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Kandid McFly - The Opening Act [Album]

Ohio buzzmaker Kandid McFly has joined forces with and to drop his latest street album, The Opening Act. Hosted by Mr. Peter Parker, the brand new mixtape features 14 fresh tracks from the... Read More

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Kandid McFly - Soul Music (Hey Ho) [Stream & Download]

Like many emcees, Kandid McFly‘s more comfortable setting listeners straight on what he’s not than he is placing himself into an artistic box – fortunately, the Cincinnati buzzmaker’s music speaks more... Read More

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Kandid McFly - Leave My Side [Stream]

As I’m sure the fellas will agree, few things could be more infuriating than hearing a girl you have feelings for complain of being mistreated by her man. Be that as it may, such situations can quickly turn even uglier... Read More

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Kandid McFly - Strung Out [Premiere] [Stream]

Good news, Kandid McFly fans: having recovered from March’s little bout of Stage Fright, the Ohio up-and-comer’s doing better than ever – in fact, he’s riding so high that he’s beginning to feel a... Read More

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Kandid McFly - Stage Fright [Stream]

Man, it’s been a great week to be sick (thanks for the balloons, whoever sent them), mostly because I’ve found that the healing properties of Booth music are up there with Chicken Soup for the Soul and Oprah (um…not... Read More

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