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Orie - For the Stars [Stream]

Last we heard from Orie, he was fighting for his life, determined to prove his mettle on the Battlefield of the music game. Four months later with nary a Booth feature in the meantime, and fans may be starting to wonder... Read More

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Orie - Last Semester [Video]

This video takes you through the journey of my Last Semester in college at Columbia College Chicago. It was one of the hardest periods of my life. As college students, it’s something we all can relate to. We’re... Read More

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Orie - Twenty 20 [Album]

St. Louis rapper/producer Orie has joined forces with to bring fans his latest street release, the Twenty-20 EP. The follow-up to last year’s What a Black Man Wants street album, the project features 12... Read More

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Orie Showcases His “Twenty-20” Artistic Vision on a New, Booth-Presented EP [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- St. Louis rapper/producer Orie has stepped into the Booth to offer his latest street release, the Twenty-20 EP, for free streaming and download in the Booth. The follow-up to last year's What a Black Man... Read More

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Orie ft. C. Rich - Twenty-20 [Stream & Download]

Though Orie‘s Booth track record to date consists of just five features, those few joints have painted a surprisingly full portrait of the St. Louis rapper-producer’s personality and mindstate: a young student... Read More

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Premiere: Orie - Battlefield [Video]

DJBoothTV is proud to premiere Battlefield, the latest video from St. Louis native Orie. Featuring an uplifting hook from Derrick Christian, Battlefield is a inspirational anthem dedicated to all those fighting to achieve... Read More

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Orie - Last Semester Artwork

Orie - Last Semester [Stream & Download]

Stay in school even though your heart’s not in it, or sacrifice (relative) security to pursue music full-time? For many rap hopefuls, this question is one of the most crucial ones they’ll ever have to answer. Well... Read More

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Orie ft. Derrick Christian - Battlefield Artwork

Orie ft. Derrick Christian - Battlefield [Stream & Download]

Orie‘s last feature, Dear Winter, hit the Booth just when it was starting to feel like spring in my city of residence. Sh*t, where did all that time go? Roughly six months later, with the first slushy snowfall of winter... Read More

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Orie - Dear Winter [Stream]

If I were to sit down and write a letter to the coldest season of the year, it would be exactly one line long: “Good riddance.” Fortunately for all of us, Walk Away emcee Orie gets a little more creative than that on Dear... Read More

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Orie - Walk Away [Premiere] [Stream]

On his forthcoming street album, Booth newcomer Orie is set to give the world a little insight into What a Black Man Wants. As he reveals in this newly-leaked cut (making its world premiere here in the Booth!), however, his... Read More

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