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Mick Jenkins - Get Up Get Down [Stream]

Get Up Get Down, commands Mick Jenkins! The Chi-Town emcee and Booth favorite is gearing up for the release of his upcoming project, Wave[s], said to be coming soon, and lets loose this offering produced by Stefan Ponce and... Read More

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Hurt Everybody & Mick Jenkins - Social Network (Gang) [Stream]

Later this week, Hurt Everybody, a Chicago trio that consists of two emcees (Supa Bwe, Carl) and a producer (Mulatto Beats), will release their new project, 2K47. The latest song release off the aforementioned body of work is... Read More

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Mick Jenkins - P’s & Q’s [Stream]

Chicago buzzmaker Mick Jenkins, who is gearing up for his June tour with Joey Badas$$, is one step closer to the release of his latest project. Following the previously-released record Alchemy, we find Jenkins on his... Read More

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The O’My’s - Peace Of Mind ft. Mick Jenkins & Jayin [Stream]

Windy City band The O’My’s have come together with fellow Chicagoan and Booth favorite Mick Jenkins for a vibed-out new single, attempting to find some Peace Of Mind in today’s stressful world. Also... Read More

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Mick Jenkins - Alchemy [Stream]

Premiered by our friends at Complex, Alchemy is the first listen (and introductory track) off Mick Jenkins’ upcoming EP. Over the uncomfortable boardwork of producer Lee Bannon, the DJBooth Top Prospect reveals what he... Read More

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Two Chicago Emcees Mick Jenkins Eyes as Competition [Feature ]

Fresh off a slew of performances in Austin for SXSW, Mick Jenkins stopped by Sway In The Morning for an interview and performance. During their conversation Jenkins was asked by Sway about fellow Southside... Read More


Joywave - Bad Dreams ft. Mick Jenkins & Little Simz [Stream]

On their debut Booth feature, Joywave is here to warn us not to worry about our Bad Dreams, though it’s hard to feel like their latest single isn’t contributing to those dreams. On their latest single, the indie... Read More

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Mick Jenkins - Time [Stream]

In recent months, we in The DJBooth have been heavily supporting Windy City emcee Mick Jenkins, profiling him as a Top Prospect and inviting him to participate in our exclusive freestyle series. We aren’t the only ones with... Read More

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Win Tickets to See Mick Jenkins & Kirk Knight Live in New York [Booth-Exclusive Giveaway] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- On Wednesday, February 11, Windy City rhymesayer (and DJBooth Top Prospect) Mick Jenkins and NYC buzzmaker Kirk Knight are slated to rock the stage at Lower East Side venue S.O.B.s.... Read More


The Purist ft. Mick Jenkins - Touch Me [Stream]

Back in early 2013, rising British beatsmith The Purist introduced himself to our front page with Jealousy, a Danny Brown-assisted banger that he followed up with that fall’s Never Heard of That. It’s taken him a hot... Read More

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Best New Artist of 2014 (Best of the Booth Award Winner) [Feature ]

In the modern age it can be a little hard to figure out who's "new." Artists could be putting out mixtapes for years before they hit that almost impossible to definite tipping point and burst onto the national radar, but... Read More


Mick Jenkins - 11 [Stream]

Mick Jenkins, a Chicago emcee who had a breakout year and was named a DJBooth Top Prospect, is ending his 2014 campaign in impressive fashion. On the NiFD-produced 11, Jenkins blows off some stream, sharing his frustrations... Read More

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Mick Jenkins - Fate [Stream]

A month and change after dropping off Dehydration and its official visuals, Chi-town phenom and DJBooth Top Prospect Mick Jenkins returns to the Booth with his first original jam since the release of his The Water[s] LP... Read More

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Mick Jenkins ft. The Mind - Dehydration [Stream]

A month and change after lending his flow to Reggie Bonds‘s Ol Dirty Bastard, Windy City buzzmaker and DJBooth Top Prospect Mick Jenkins is back with a freshly-selected single off his latest independent full-length.... Read More

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Reggie Bonds ft. Mick Jenkins - Ol Dirty Bastard [Stream]

“Really I don’t know sh*t, I’m just an Ol Dirty Bastard from the devil’s pit.” That’s how Reggie Bonds begins his first Booth feature but, like Big Baby Jesus himself, the Milwaukee representative... Read More

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Mick Jenkins ft. Supa BWE - Treat Me Caucasian [Stream]

DJBooth Top Prospect Mick Jenkins and Supa BEW aren’t running from the truth or hiding behind ignorance, they are attempting to tame the elephant in the room. Police brutality and racial discrimination has been... Read More

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Mick Jenkins - Rain [Stream]

When an album is as magnificently crafted as Mick Jenkins‘s The Water[s], you can be sure that quite a few records have been left on the cutting-room floor. Today, the Chi-Town buzzmaker and DJBooth Top Prospect blesses... Read More

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Mick Jenkins - DJBooth RapBox Freestyle [Stream]

Let’s take it back to the days of banging on the lunch table in the cafeteria, competing with your friends to drop the illest raps as your man beat boxes in the corner. How an emcee performs with just a beat box backing... Read More

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Ricky Dubs ft. Mick Jenkins & YC The Cynic - Keep It 100 [Stream]

Chicago’s Mick Jenkins and Bronx native YC The Cynic may hail from different regions, but their similarities far outweight their differences. For example, neither is able to tolerate even the faintest whiff of fakeness.... Read More

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Mick Jenkins - The Water[s] [Album]

As much as I love the internet, TV, video games, my computer, Netflix, my iPod and everything else I totally don't need, the truth is that they're all dangerous. We get so wrapped up in our things, we often forget what life... Read Full Review

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Mick Jenkins - Jazz [Stream]

Hip-hop is Mick Jenkins‘s stock-in-trade, but the Windy City representative is also an avid appreciator of Jazz. In fact, on his latest single the DJBooth Top Prospect boasts, “The boy got some Miles Davis in him.”... Read More

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The DJBooth Top Prospects EP (Vol. 1) [Album]

A month ago we announced our new Top Prospects series, aimed at identifying some of the best new talent in the game. Now, we're proud to close out our first group of artists with the inaugural Top Prospects EP, featuring... Read More

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Mick Jenkins, The Conscience #TopProspects [Feature ]

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when the word "conscience" became a taboo in hip-hop, when a simple test - "Do these words actually mean anything?" - went from an essential tenet of rapping to an albatross. It... Read More


Mick Jenkins - Lazarus [Stream]

Mick Jenkins may dub himself “young Lazarus” on his latest feature, but don’t get it twisted: the record is less a return from the dead than the continuation of an ongoing rise to prominence. Earlier this year, the... Read More

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DJBooth Announces Our New Top Prospects…. [Feature ]

Here at DJBooth we do more than just pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve, we consider finding new artists and giving them a platform an essential, fundamental part of our jobs. Sure, we all want to talk about that new... Read More


Mick Jenkins x Supa Bwe - Treat Me [Stream]

More than a month after his last headlining appearance, on May’s Who Else?, Mick Jenkins is treating us to a brand new single. Part of the unsigned buzzmaker’s forthcoming joint EP with fellow Chi-Town native Supa... Read More

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Closed Sessions ft. Mick Jenkins, Dally Autson, NoName Gypsy & Saba - Realer Than Most [Stream]

Winter 2013-14 was one of Chicago’s most brutal in recent memory, but that didn’t stop Closed Sessions from inviting a few of their most talented connects to the studio on the coldest day of the year. Realer Than... Read More

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Alex Wiley ft. Mick Jenkins - Own Man [Stream & Download]

Update: The Andrew Zeiter and Bryan Lamb-directed visuals for Alex Wiley’s Own Man single have been added. If there’s one consistent theme running through Alex Wiley‘s rhymes, it’s individuality: on... Read More

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Mick Jenkins - Who Else? [Stream]

Who Else could give us a single just a month removed from their DJBooth Freestyle Series feature? Well, that’s an easy one, since there is only one answer; it’s Mick Jenkins. Just four weeks after the release of... Read More

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Mick Jenkins - Steam [Stream]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who’s-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising... Read More

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Mick Jenkins - Free Nation (Rebel Soldier pt. 2) [Stream]

For many youths growing up in Southside Chicago, every day is a fight to survive. Even so, some dreamers manage to claw their way out of the street and make their mark on the world. Mick Jenkins clearly aspires to be one of... Read More

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Mick Jenkins - Martyrs [Stream]

On Mick Jenkins‘s Booth debut, September 2013 mixtape single The Water, the Chi-town rhymesayer called his peers out for prizing fame and luxury goods above the necessities. Even for those who don’t have to worry... Read More

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Mick Jenkins - The Water [Stream]

Chicago is home to some of the most promising young artists in the game. It seems like every day a new artist emerges; it must be something in the Water. One of those young emcees is Mick Jenkins. On The Water, he drops some... Read More

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Mick Jenkins ft. Chance The Rapper & Vic Mensa - Cross Roads [Stream]

As a rap buzzmaker representing Chicago, it was inevitable Mick Jenkins would eventually find himself in the studio with Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa. Appropriately enough, their paths finally meet on Cross Roads, a new... Read More

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