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Locksmith - Lofty Goals [Album]

With the release of his new full-length, Locksmith, a Bay Area phenom who has been covered 38 times in the past five years on our pages, is putting his Lofty Goals on display with what he says is sonically his "most ambitious... Read More

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Locksmith - 10KONDRMS [Stream]

Locksmith has been steadily building excitement for his forthcoming Lofty Goals album through his Booth-acclaimed previous features For Now and Blinded, and today we get the third release off of the Bay Area... Read More

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Locksmith - For Now ft. Rebecca Nobel [Stream]

Locksmith has been putting in work in this rap game. The Bay Area wordsmith’s latest video - co-directed with Brian Storm - captures the grind he’s been facing for years now, intertwining old clips of him with... Read More

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Zion I - Culture Freedom ft. Locksmith [Stream]

Update: The Andrew Elsayid-directed visuals for Zion I and Locksmith’s Culture Freedom single have been added. Though the duo of producer Amp Live and emcee Zumbi are no longer joined under one moniker, the group name... Read More

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Locksmith - Blinded ft. Jarren Benton & Futuristic [Stream]

It’s been nearly a year since Locksmith dropped his Booth-acclaimed A Thousand Cuts project, but the West Coast spitter is currently gearing up for his next album, Lofty Goals, which is coming soon. Kuya Beats mans the... Read More

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Sincerely Collins ft. Locksmith - Find a Way [Stream]

Yesterday, Phoenix rap phenom and DJBooth Top Prospect Sincerely Collins unleashed his much-anticipated studio debut, Destroyer. On Find a Way, a standout off the project, Charlie Handsome’s tuneful, piano-laced boardwork... Read More

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Jarren Benton ft. Hopsin & Locksmith - Killin My Soul [Stream]

Just one week after earning reader acclaimed for the Rock City-assisted Diamonds & Furs, longtime Booth fave Jarren Benton returns with another fresh single off his latest EP. This rendition of Killin My Soul, created to... Read More

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Fly Commons ft. Clyde Carson & Locksmith - Nothing New [Stream]

Fresh off handling production on Junk Food & Vegetables, the latest LP from Erk tha Jerk, Fly Commons bounces back with single numero uno off his own forthcoming studio debut. Contrary to what its title may suggest,... Read More

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Locksmith ft. Olamide Faison - Jaded [Stream]

We’ve already featured a whopping five tracks off Locksmith‘s latest digital LP, but the project still packs several more cuts dope enough to deserve a single release—maybe not a thousand, but quite a few.... Read More

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Locksmith ft. Anesha - Your Loss [Stream]

Still haven’t copped Locksmith‘s latest project, the Booth-acclaimed A Thousand Cuts? Your Loss, I suppose. Perhaps you’ll reconsider your decision once you’ve listened to the Golden State... Read More

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Locksmith ft. Jarell Perry - Imperfect [Stream]

Awe-inspiring as it is to hear Locksmith simply go hard on the mic, the Golden State emcee is at his best when spitting brutally honest bars about his personal experiences. On new mixtape single Imperfect, he returns to the... Read More

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Locksmith - Free [Stream]

F**kin’ Idols, the last featured single off Locksmith‘s latest street release, was an underground banger with a grimy, hard-hitting vibe. On freshly-minted follow-up Free, the Cali-repping reader fave dials down... Read More

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Locksmith - F**kin’ Idols [Stream]

Recently, Cali buzzmaker Locksmith asked his followers on social media which record off his latest street album they would like to see turned into a video. F**kin’ Idols was the hands-down favorite. The fans having... Read More

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Locksmith - Willie Lynch [Stream]

Allegedly given before an audience of slaveholders in 1712, the Willie Lynch Speech finds the titular plantation owner outlining a series of divide-and-conquer tactics that can be used to turn African-Americas against one... Read More

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This Week in Hype: Chance’s Anniversary, the Hardest Podcast With Locksmith & More [Feature ]

I'm really not sure why, but I keep putting out these "This Week in Hype" podcasts, and y'all keep asking for me. You're probably drunk, but hey, I got love for my fellow drunks. So we'll just have... Read More


Locksmith ft. Rebecca Nobel - Who I Am [Stream]

You could say that Locksmith has been fighting since birth. Whether it was almost being given to the wrong woman in the hospital due to an insensitive doctor or second guessing his resolve to stay true to his craft, the Cali... Read More

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Locksmith - A Thousand Cuts [Album]

Locksmith, the Golden State buzzmaker and longtime reader fave who recently spit "Lifestyle" for our exclusive freestyle series, has unleashed his next street album. A Thousand Cuts comes heralded by lead effort "Hardest... Read More

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Locksmith ft. Leah Tysse - Hardest Song Ever [Stream]

For some rappers, making music that’s “hard” just means yelling really f**king loud about firearms. Locksmith‘s Hardest Song Ever, however, contains no gat talk or vocal cord-shredding shouts. Rather, it draws... Read More

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Locksmith - Lifestyle [Stream & Download]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who’s-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising... Read More

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Locksmith ft. R.A. the Rugged Man - House of Games II [Stream]

Featured in January along with Brian Storm‘s official visuals, Locksmith‘s House of Games freestyle found him delivering relentless bars over an ominous boom-bap instrumental co-produced by himself and Mike... Read More

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Locksmith - House of Games [Freestyle] [Stream]

Don’t let the title fool you: Locksmith ain’t playing. Those who go into House of Games expecting a lighthearted good time will quickly be disabused of that notion, thanks to the intro’s eerie piano... Read More

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Jarell Perry x Locksmith - Don’t Run From Me [Stream & Download]

Starting in mid-November, Cali buzzmakers Jarell Perry and Locksmith will be linking up to play a series of shows in L.A., New York and San Francisco. While Boothgoers have had plenty of opportunities to witness their... Read More

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Locksmith ft. Jarell Perry - Much More [Stream]

If Locksmith were a Major League Baseball player, I’d assume that he’s been hanging out with A-Rod and Ryan Braun (cough…cough…taking PEDs), because the Bay Area emcee is batting a thousand here in the Booth. His... Read More

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Locksmith x Jarell Perry - Broken [Stream & Download]

Thus far in 2013, Locksmith has one hell of a winning streak going. Livin’ Loaded, Transitions, Be Free and F**k Love have each won him more acclaim than the last. Today, the Cali native endeavors to top himself yet... Read More

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Locksmith ft. Fallon - Everything [Stream]

For some emcees, this rap game is a marathon. Unfortunately, though, most artists release so much music that it’s impossible for them to bring their “A” game on every song. Not Locksmith; the fast-rising... Read More

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Locksmith ft. Jarell Perry - You Never Know [Stream]

As he watched criminals being led to their execution during his imprisonment in the Tower of London, English Reformer John Bradford famously stated, “There, but for the grace of God, goes John Bradford.” In a similar... Read More

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Locksmith - Fleming Street [Stream]

If you happen to think hip-hop is dead, I implore you to check out Locksmith’s latest feature. Cuts like Fleming Street are worth more than 10 cookie-cutter, factory-made records. Released along with an equally powerful set... Read More

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Locksmith - The Green Box [Album]

West Coast buzzmaker Locksmith has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street album, The Green Box. Named after a locale in the Crescent Park neighborhood of Richmond, California, where the artist... Read More

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Locksmith ft. Anesha - Stand It [Stream & Download]

Locksmith‘s last mixtape single, Bear With Me, saw the Golden State native stretching out on the proverbial couch for a mic therapy session. Evidently, working through his baggage in the booth paid off; on... Read More

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Locksmith - Bear With Me [Stream & Download]

Like many, if not most of us, Locksmith has neither the petty cash nor the insurance coverage to work through his issues with a professional shrink. Unlike most of us, he’s got the skills to turn that baggage into... Read More

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Locksmith - F**k Love [Stream & Download]

With three DJBooth feature notches already on his belt, all since the calender flipped to 2013, Locksmith is back yet again with F**k Love, a song which will likely cement his spot as one of the most promising emcees of 2013.... Read More

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Locksmith - Be Free [Stream]

Not all prisons have iron bars; for some young women, good looks and the expectations that come with them can add up to a life sentence of dependence and insecurity. Following January’s Transitions and Livin Loaded,... Read More

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Locksmith - Transitions [Stream]

With all the materialistic, manufactured hip-hop flooding the rap game, it appears as though authentic cuts and true artistry have been locked away in a cellar, deep down in hip-hop’s basement. Good thing a Locksmith is on... Read More

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Locksmith ft. Olamide Faison - Livin Loaded [Stream]

Who needs pills and powder when you’re Livin’ Loaded like Booth newcomer Locksmith? On the lead single off his next full-length, the West Coast underground rhymesayer and Frontline member reminds listeners that... Read More

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