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Skiff - Love For Me [Stream]

Skiff has a quite few Booth features under his belt but, if you’re new to his work, you could hardly ask for a better entry point than the freshly-released Love for Me. On this new single, the third off his next EP, the... Read More

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Skiff - Premo [Stream & Download]

Earlier this year, Skiff was feeling a little Dazed and Confused. It may have taken 11 months, but the San Francisco buzzmaker’s made it out of that mental fog; new mixtape single Premo sounds like a moment of clarity... Read More

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Skiff - Hard to Tell [Stream & Download]

Skiff‘ll rock well, it ain’t Hard to Tell. Basing a record around Nasir Jones‘s immortal boast is a bold move, but the San Francisco up-and-comer easily justifies the sample selection on this freshly-minted... Read More

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Skiff - Dazed and Confused [Stream & Download]

Skiff‘s last DJBooth feature, October promo single Van Wilder, was just as entrertainingly raunchy as you’d expect from a joint named after the 2002 National Lampoon flick. For his latest loosie release, the San... Read More

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Skiff - Van Wilder [Stream & Download]

MB4’s gone through a few changes since stepping into the Booth with his last feature, mixtape inclusion Be Alright. For one thing, he’s not going by ”MB4” anymore; he recently adopted the new moniker... Read More

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MB4 - Be Alright [Stream & Download]

When you’re under 24/7 pressure to be someone you’re not, the consequences can be dire. Take it from MB4, whose latest mixtape leak, Be Alright, finds him contrasting his own success story with the tragic tales of... Read More

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MB4 ft. AZ - All Comes Back [Stream & Download]

Trends come and go, but the heart of hip-hop will keep beating as long as there are heads to create and appreciate it… right? On new mixtape single All Comes Back, MB4 reflects on the question of hip-hop history,... Read More

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MB4 ft. JR Writer - San Fran to Harlem [Stream]

If you were to drive from San Fran to Harlem, you’d be looking at nearly 3,000 miles and 48 hours of travel time. On MB4‘s latest single/video, however, the West Coast buzzmaker shrinks that prodigious distance to... Read More

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MB4 - Has Anybody Noticed [Stream]

Has Anybody Noticed: M84‘s uncanny aptitude for rocking the mic? If the San Francisco representer’s Booth debut, mixtape leak When Did This Start didn’t get listeners’ attention, then feature numero... Read More

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MB4 - When Did This Start [Stream & Download]

Making ends meet as a recording artist may not be a walk in the park but, when it comes right down to it, it’s a pretty dope life. On new single/first Booth feature When Did This Start, San Francisco representative MB4... Read More

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