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MeLo-X - GOD:WiFi EP [Album]

Electronic soul artist MeLo-X has released the third installment in his EP series, GOD:WiFi. Included on the Brooklyn native's seven-track free release are previously-featured song selections "Finer Things" and "Rich Man."... Read More


Fat Tony ft. Mr. MFN eXquire, MeLo-X & Tom Cruz - BKNY (Remix) [Stream]

Fat Tony may call Houston home, but he has mad love for Brooklyn, New York. On the official remix of BKNY, a cut off June’s Smart Ass Black Boy street album, the Young One signee links up with a few of his most talented... Read More

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MeLo-X ft. Little Simz - Rich Man [Stream & Download]

MeLo-X may be on the pathway to success now, but his future wasn’t always so secure. When he first decided to pursue music as a career, the Brooklyn rapper/producer wasn’t sure whether the decision would land him... Read More

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MeLo-X ft. Elle Pierre - Finer Things [Stream & Download]

Like anyone, I prefer the Finer Things. The only problem is that usually (always) the Finer Things are out of my price range, so I settle for the generic versions; they work just as well! MeLo-X, a man of the people, makes... Read More

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MeLo-X - Handle It [Stream]

Don’t press play just yet, Booth readers; after giving MeLo-X‘s latest video single a spin, I’m not sure y’all can Handle It. Granted, my writing will only make you more anxious to take a look…... Read More

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MeLo-X - The Truth [Stream & Download]

On March 11, East Flatbush teen Kimani Gray was shot to death by two NYPD officers, who alleged (in contradiction to later eyewitness testimony) that the 16-year-old was carrying a revolver. In response, thousands (including... Read More

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MeLo-X - Mojitos and Little Dragon [Stream & Download]

I am not a big drinker, nor have I ever really listened to Little Dragon, but if the combo of Mojitos and Little Dragon is as enjoyable as MeLo-X makes them seem, I better get my drink and dragon on ASAP. For this out of left... Read More

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MeLo-X - Sweet B*tch [Stream]

Like many other curious drinkers, MeLo-X probably picked up his first bottle of Sweet B*tch Merlot based on its attention-grabbing moniker. After trying his first sip, however, the Booth-acclaimed rapper/producer was hooked... Read More

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MeLo-X - God Magic [Stream & Download]

It’s been a minute since last we heard from MeLo-X; though November 2012 saw the B.K. rapper/producer contribute guest bars to Fresh Daily‘s Submarine Bass Face, he hasn’t stepped into the Booth with a solo... Read More

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Fresh Daily ft. Suede Jury & MeLo-X - Submarine Bass Face [Stream]

What’s a Submarine Bass Face, you ask? Hit “play” on Fresh Daily‘s latest jam, stand in front of the nearest mirror and—assuming your subs pack the requisite punch—see for yourself. The artist’s... Read More

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Smoke DZA - Marleys Garden [Stream & Download]

February’s the month we celebrate the birth of visionaries like J Dilla and Bob Marley, so it’s not surprising to see tributes popping up from the many artists they’ve influenced. With a name like Smoke DZA,... Read More


Adele x Jamie XX - Rolling in the Deep (MeLo-X Remix) [Stream & Download]

Remember Adele, the UK soul singer whose first single, Chasing Pavements, ruled the airwaves a few years back? Well, she’s back in full force – in Europe, anyway. While Rolling in the Deep, the “dark bluesy gospel... Read More

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MeLo-X - Orgasmic Audio (Remix) [Stream & Download]

First things first: as much as it pains me to say it, the title of MeLo-X‘s latest Booth feature, Orgasmic Audio, is not to be taken literally – I’m pretty sure no hip-hop record is that good (if you’re... Read More

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MeLo-X - More Merch EP [Album]

Up-and-coming artist/producer MeLo-X has hooked up with to bring fans his latest EP, More Merch. Written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by MeLo-X at The Bermuda Triangle Studio, the project features 16... Read More

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MeLo-X ft. Kendrick Lamar & Mickey Factz - Rapity Rap [Stream & Download]

Although highly anticipated album More Merch won’t be released until tomorrow (on DJBooth, of course), it feels like Christmas came a few weeks early now that we have some Rapity Rap under our proverbial trees. Produced... Read More

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MeLo-X ft. Theophilus London & Jesse Boykins III - She Is Forever [Stream & Download]

Through decades of evolution, occasional revolutions, and plenty of weird and wild tangents, hip-hop has remained fundamentally linked to the celebration of black culture. But don’t take it from me – take it from... Read More

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