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Sammie ft. 2 Chainz - Gettin’Em [Stream & Download]

If your last exposure to Sammie was via January 2010’s Wake Up, you’ve got a little bit of a surprise in store. New EP single Gettin’Em finds the crooner trading the soft pop grooves for a harder-edged,... Read More

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Sammie - It’s Time [Album]

This is always dangerous, but I’m going to assume you’re like me. Ok, so you might not love aged whiskey as much as I do, or spend hours breaking down R. Kelly lyrics like they’re the Da Vinci Code like I do, but it’s... Read Full Review

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Sammie - Wake Up [Stream]

Do you ever get the urge to slap your unconscious mind upside the head, even though it’s your head? When my alarm went off this morning, my dream-self was in a mad rush to make it to the airport in time to catch a... Read More

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Trey Songz ft. Sammie - She Ain’t My Girl [Stream]

Despite what this record’s title might lead you to assume, this song isn’t a two-sided tale detailing Trey Songz’ and Sammie‘s involvement with one fickle female. Instead, She Ain’t My Girl... Read More

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Ali Vegas ft. Sammie - Blow Your Mind [Stream]

Unbelievably beautiful women have it rough—okay, not really, but when you’ve been approached by every fella in town, it’s easy to become a little jaded.  On newly-released single Blow Your Mind, Ali Vegas... Read More

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Soulja Boy ft. Sammie - Kiss Me Thru The Phone [Stream]

He is responsible for Lil’ Wayne’s top-selling rap album of 2008 (Lollipop), T.I.’s triumphant return to the charts (Whatever You Like), and countless hits from the likes of Pretty Ricky, Jamie Foxx, and Danity... Read More

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Sammie - One Way Street [Stream]

If you’re an unsigned artist slipping into the time of your life when “unsigned” takes on the connotation of “unemployed”, don’t read the rest of this sentence: Sammie signed a record deal before he even hit... Read More

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