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MaLLy - Say My Peace [Stream & Download]

MaLLy just wants to Say his Peace on his latest loosie. The Twin Cities phenom is back with new solo material for the first time since last year’s The Colors of Black album. With a minimal, bass-heavy instrumental from... Read More

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MaLLy - Everything Else But Me [Stream]

The latest full-length from Twin Cities phenom MaLLy, released earlier this year, was a conceptual project chronicling the direction his life might have taken, had he never picked up the mic and cut his studio debut. As you... Read More

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Brother Ali ft. Bambu & MaLLy- Home Away From Home [Stream]

Some artists experience touring as a painful separation from loved ones and familiar places. Not Brother Ali; for the Minneapolis heavyweight, the road is Home Away From Home. Tomorrow, he’ll be climbing back in the bus... Read More

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MaLLy - The Colors of Black [Album]

Last fall's Strange Rhythm, featured for streaming and download in the Booth, introduced Minneapolis buzzmaker MaLLy to a wider audience, cementing his status as a Midwestern rhymesayer to watch. With the follow-up, The... Read More

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MaLLy - City of Fear [Stream]

Nationally, Minnesota is best known for being really f**king cold. But frostbite is by no means the scariest thing lurking in the streets of Minneapolis. If you cross MaLLY or a member of his circle, you’ll quickly... Read More

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MaLLy ft. Slug (of Atmosphere) & Rapper Hooks - Hold My Tongue [Stream]

In the classic Christmas flick It’s a Wonderful Life, a hopeless man played by Jimmy Stewart is on the verge of ending it all when he’s stopped by an angel, who shows him how grim his neighbors’ lives would... Read More

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MaLLy - Strange Rhythm [Album]

Minneapolis emcee MaLLy has released his latest collection of original material, the Strange Rhythm EP. The follow-up to May 2012 debut album The Last Great..., the project packs eight brand new tracks from the unsigned... Read More

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MaLLy - Dead Art Painting [Stream & Download]

On his forthcoming Strange Rhythm EP, MaLLy will look to “[express] his deep passion for independence and [make] a stand as a solo artist.” Lead single Dead Art Painting starts the project’s promotional push off... Read More

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Claire de Lune ft. MaLLy & TruthBeTold - Save The Day [Stream]

Booth newcomer Clair de Lune may not have a flashy costume or an epic origin story, but the Minneapolis crooner’s smoky, vintage vocal stylings are a superpower in my book. On new single Save the Day, released along... Read More

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MaLLy - Shine [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Watch Now” above to view MaLLy’s Dave Wilson-directed “Shine” video. MaLLy may not be in it for the fame and fortune, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t gonna Shine. The... Read More

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MaLLy - Once We’re Kings [Stream & Download]

Fresh off earning positive Booth reviews for a promo single he hopes will become a “Future’s Classic,” MaLLy returns to reassert his lofty ambitions with the final song/video in his Free on the 15th Series.... Read More

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MaLLy ft. Tigre Coles (of 925ve) - Future’s Classic [Stream & Download]

Decades down the line, when you’re living out your twilight years in a futuristic old folks’ home, whose music are you going to flip on to prove just how much doper 2010s hip-hop was than the garbage your... Read More

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Atmosphere ft. Kill The Vultures, Big Quarters & MaLLy - Somebody, MN [Stream & Download]

When a harsh winter is exacerbated by those cold blasts of Canadian air, those in the Northern Midwest scoff at the frigidness by playing smooth and warm tracks like the brand new Somebody, MN, featuring Atmosphere, avant... Read More

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MaLLy ft. 925ve - Stomp Through [Stream & Download]

It’s been a minute since MaLLY stopped by with a fresh solo feature—All Out hit our front page back in April. Today, the up-and-comer returns to Stomp Through the Booth once again with the latest installment of... Read More

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MaLLy - The Renaissance [Video]

To go along with his song “The Renaissance”, MaLLy has released the visuals to the song. Packed with guest appearances from other artists in his area (John Mooty, Truth Be Told, T.Q.D., Wes Watson, Marc Sanyal,... Read More


I.B.E ft. MaLLy & K.Raydio - The Pad [Stream & Download]

The name I.B. E. (Intelligent Black Enterprise) suggests a smarter (and wordier) than average approach to hip-hop and, on his first Booth feature, the Minneapolis emcee doesn’t disappoint. Twin Cities anthem The Pad... Read More

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MaLLy ft. TiRon - All Out [Stream & Download]

For the past 6.5 months, Minneapolis emcee and freestyle alum MaLLy has been debuting a new single on the 15th of each month. Today, he brings us the world premiere of the final entry in his Free on the 15th series. All Out... Read More

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Big Jess ft. MaLLy & Muja Messiah - Get It In [Stream & Download]

Here in Minneapolis, we’re getting to that time of year when stepping outside means running the risk of becoming a human icicle. Which is bad news for us, but good news for the rest of the hip-hop nation – with... Read More

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Mally - Lights Off [Stream & Download]

Ladies and gentlemen, Mally is back in your speakers and he plans on staying there. Five months after his last offering Better Days comes his latest underground single, Lights Off, a record that finds the Freestyle Series... Read More

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Mally ft. Danami - Better Days [Stream]

The Minneapolis mic murderer is back with another one for the Booth. Better Days finds Mally straying from his from his cold weather-state roots. With Miami native Marcus Banks handling production duties, it seems only right... Read More

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Mally - On the Way Up [Stream]

Lyrically sound with a flow that is “retardedly bop” like Nas in ‘94, Mally is a special emcee. But just this morning I saw a notable emcee tweet that “if Rap was basketball, the NBA would be a bunch of 5’6”... Read More

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Mike Dreams Celebrates “Dreamer’s Poetry” Release at Minneapolis’ 7th St. Entry [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

Minneapolis, Mn. -- On the evening of Wednesday, February 10, fans, friends and fellow artists gathered at downtown Minneapolis' 7th St. Entry (a smaller venue attached to the famous First Avenue) to celebrate the release of... Read More


Mally - By Any Means [Stream & Download]

The 104th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Mally, the Minneapolis native who earned reader acclaim for album cuts My People and Reflection. On his brand new, previously-unreleased By Any Means... Read More

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Mally Spits “By Any Means” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Mally, the Minneapolis native who earned reader acclaim for album cuts "My People" and "Reflection," has stepped into the Booth to bring the 104th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his brand new,... Read More


Mally - Reflection [Stream]

With his first feature, Minne-ap up-and-comer Mally held the mirror up to American society, spitting about the systemic injustices that keep his People down.  Now, the emcee’s flipped that looking glass around to... Read More

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Mally - My People [Stream]

In a dark basement in Minneapolis, a dastardly scheme has been brewing. An unsigned emcee named Mally and his cohorts (including producer Astroblack, aka Astronote) are plotting to take over the hip-hop game, and the release... Read More

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