

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Skizzy Mars - 15 [Stream]

Once you’ve had the exhilarating experience of rocking the stage in front of thousands of adoring fans, it’s kinda tough to go back to the daily grind. Fresh off accompanying G-Eazy on his sold-out Must Be Nice... Read More

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Hoodie Allen ft. Skizzy Mars & G-Eazy - Casanova [Stream & Download]

I’m sure that many of you have heard the word Casanova, but do you know where it comes from? The term was birthed thanks to Giacomo Casanova, an 18th century Italian adventure and author, who earned the reputation of... Read More

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Skizzy Mars ft. G-Eazy & Devon Baldwin - Pay for You [Stream & Download]

With women steadily gaining on their male counterparts in the economic arena, more and more guys are finding themselves earning less than their significant others. Whereas some men would chafe at having to be supported by... Read More

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G-Eazy ft. Skizzy Mars & Devon Baldwin - All I Could Do [Stream & Download]

As anyone who just watched his Runaround Sue video on DJBoothTV, listened to Make-Up Sex or even better read his in-depth interview over on our sister site already knows, despite the fact that his name conjures up images of... Read More

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Skizzy Mars - Tara [Stream & Download]

Skizzy Mars may have done a disappearing act on Booth debut Houdini, but I should’ve known an up-and-comer this talented wouldn’t stay gone for long. On his latest promo single, the Big Apple native pays tribute... Read More

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Skizzy Mars ft. Foster the People - Houdini [Stream & Download]

Magic and escapism, at first glance, have little in common with urban music, but Booth newcomer Skizzy Mars shares a few traits with the legendary Harry Houdini: namely talent, precocity, and the ability to leave audiences... Read More

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