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Mali Music ft. A$AP Ferg - Beautiful (Remix) Artwork

Mali Music ft. A$AP Ferg - Beautiful (Remix) [Stream]

How do you make a Beautiful R&B song even more beautiful? Simple: add A$AP Ferg. I see your eyebrows raising in disbelief, and I understand—that’s not the first adjective I’d normally associate with the... Read More

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Mali Music - Beautiful Artwork

Mali Music - Beautiful [Stream]

Back in March of 2013, Mali Music introduced himself to The DJBooth with Ready Aim, a sweeping ballad chronicling his struggles against the forces of darkness. A year and change later, the Los Angeles singer/songwriter... Read More

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Mali Music - Ready Aim Artwork

Mali Music - Ready Aim [Stream]

Promoting positive spiritual messages in an industry as fraught with danger and temptation as the music game may sound like a suicide mission, but “fear” evidently isn’t in Mali Music‘s dictionary. On new... Read More

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