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King Los - Glory To The Lord ft. R. Kelly [Stream]

We’re unsure if King Los is a highly religious man, but it’s been apparent for quite a few years now that he’s very talented. Today, via a premiere at The FADER, the RCA signee praises the Man above, giving... Read More

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R. Kelly - Happy Birthday [Stream]

Often, as people grow older, raucous, liquor-soaked birthday celebrations give way to quiet get-togethers, moderate drinking and early bedtimes. Fresh off turning 48, however, R. Kelly is still partying harder than most... Read More

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R. Kelly ft. Shawnna - Back Up [Stream]

R. Kelly, the Pied Piper of R&B, hasn’t graced our front page in quite sometime. Now, after a year of silence, he’s back to tell the haters Back Up. Kellz is in complete stunt mode on his latest promo single,... Read More

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Rick Ross ft. R. Kelly - Keep Doin’ That (Rich Chick) [Stream]

UPDATE: The Dre Films-directed visuals for Rick Ross’s Keep Doin’ That single have been added. On November 24, Rick Ross will release his seventh studio album and the second this calender year (following... Read More

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Jennifer Hudson ft. R. Kelly - It’s Your World [Stream]

Whose world is it? If you’re a Nas fan, you’re likely to respond to that question with a reflexive “It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine,” but that’s not the answer I’m looking for. In... Read More

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R. Kelly - Black Panties [Album]

R&B heavyweight R. Kelly has released his latest collection of original material, the Black Panties LP. His 12th studio album in total, it directly follows June 2012's Write Me Back. The project packs 13 fresh cuts from the... Read More

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R. Kelly ft. Katie Got Bandz & Rockie Fresh - My Story (Chicago Remix) [Stream]

While street single My Story received lukewarm reader reviews when it first hit our front page back in July, listeners nationwide responded to the cut enthusastically, propelling it to #1 on Billboard‘s R&B chart.... Read More

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Justin Bieber x R. Kelly - PYD [Stream]

Justin Bieber has come a long way from his teenybopper beginnings, and nowhere is this more apparent than on PYD, the latest single in his #MusicMondays series. Backed by an unknown beatsmith’s cloudy synths and... Read More

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Bruno Mars ft. R. Kelly & Pharrell - Gorilla (G-Mix) [Stream]

The fourth single off Bruno Mars‘s sophomore full-length, Gorilla didn’t make it onto our front page in its original form, but we simply couldn’t ignore the guest muscle the Atlantic/Elektra Records... Read More

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Lady Gaga ft. R. Kelly - Do What U Want [Stream]

Like most female celebrities, Lady Gaga has her appearance scrutinized on a constant basis, and her boldly unconventional behavior has only served to intensify the spotlight’s glare. On new single Do What U Want, she... Read More

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R. Kelly - Cookie [Stream]

Late last month, a leaked R. Kelly grocery list made the rounds online, proving that absolutely nothing is too mundane to go viral. Though “Go Gurts” and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets were present and accounted for, the... Read More

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R. Kelly - Genius [Stream]

According to some theorists, there exist not one but many intelligences, each governing a different set of talents and aptitudes. For example, in addition to excelling musically, R. Kelly would undoubtedly receive high marks... Read More

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R. Kelly ft. 2 Chainz - My Story [Stream]

On his last two albums, Love Letter and Write Me Back, R. Kelly cast his gaze backward to draw inspiration from old-school soul and R&B. Freshly-released promo single My Story finds the Chi-town representative returning... Read More

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Twista ft. R. Kelly - Throwin’ My Money [Stream]

Released back in March, the (non-Booth featured) lead single off Twista‘s ninth studio album found the Chi-Town vet taking a page from Run DMC’s book as he proclaimed his fondness for copping limitted-edition... Read More

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Ludacris ft. R.Kelly & Fabolous - Representin (Remix) [Stream]

Did you enjoy popping bottles, pounding back shots, and (of course) getting it in to Representin, single numero dos off Ludacris’ eighth studio album? Well, I have it on the authority of none other than R&B megastar... Read More

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R. Kelly - When A Man Lies [Stream]

Hey, R. Kelly, remember on Feelin Single (and its hit remix), how you took revenge against your girl’s suspected infidelity by hitting the town to mingle with other women behind her back? Well, there’s someone... Read More

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Ashanti ft. R. Kelly - That’s What We Do [Stream]

Having received lukewarm reader reviews for No One, the French Montana and Meek Mill-assisted lead single from her forthcoming comeback set, Ashanti has pulled out the big guns for the follow-up. The’s What We Do finds... Read More

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R. Kelly - Feelin’ Single (Remix) [Stream]

If you happen to be a “single woman, single mama with no baby daddy drama” then it’s a safe bet that the newly-remixed version of R. Kelly‘s summer smash, Feelin’ Single, is dedicated to you. The... Read More

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Jeremih ft. R. Kelly - Misunderstood [Stream]

For a rapper there’s no better guest feature conceivable than a verse from Jay-Z, and for a R&B singer you’re just not going to get bigger than some crooning from R. Kelly. In that case, Jeremih’s really arrived;... Read More

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R. Kelly - Feelin’ Single [Stream]

Even in the best-matched relationships, there will be times when you start to feel a little underappreciated. The question is, what do you do when you start to think you’re being taken for granted—bring it up in a... Read More

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R. Kelly ft. DJ Khaled & Ace Hood - Its On [Stream]

Damn. When I heard that R. Kelly had a new video out I was hoping it’d be the next installment of the Trapped in the Closet series that he swears is coming. But while it may not be the video of my dreams, new single It’s... Read More

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R. Kelly - Share My Love [Stream]

Notorious for his timeless lovemaking material, R&B icon R. Kelly has released a self-produced new single, entitled Share My Love.  The record, which is richly embedded in the Chicago Steppin Music sound, takes... Read More

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R. Kelly - Shut Up [Stream]

R. Kelly has based an impressive 22 year music career on smooth melodies, sensual swag, and iconic R&B music, but emergency tonsil surgery had the singer fearing the end of his career. Rest easy Kells fans, his first... Read More

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Tyrese ft. R. Kelly & Tyga - I Gotta Chick That Love Me [Stream]

Way back in February of ‘08, Tyrese stepped into the Booth with Coming to See You—a single intended to finally get the R&B vet’s fourth LP off the back burner and on track for release. Three years, four... Read More

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Snoop Dogg ft. R. Kelly & Busta Rhymes - Platinum (Remix) [Stream]

Two months and change since the release of Snoop Dogg‘s 11th studio album, the set still has a ways to go before it receives gold certification, let alone Platinum. How does he plan on bridging that gap? Evidently... Read More

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Bobby V ft. R. Kelly - Words (Remix) [Stream]

Yes, yes. We know that Bobby V. dropped Fly on the Wall today, so fans of Mr. Valentino have already checked out most of the album already. What what we have in store for you today, however, didn’t make it onto the... Read More

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Lloyd ft. R. Kelly & Jeezy - Lay It Down (The Remix) [Stream]

Thought that Lay It Down would be laid to rest after the success of Part II (Tribute to the Legends)? Think again – not wanting fans too young to get into a Patti Labelle guest feature to feel left out, Lloyd has gone... Read More

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R. Kelly - Love Letter [Album]

R. Kelly is more than an artist, he’s a writer’s dream. Now that Michael has passed, he’s the most fascinating man in music, an artist whose overwhelming talent has created a bubble around him in which the rules of... Read Full Review

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R. Kelly - Love Letter [Stream]

Who knows if R. Kelly is feeling Trey Songz’ challenge to his throne, but either way the Pied Piper has emerged with new music to re-assert his place in the royal chambers of R&B. Title track and new single, Love... Read More

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R. Kelly - When a Woman Loves [Stream]

Even though R. Kelly’s been out of the spotlight recently, no one sets the mood better than my man Kells, and his new single When a Woman Loves, reminds us why the Chi-Town crooner’s a contemporary legend. Powerfully... Read More

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R. Kelly ft. Ludacris - Tongues [Stream]

Usually when we think of people speaking in tongues we imagine a parishioner catching the holy spirit in church. However, R&B veteran R. Kelly, with the help of Ludacris, have somehow managed to take the term and use it... Read More

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R. Kelly - Be My #2 [Stream]

For nearly any other singer on the planet a sentiment like “Girl I love you…but you could never be my number one” would be remarkably bold, but it’s an almost boring display of honesty from R. Kelly; after all, the... Read More

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Lil Jon ft. R. Kelly & Mario - Miss Chocolate [Stream]

Remember Black Star’s uplifting “Black is beautiful” anthem, Brown Skin Lady? Lil Jon’s new single Miss Chocolate is nothing like that. Miss Chocolate’s strength is its production, a hypnotically... Read More

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R. Kelly - Untitled [Album]

Now that Michael Jackon is no longer in our lives, R. Kelly is the most fascinating man in music. Much like MJ, Kelly is an r&b idol with an astounding sense of harmony who frequently engages in bizarre behavior that’s... Read Full Review

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R. Kelly ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The-Dream - Pregnant [Stream]

Sex in the kitchen, sex in a zoo, sex in a closet, it’s no secret that R. Kelly loves him some sex, and the seemingly inevitable outcome of all that freakiness is the new track Pregnant. Now I stopped being shocked by... Read More

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R. Kelly - Echo [Stream]

I won’t front, every time Robert Sylvester Kelly releases a new track I get more excited than Fat Joe at a taco truck. After the insanity that was Trapped in a Closet, I realized that a Kells track could be about absolutely... Read More

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R. Kelly ft. T-Pain & Keyshia Cole - Number One (Remix) [Stream]

A new track with R. Kelly, T-Pain and Keyshia Cole!? Thank you sweet baby Jesus, thank you. By themselves T-Pain and R. Kelly are usually hilarious enough, but together the potential for catchy R&B comedy is off the... Read More

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R. Kelly ft. Keri Hilson - Number One [Stream]

Sex sells, particularly when you’re looking to write a Number One hit single; of course, no one knows this better than R. Kelly, a singer who seems to consider lovemaking and hitmaking to be two sides of the same... Read More

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DJ Drama and DJ Skee Collide for R. Kelly’s “The Demo Tape” [Download] [Feature ]

Los Angeles, CA -- Chi-town R&B vet R. Kelly has joined forces with DJ Skee and DJ Drama to bring listeners a brand new mixtape project entitled The Demo Tape. The highly-anticipated street album, released as the first entry... Read More


R. Kelly ft. OJ Da Juiceman - Supaman High [Stream]

Since R. Kelly got acquitted of these pesky six-year-old child porno charges, he and his label have had plenty of time to brainstorm for his ninth studio album (which, like Nas’ most recent release, will remain... Read More

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R. Kelly - #1 Fan [Stream]

For every big-name artist, there is at least one member of the opposite sex who develops a huge “celebrity crush,” attending each and every show and entertaining fantasies of being with their idol.  Though most... Read More

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R. Kelly - I Believe [Stream]

It’s been a minute since we’ve featured any election-themed records, so our regulars could be forgiven for thinking that artists had taken a break from Baracking the mic (at least until Inauguration Day). ... Read More

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Beyoncé ft. R. Kelly - If I Were A Boy (Remix) [Stream]

Last week, Beyoncé released I Am…Sasha Fierce, her third solo album, bolstered by the buzz from its pair of lead singles, If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies.  While the latest Soundscan report was unavailable at the... Read More

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R. Kelly - Love Lockdown (Freestyle) [Stream]

Despite being acquitted of underage-porn charges this past June, R. Kelly is still dealing with his fair share of problems. Currently, Kelly is battling with his longtime label, Jive, who hasn’t yet set a release date for... Read More

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R. Kelly - Skin [Stream]

There are only a few guarantees in life: death, taxes, and R. Kelly making hit records that revolve around the subject of sex.  Following the singer’s acquittal on child pornography charges this past summer, the... Read More

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DJ Pharris ft. R.Kelly, Fabolous, Fat Joe & Busta Rhymes - The Money [Stream]

The liner notes on DJ Pharris’s new single, The Money, reads like a guest list at a Source Awards after party. It’s a superstar free-for-all, featuring R. Kelly, Fat Joe, Fabolous, and Busta Rhymes. Pharris, a veteran in... Read More

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R. Kelly - Playas Get Lonely [Stream]

Originally scheduled to drop sometime this summer, R. Kelly’s new studio album, 12 Play: Fourth Quarter, has been forced into a holding pattern.  Despite having rolled out the ultra-catchy Hair Braider, Kelly’s... Read More

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R. Kelly - Body Body [Stream]

While R. Kelly’s defense team provides testimony and evidence that suggests their client is innocent of multiple child pornography charges, the singer himself is busy leaking new music to the internet.  Despite the... Read More

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Hot Stylz ft. Yung Joc & R. Kelly - Lookin Boy (Remix) [Stream]

When is the last time a popular hip-hop single made you roll on the floor laughing?  For those who can’t remember, Chicago trio Hot Stylz and their brand of funny might have just invaded your personal comedy... Read More

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Raheem DeVaughn ft. R. Kelly - Customer (Remix) [Stream]

The Pied Piper of R&B continues his “remix tour” on this brand new version of Jive labelmate Raheem DeVaughn‘s latest single, Customer.  Ironically, when DJ Booth featured Raheem’s original... Read More

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R. Kelly & Mariah Carey - Touch My Body (Freestyle) [Stream]

This past Tuesday, Mariah Carey released her highly-anticipated 11th studio album, E=MC².  The album’s lead single, Touch My Body—as the whole world pretty much knows by now—reached #1 at Billboard and in... Read More

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R. Kelly - Hair Braider [Stream]

Since finishing the last leg of his nationwide Double Up Tour, R. Kelly has been busy in the studio recording his new album, 12 Play: 4th Quarter.  In what will be the last chapter (then again, with Kelly you never know)... Read More

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R. Kelly - Kiss Your Candy [Stream]

There is only one performer in the entire music industry that can recycle his own previously-released analogies, melodies or beats and still make a hit record; his name is R. Kelly.  Late last week, a song entitled Kiss... Read More

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Kanye West ft. R. Kelly - Flashing Lights (Remix) [Stream]

For weeks there have been rumors circulating that R. Kelly would be joining Mr. West on a remix to Kanye’s new single, Flashing Lights.  Well, the rumors are true, sort of.  Instead of actually jumping in the... Read More

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Rick Ross ft. Various Artists - Speedin’ (Remix) [Stream]

The newest (and biggest) trend in hip-hop, used to extend the popularity of a current single, is to cram as many features as humanly possible on the remix (i.e. Khaled’s I’m So Hood and Chamillionaire’s Won’t Let You... Read More

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Deepside ft. R. Kelly - Let’s Make Love (New Remix) [Stream]

After releasing their self-titled debut album in 2002, R&B quartet Deepside signed with Jive Records and released their major label debut single, Let’s Make Love.  Featuring Chicago hit maker R. Kelly, the song... Read More

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Rick Ross ft. R. Kelly & Chris Brown - Speedin (Remix) [Stream]

Shortly after our fine friends at Def Jam held off on the release of Rick Ross’ sophomore album Trilla until February, his lead single Speedin’ took off (no pun intended) with the assistance of its corresponding video... Read More

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R. Kelly ft. Usher - Crazy [Stream]

R. Kelly released the platinum-selling album, Double Up, this past May.  The LP contains 18 tracks and depending on the country and means of purchase, four additional bonus tracks are also available.  However, since... Read More

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Rick Ross ft. R. Kelly - Speedin’ [Stream]

Having already built up much anticipation for Trilla, thanks to several leaked street singles, Rick Ross finally unleashes the first ‘official’ single.  Knowing who can assist him with a hit, the Boss once... Read More

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The-Dream ft. R. Kelly - Shawty Is A 10 (Remix) [Stream]

Just when you thought it couldn’t receive the remix treatment again; it has.  After previously featuring a guest verse from rapper Fabolous, Shawty Is A 10 has scrapped the rap and beefed up its R&B side with a... Read More

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Beanie Sigel ft. R. Kelly - All The Above [Stream]

Remember what R. Kelly did for the Young Jeezy smash, Go Getta?  Okay, well this is Go Getta all over again, except Jeezy is Beanie Sigel and the song is titled, All The Above.  Referring to himself constantly as a... Read More

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R. Kelly ft. Polow Da Don - Ringtone [Stream]

The irony of a track like Ringtone is that if nine out of ten artists were to concoct such a record, they would be undoubtedly bashed.  But R. Kelly?  Never!  Produced and featuing the buff and bad ass work of... Read More

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R. Kelly ft. Ludacris & Kid Rock - Rock Star [Stream]

Evidently, R. Kelly is sick of the same girl he has been singing about all summer.  After going back and forth with Usher and later T-Pain, Kells snatched up Ludacris and Detorit rocker, Kid Rock, for the third single... Read More

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R. Kelly ft. Usher & T-Pain - Same Girl (Remix) [Stream]

The Same Girl situation for R. Kelly and Usher takes a turn for the worse, when in the remix they find out something new: That girl that both of them are messing with is T-Pain‘s wife!  Naturally, Teddy Pain is... Read More

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R. Kelly’s ‘Double Up’ is #1 On Charts [Feature ]

New York, NY -- R. Kelly’s Double Up debuts this week as the #1 selling album on both Billboard’s Top 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop album charts. The #1 debut of Double Up marks the highest first-week sales of the year for any... Read More


R. Kelly ft. Twista - Good Sex [Stream]

Although we may have to wait a little while longer for the next installment in R. Kelly‘s hip-hopera, Trapped In The Closet, in the meantime we can enjoy a good bonus track from his eighth album, Double Up.  A... Read More

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R. Kelly - Double Up [Album]

Albert Einstein, J.F.K., Robert Sylvester Kelly; all men of vision and accomplishment. Am I serious? More than I’d like to admit. R. Kelly has reached a level of R&B status unattainable by mere mortals; he is undoubtedly... Read Full Review

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DJ Khaled ft. Akon, T-Pain, R. Kelly, Young Jeezy & Lil’ Kim - We Takin’ Ova (Remix) [Stream]

After getting T.I., Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne, Baby, and Fat Joe for the original version of We Takin’ Ova, DJ Khaled would be hard pressed to turn it up a notch for a remix.  With this in mind you might want to... Read More

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R. Kelly ft. Usher - Same Girl [Stream]

Arguably the two biggest male R&B stars of the past two decades have come together to collaborate, but only because of a women.  On Same Girl, the supposed second single off R. Kelly‘s new album, Double Up, the... Read More

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Young Jeezy ft. R. Kelly, Bun B & Jadakiss -  Go Getta (Remix) [Stream]

Young Jeezy gives us a “new” remix of Go Getta featuring R. Kelly, Bun B & Jadakiss off of USDA Presents: Cold Summer to be released May 29th.  The song has gets a small lift thanks to Jadakiss and Bun B’s... Read More

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Official Tracklisting For R. Kelly’s New Album “Double Up” [Feature ]

R. KELLY DOUBLE UP in stores May 29 DOUBLE UP TRACKLISTING (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) 1. The Champ - Featuring Swizz Beatz 2. Double Up - Featuring Snoop Dogg 3. Tryin’ To Get A Number -... Read More


R. Kelly Rises Up, Supports Victims Families of Virginia Tech Massacre [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- R. Kelly has written a song, "Rise Up," about healing in the aftermath of the April 16 shootings at Virginia Tech. A gunman killed 32 people and himself on the university's campus in Blacksburg, Va. Rise Up"... Read More


R. Kelly ft. Young Jeezy & Young Dro - Blow It Up [Stream]

R. Kelly’s second single is here—gunshots, shorty brigade and all.  After the success of his first 2007 single, I’mma Flirt (The Remix) R. Kelly offers up another hit from the soon-to-be-released, Double Up. ... Read More