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Lil Jon - My Cutie Pie ft. T-Pain, Problem & Snoop Dogg [Stream]

Get ready for a little retro funk on Lil Jon‘s latest single, My Cutie Pie. Featuring T-Pain, Problem and Snoop Dogg, the groovy release samples One Way’s 1982 classic and should leave you with plenty of reasons... Read More

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K Check - On Me ft. Kevin Gates, Problem & Juicy J [Stream & Download]

No this is not a new single from K Camp, but rather a new artist by the name of K Check being introduced by none other than Juicy J. On Me is a new club banger from the up-and-comer, featuring a verse each from Kevin Gates... Read More

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Bad Lucc - Go ft. Problem [Stream]

Bad Lucc has been ready to Go, that much is obvious by his recent surge of output, and the Watts emcee’s latest effort is a reworking of a classic. As always, his Diamond Lane comrade Problem has his hands in the mix,... Read More

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Bad Lucc - Get Em ft. Problem & Jay Rock [Stream]

While Bad Lucc and Problem continue to work on their forthcoming collaborative album, they plan to drop heater after heater to build up buzz. After bringing us to the Top of the Diamond a couple weeks ago, they’re back... Read More

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Bad Lucc - Top of the Diamond ft. Problem, Ab-Soul & Punch [Stream]

This spring, West Coast mainstay Bad Lucc will be unleashing Diamond Lane America, his highly-anticipated joint LP with labelmate Problem. Before beginning to promote the set in earnest, the collaborators decided to get their... Read More

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Problem - Hennessy ft. T.I. & Rich Homie Quan [Stream]

It’s apropos that Problem’s next mixtape is titled “OT,” because he’s been busting some serious ass lately. Fresh off guesting on Disko Boogie’s 100 Boyz and Ducko McFli’s I’m Serious, both featured today, the... Read More

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Ducko McFli - I’m Serious ft. Problem, Snootie Wild & Reese [Stream & Download]

Previously heard handling production on Booth-acclaimed joints by the likes of Tim Gent (Man I Am) and Audio Push (Heavy), Ducko McFli slides over into the driver’s seat to bring us his first solo feature, single I’m... Read More

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Disko Boogie - 100 Boyz ft. Problem & KC WhyNot [Stream & Download]

Though Disko Boogie’s Booth debut, Kali Dreamin, won positive reviews when it hit our front page back in 2013, it’s taken the West Coast beatsmith a hot minute to bounce back with a follow-up. Two years later, he finally... Read More

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SALVA ft. Problem - Compton [Stream]

Tonight, beatsmith SALVA will kick off his Peacemaker tour with a show in San Diego. Even while he’s rocking the stage at packed venues across the U.S., though, his home city of Compton will be in the back on his mind. On a... Read More

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SIYA ft. Problem - I’m the Sh*t [Stream & Download]

In my never humble opinion, modesty is overrated. If you love yourself, you should be able to stand up and proudly proclaim, “I’m the Sh*t!” SIYA knows exactly what I’m talking about, judging by her latest... Read More

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Trinidad Jame$ ft. Problem & Friend - MorninG Wood [Stream & Download]

In normal circumstances, MorninG Wood is a simple fact of life, or occasionally a minor annoyance. When you wake up next to “A-Town girl with a big ol’ booty,” though, it’s an opportunity—one that Trinidad... Read More

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Various - Noisey Presents The Rap Monument [Stream]

The Egyptian Pyramids… the Colossus of Rhodes… The Rap Monument. OK, Noisey‘s new promo single may not have taken quite that much toil to create, but it’s as monomanically epic in its scope as any of... Read More

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Problem ft. Lil Jon - Andale [Stream]

Andale, andale! For those whose Spanish is a little rusty, that means “Let’s go!” or “Hurry up!”—which is damn good advice, if you still haven’t hit play on Problem‘s latest single. The official... Read More

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SIYA ft. Chris Brown & Problem - N*gga Like Me [Stream]

It’s been a minute since last we heard from SIYA. And by “minute” I really mean two days shy of three years ago. Needless to say, it’s good to hear from one of the stars on Oxygen’s Sisterhood of... Read More

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Problem on West Coast Rap, Why He Went Indie & More (Interview) [Feature ]

Warm weather all year round, beautiful women and of course hip-hop; California really does have it all. While New York is the birthplace of rap music, Cali definitely has its place in hip-hop history. Admittedly, as a... Read More


Problem - Everyday Is My Day [Stream]

We all get up on the wrong side of the bed from time to time—well, all of us except for West Coast phenom Problem. On his latest feature, the Diamond Lane rhymesayer declares, “Everyday Is My Day.” His secret? Not... Read More

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Jae Murphy ft. Game, Eric Bellinger & Problem - You Playin’ (This Could Be Us) [Stream]

Sometimes, playing hard-to-get is to a woman’s advantage. When a rich and successful recording artist is offering to give you everything your heart desires… not so much. On Jae Murphy‘s latest single and... Read More

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Game ft. Too $hort, Problem, AV & Eric Bellinger - Or Nah [Stream]

Update: We have added the Matt Alonzo-directed visuals for The Game’s Or Nah single. Feel like listening to a new single from Game, Ornah? Seeing as you haven’t hit the back button already, I’m gonna go... Read More

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The Game ft. Rick Ross, Diddy, 2 Chainz & More - Don’t Shoot (Dedication to Mike Brown) [Stream]

It’s been over two weeks since Micheal Brown was gunned down by a Ferguson police officer, and the aftermath has roiled the nation. With some notable exceptions like J.Cole and T.I., many of hip-hop’s biggest... Read More

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THX Beats ft. Bad Lucc, Problem & Travis Barker - Everythang [Stream]

In the past, we’ve seen THX Beats man the boards on Booth-acclaimed cuts by the likes of THURZ and David Banner. Now, the buzzmaking producer’s getting ready to step into the spotlight with the release of a Scion... Read More

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HaLo & Masta Killa ft. Problem & Bad Lucc - Stop It [Stream]

Rarely have I encountered a joint as unaptly-titled as the latest single from HaLo and Masta Killa. Once you’ve hit play, the last thing you’re gonna want to do is Stop It. Follow-up to late July’s... Read More

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AD ft. Bad Lucc & Problem - Without It [Stream]

Do you love West Coast hip-hop so much, you don’t know whether you could live Without It? Well, there’s no need to start writing your last will and testament just yet. Today, Compton buzzmaker AD makes his grand... Read More

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GQ ft. Problem & Bad Lucc - Falls Down [Stream]

Fresh off earning reader approval for Count’em Up, West Coast buzzmaker GQ returns to the Booth with another freshly-minted single off his impending studio album. Jamla boss 9th Wonder once again mans the mixing boards,... Read More

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Problem - Realest N*ggas In Here [Stream & Download]

The root word “real” is extremely popular in Hip-Hop. You’ve got Real Love and Real Strippers, and the need to keep things Real Wit’cha and Real Rugged [and] Raw. Simply put: keep it real, or you best get... Read More

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SALVA ft. Kurupt, ScHoolboy Q, Problem & Bad Lucc - Drop That B*tch [Stream & Download]

Although the Sons of N.W.A. may be touring and putting out music (yes, the group includes the actual sons of Dr. Dre and Eazy-E), it doesn’t mean that other West Coast emcees can’t rework some of the group’s... Read More

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Trae Tha Truth ft. Troy Ave & Problem - Breathe Easy [Stream]

It’s been more than a month since Trae Tha Truth appeared on our pages with The Lox-assisted Reckless. If you were worried he might be on a hiatus, Breathe Easy, he has returned as gritty as ever. You won’t,... Read More

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Childish Gambino ft. Problem - Sweatpants [Stream]

People looking to improve their social and financial standing are often advised to “dress to impress.” Those who are already rich, on the other hand, can wear whatever the f**k they want. On the latest single off his... Read More

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See Twista, Problem & More, Plus a DJBooth DJ Showcase at The Indie Life (SXSW) [Feature ]

SXSW may have started as an independent music festival, but over the years it's become as corporate as a Wal-Mart stockholders meeting as everyone from Doritos to Yahoo has set up shop in Austin. However, there are still some... Read More


The Game ft. Problem, Huddy & Bad Lucc - T.H.O.T [Stream]

While the Urbandictionary entry for “THOT” indicates that the Chicago slang term (an acronym for “That Hoe out There” or “Thirsty Hoe out There”) has been around since at least 2012, all signs point to 2014 being... Read More

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Adrian Marcel ft. Sage The Gemini & Problem - 2AM (#YoungCalifornia Remix) [Stream]

With his last Booth feature, released back in December, Adrian Marcel set out to create something Timeless. The reader-acclaimed crooner’s latest effort is the opposite, in a sense; it’s linked to a very specific... Read More

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Trae Tha Truth x The World’s Freshest ft. Problem & Freddie Gibbs - Wid It [Stream]

When it comes to the daily grind, there are some days when I’m on the ball and others when my mind is thousands of miles away. Trae the Truth, on the other hand, is Wid It every day of his life—and you can tell it... Read More

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Problem - Understand Me EP [Album]

West Coast rhymesayer Problem has unleashed his latest collection of original material, the Understand Me EP, now available digitally via Diamond Lane Music Group. The first EP of his career, the project comes on the heels... Read More

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Problem - Understand Me [Stream]

After five headlining features on our pages (the last of which, Twerk, dropped in December), Boothgoers presumably have a good idea of what Problem is all about. Be that as it may, the Bay Area rhymesayer isn’t taking... Read More

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TeeFlii ft. Problem - Brand New [Stream & Download]

There are times when I’ve stretched the truth and called “Brand New” a record that had actually been out for hours, or even the better part of a day. So it bears extra emphasis this time: TeeFLii‘s latest... Read More

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Nutso ft. Problem & Bad Lucc - Phuk It! [Stream & Download]

Not featured on our pages since bringing us an exclusive stream of his Behind These Bars EP in September of 2012, Q-Borough emcee Nutso makes his grand re-entrance into the Booth with Phuk It!, a freshly-minted single off his... Read More

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SMKA ft. Boldy James, Problem & Jarren Benton - How Much? [Stream & Download]

In March and April, Atlanta beat crew SMKA released parts one and two of The Hang Out, a compilation created over the course of a marathon four-day recording session at 882 Studios. When early October rolled around and... Read More

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Mann ft. Problem - CrossFaded [Stream & Download]

If I had to guess, I’d assume CrossFaded was about a guy who got mad when he was too drunk. Get it—cross and faded? (Hilarious, I know.) According to Mann, “CrossFaded” is actually a condition that you... Read More

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T.I. ft. B.o.B, Problem, Trae Tha Truth - Problems [Stream]

As the title of his last full-length, Trouble Man, attests, T.I.‘s seen more than his fair share of setbacks over the course of his career in the game. Recently, though, the tide seems to have turned. On this... Read More

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Problem ft. Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Tyga & Master P - Like Whaaat (Remix) [Stream]

First featured, to lukewarm reader reviews, back in March, Problem‘s Like Whaaat has returned in officially remixed form. Whereas the original, a regional smash, boasted guest bars from fellow Cali repper Bad Lucc, this... Read More

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Marques Houston ft. Problem - Give Your Love a Try [Stream]

Getting married after a first date is probably not a good idea. Hell, even thinking about marriage after 20 dates might cause your future spouse to run the other way. Its always better to Give Your Love a Try before you buy,... Read More

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Freddie Gibbs ft. Problem - One Eighty Seven [Stream]

To devotees of gangsta rap, the number ”187” can only mean one thing: someone, most likely an undercover cop, just got murked. Thus, it might come as a shock that homicide doesn’t factor into Freddie Gibbs’... Read More

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Kid Ink ft. YG & Problem - Bad Ass (LA Remix) [Stream & Download]

Originally released to widespread acclaim back in January, the hit lead single off Kid Ink‘s freshman set has, predictably enough, received the official remix treatment. Rather than going the traditional route and... Read More

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Baby Bash ft. Problem - Dance All Night [Stream]

Just recently, Chris Rock made an appearance on stage with fellow comedian Dave Chapelle at the famous Comedy Cellar in New York. While those in attendance were treated to over an hour of the comedians chopping it up (which... Read More

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Wiz Khalifa ft. Problem & IAMSU! - Bout Me [Stream]

Back in the 17th Century, Galileo upset conventional astronomical wisdom with his theory that Earth orbited the sun, rather than vice versa. Now it seems he may have got himself condemned as a heretic and put under house... Read More

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OverDoz ft. Problem - FSWSAD [Stream]

No, OverDoz didn’t come up with the title of their latest promo single by pounding their fists on the left side of a keyboard. “FSWSAD” is actually an acronym referencing the West Coast rap collective’s three... Read More

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DJ Kay Rich ft. Fashawn, Problem & C Plus - CA All Day [Stream & Download]

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but each participant on DJ Kay Rich‘s latest effort, CA All Day, reps Cali… all day. In fact, I like to think of Fashawn, Problem, and C Plus as the new Beach Boys. Crazy, I know,... Read More

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Problem ft. Bad Lucc - Like Whaaat [Stream]

If you frequent clubs on the West Coast, Problem‘s latest promo single needs no introduction; over the past couple months it’s been blowing up dancefloors in L.A. and beyond. For the rest of y’all, I proudly... Read More

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DEEzo ft. Hit-Boy & Problem - Feel It [Stream]

An artist can think that their new song is fuego, but it doesn’t mean s**t if their fans don’t Feel It. Luckily, Cali emcee DEEzo shouldn’t have that problem on his latest effort, which features the likes of... Read More

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Terrace Martin ft. Problem - Something Else [Stream]

Legendary producer 9th Wonder, who will be spinning at DJBooth’s SXSW event in March, is well-known for his soulful, sample-heavy beats. On his latest effort behind the boards 9th takes a trip out West, influenced by Cali... Read More

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Hit-Boy ft. Audio Push, Problem & Juicy J - T.U. [Stream & Download]

As anyone who’s spent time around alcoholics is aware, “I know my limits,” is secret code for, “I’m gonna get tore up and ain’t nobody gonna stop me.” Now, I’m not saying Hit-Boy has a drinking... Read More

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Jonn Hart ft. Problem - Get It Girl [Stream]

Today’s feature from Jonn Hart comes to us following his on-the-rise collaboration with XXL Freshmen nominee IAMSU!, Who Booty. This time the record is the syncopated, club-ready Get It Girl, featuring a raw guest verse... Read More

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Problem ft. Bad Lucc - Twerk [Stream & Download]

Houston, we have a problem…well, a booty shaking, speaker busting problem. This is thanks to West Coast emcee Problem’s new single, Twerk, which is an ass shaking anthem that appeals to a wide range of taste(rs), not just... Read More

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Omarion ft. Problem & Tank - Admire [Stream]

Omarion‘s new EP is just hours away from release, but the Maybach Music Group crooner knows that every last drop of buzz counts. As such, he’s decided to unleash last-minute pre-release single Admire, an... Read More

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Terrace Martin ft. Juicy J, Problem & A Da Bu$iness - Living Life [Stream & Download]

Stacking paper, popping bottles, ducking paparazzi, balling on the haters—it’s all part of Livin’ Life for Terrace Martin and his clique. On his latest feature, a freshly-minted, non-album promotional single,... Read More

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Young Chris ft. Problem - Hands Up High [Stream]

With his latest single, Hands Up High, Philly spitter Young Chris takes us to the club or wherever you prefer to sip your Patron margarita while taking in a few fist-pump-worthy, Bankhead Bounce-worthy tunes. Thanks to the... Read More

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Problem ft. Bosko - Let’s Get Gone [Stream & Download]

Fresh off expressing his love to a girl named Molly on mixtape inclusion Rollin’, Problem sets his sights on a new woman—this time a real, flesh-and-blood one—on the latest single off his next studio album.... Read More

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Problem ft. Bad Lucc - Rollin’ [Stream]

Not featured on the solo tip since dropping off the gritty, reflective Life back in fall 2011, Problem returns to our pages with a club-ready new video single off his last project. On Rollin, DNYCE‘s tongue-in-cheek... Read More

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E-40 ft. Problem, IAMSU! & YG - Function [Stream]

When it rains, it pours. No, I’m not talking about Morton Salt. I’m talking about E-40, who’s getting ready to drench underground hip-hop lovers with a torrential downpour of new music in two months’... Read More

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Problem ft. Jay Rock & Bad Lucc - Life [Stream & Download]

As the saying goes, “Life is what you make it”—it’s just that some start out with more to build on than others. On the latest leak off his forthcoming mixtape, Problem encourages listeners to “do... Read More

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Bad Lucc ft. Problem - The Repo Man [Stream & Download]

In light of today’s unemployment numbers and general economic climate, there may be a couple of y’all who are currently dreading a visit from The Repo Man . Well, provided you aren’t in the business of... Read More

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Snoop Dogg ft. Nipsey Hussle & Problem - Upside Down [Stream]

Much like his last single Gangsta Luv, the latest Snoop Dogg offering Upside Down is an upbeat track with a catchy hook. Featuring fellow west-coasters Nipsey Hussle and Problem, Upside Down opens with a short intro and then... Read More

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Problem - Motorbike [Stream]

Though Compton-raised rapper/producer/ghostwriter Problem has impressed industry tastemakers (especially the Universal Republic label heads), and superstar MCs (he helped out on Snoop‘s Neva Hafta Worry), he has yet to... Read More

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Terrace Martin ft. Problem & Mykestro - The Interview [Stream]

When you love music as much as West Coast producer Terrace Martin does, then a decade worth of hard work is nothing. In fact, as time has gone by, this producer/saxophonist/television/film scorer/songwriter has done just... Read More

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Problem ft. DJ Quik, Kurupt, Terrace Martin, DJ Felli Fel & Snoop Dogg - I’m Toe Up (Remix) [Stream]

Though raised in Compton, rapper Problem was born on a army base in Germany.  Likewise, before becoming the buzz-worthy rapper he is today, Problem was both a ghostwriter and a producer.  After several years of hard... Read More

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