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Phresh James ft. Prez P - Timeless [Stream & Download]

In an industry full of trend-followers and flavors-of-the-week, Phresh James wants to create truly Timeless music. On this newly-released promo single, the Floridian rhymesayer expresses his determination to make a lasting... Read More

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Phresh James ft. FDotLawless (of The Foodchain) - Snappin’ N Style [Stream & Download]

From Chasing Karats to Snappin’ N Style, it’s no secret that South Florida spitter Phresh James boasts an impressive array of unexpected talents.  On his latest Booth feature, James and his lyrical comrade,... Read More

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Phresh James - Chasing Karats [Stream & Download]

For many rappers, the hustle for paper becomes such a priority that everything else about life becomes an afterthought. As Ferris Bueller wisely said, however, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look... Read More

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Phresh James - ThinkingHat [Stream]

Flashback to second grade, you’re struggling to solve those dreaded multiplication problems. Your Helen Keller-esque teacher notices your inner turmoil and gleefully says, “Put on your thinking cap!” While... Read More

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Phresh James x Da Camp x Ransom Note - What It Is [Stream]

While feel good music has slowly becoming somewhat of an endangered species in hip-hop, that hasn’t stopped South Florida natives Phresh James and Da Camp from releasing the delightfully upbeat What It Is. With help... Read More

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Phresh James ft. Da Camp & J NICS - Coming Down [Stream & Download]

Phresh James’ last feature, Timeless, was a promo single when it hit our front page in February; in the intervening months, however, it’s blossomed into the title track of the North Miami repper’s next... Read More

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Phresh James ft. J NICS, Golden, Sean Buck, Personal, & Lil Champ - For a Long Time [Stream]

Released via our mixtape page last week, Phresh James’ latest street album has lived up to its title, garnering Universal L[o]ve from the Booth readership. If all those four and five-star reviews weren’t enough to... Read More

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Phresh James - Universal Lve Period [Album]

Up-and-coming rhymesayer Phresh James has joined forces with The DJBooth to bring fans his latest street release, the Universal Lve Period mixtape. Mixed by Bodega Creative Co. and Rem and Executive Produced by Mark Maturah,... Read More

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Phresh James ft. The GTW - The Wave [Stream]

According to some reports, The Wave was invented by Pacific Lutheran University cheerleader Bill T. Peterson in the ‘60s, but until today the millions of sports fans haven’t had an official anthem to accompany their... Read More

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Phresh James ft. J NiCS - Down the Line [Stream & Download]

A month has passed since Phresh James stepped into the Booth with post-breakup jam Lonely, but the Panhandle State repper is still neck-deep in the grieving process. On follow-up Down the Line, Bodega‘s moody... Read More

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Phresh James ft. Steven A. Clark - Lonely [Stream & Download]

Feeling a little Lonely? You’re not alone—or you don’t have to be, anyway. On the second single off his forthcoming street album, Florida emcee Phresh James shares his own feelings of isolation in the wake... Read More

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Phresh James - Falling [Stream & Download]

Booth readers have considerable confidence in Phresh James (Don’t believe me, just peep the reviews on his last feature, IDC (Remix)). Nonetheless, the Florida repper’s been wrestling with self-doubt... Read More

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Phresh James ft. Phil Adé & The GTW - IDC (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Feel like listening to a new record from Phresh James, the Panhandle State emcee who brought us WanderLust? Well, guess what: I Don’t Care. Just kidding, Booth readers—you know I’m all about catering to your... Read More

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Phresh James - WanderLust [Stream & Download]

J.R.R. Tolkein once wrote, “Not all who wander are lost.” On new single WanderLust first time featuree Phresh James proves that maxim true. Over a contemplative beat by Bodega Creative Co., the Miami native... Read More

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