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Kat Dahlia - Crazy Artwork

Kat Dahlia - Crazy [Stream]

Last we heard from Kat Dahlia, she was Happy (and she knew it). Three months later, the Vested in Culture/Epic Records pop buzzmaker thinks she might be going Crazy. The cause of her sudden mental instability? If you guessed... Read More

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From G-Eazy to Kat Dahlia, Artists to Watch for in 2014 [Feature ]

If you had said to someone in the beginning of 2013 that Macklemore would prove to be one of the year's biggest artists, they would have probably responded with, "Who's Macklemore?" Especially in the digital age, a lot can... Read More

Kat Dahlia - Happy And I Know It Artwork

Kat Dahlia - Happy And I Know It [Stream]

Fresh off the success of promo single Mash It Up, Kat Dahlia‘s in the perfect position to lay the groundwork for her future career in the game. The question is, what’s she gonna do with that opportunity?... Read More

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Kat Dahlia - Seeds Cover

Kat Dahlia - Seeds [Album]

Miami-based triple-threat (rapper/singer/songwriter) Kat Dahlia has made quite a bit of noise in The DJBooth this year, turning heads with featured singles "Mash It Up," "Clocks" and "Fireman." Looking to turn a few more,... Read More

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Kat Dahlia ft. Nyanda & Black Lion - Mash It Up [Stream]

Godzilla and Mothra may have given Tokyo a few bumps and bruises over the years, but they ain’t got nothing on Kat Dahlia. On this freshly-minted loosie, the Cuban-American pop buzzmaker threatens major metropolitan... Read More

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Kat Dahlia - Clocks Artwork

Kat Dahlia - Clocks [Stream]

These days, Clocks are increasingly being supplanted by smart phones, iPads and other electronic devices. Vested in Culture/Epic Records pop songstress Kat Dahlia, however, still prefers an antique timepiece with an... Read More

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Kat Dahlia - Fireman Artwork

Kat Dahlia - Fireman [Stream]

On her first and to date only DJBooth feature, Kat Dahlia made clear that she’s not into guys who put up a Gangsta façade. So, what kind of men is she attracted to? Apparently, her turn-ons include flame-retardant... Read More

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Kat Dahlia - Gangsta Artwork

Kat Dahlia - Gangsta [Stream]

Flashing paper around and fronting like you’re a Gangster might impress certain women, but it won’t score you any points with Booth newcomer Kat Dahlia. Not only is the NYC singer/emcee and recent EPIC Records... Read More

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