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Nameluss - Ready Steady [Stream]

We’ve all had those days when we roll out of bed well-rested and prepared to take on whatever the day holds. Frankly, I’m not quite there this morning, but Nameluss most definitely is, and the enthusiasm he... Read More

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Nameluss ft. Yonas & Shade Sheist - Let Me Know [Stream & Download]

If your New Years resolution was to join a gym, but after just a few short weeks you’re feeling lackluster about pumping iron, then take a listen to Nameluss’ new cut, Let Me Know. On the emcee’s third Booth... Read More

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Nameluss - Rock My Soul [Stream]

Beautiful faces and flawless bodies aren’t exactly a dime a dozen (in fact, they can be downright exorbitant when not achieved through natural means), but Booth newcomer Nameluss nonetheless demands something more from... Read More

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Nameluss - Underground King [Stream & Download]

Though highly-praised by readers when it hit our front page back in March, Nameluss’ first feature – which found the emcee gushing about the deep spiritual connection he shares with his girl –  may have led... Read More

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