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Slum Village - Tear It Down ft. Jon Connor [Stream]

Slum Village continue to Tear It Down on the latest offering from their very dope, recently released album YES!. Rapper T3 and rapper/producer Young RJ are joined by fellow Michigan rhymesayer Jon Connor over production from... Read More

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DJ EFN ft. Sizzla, David Banner, N.O.R.E. & Jon Connor - Warrior [Stream]

Grab your weapon, gird your loins (whatever that means) and prepare for war; on single number four off his next solo set, DJ EFN leads a bevy of talented street lyricists into battle against bigotry and injustice. More... Read More

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Kap Kallous ft. Jon Connor - Processed [Stream & Download]

Today, Kap Kallous is a much-buzzed-about recording artist with a large, and growing following in The DJBooth and beyond. In order to reach this point, however, the Floridian spitter’s had to go through hell and back.... Read More

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A-Villa ft. Saigon, Jon Connor, Joe Budden & BJ The Chicago Kid - Sucker Free [Stream]

The newly-released freshman set from Windy City beatsmith A-Villa comes fully stocked with guest bars, and you won’t find a single buster, herb or lame among the dozens of artists assembled for the set. In other words,... Read More

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Statik Selektah ft. Ab-Soul, Jon Connor, Logic & Francesca - Alarm Clock [Stream]

There’s nothing better than hearing a song you love first thing in the morning… well, until you develop an association between the song and having to get up for work, and start to hate it. That part really f**king... Read More

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Nutso ft. Kurupt, Jon Connor & DJ Supa Dave - Y’all Came to Witness [Stream]

Fresh off earning positive reader reviews for This City of Mine, a record dedicated to the Big Apple, Nutso is back with another fresh single off his latest EP—and this one happens to be a Booth-exclusive world premiere. On... Read More

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Kap Callous ft. Jon Connor & PreauXX - Lonely Famous [Stream]

Today, Kap Kallous unleashed his highly-anticipated independent album, Grandeur. Just in case previous singles like the Booth-premiered Sushi Bar haven’t persuaded you that the set’s worth a listen, the... Read More

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KaliRaps ft. Jon Connor - Make It Seem Easy [Stream]

I know that rapping is a craft that requires endless hours of hard work to hone, but I’ll be damned if KaliRaps doesn’t Make It Seem Easy. In fact, I’m thinking I might pick up the mic myself… just... Read More

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Jon Connor - Take Off [Stream]

One of Hip-Hop’s annual traditions is the highly-touted XXL Freshmen list. Every year, the longstanding publication selects a class of artists who are poised to Take Off in a big way. One of the leaders of 2014 class is... Read More

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Suspect ft. Mavelle & Jon Connor - Reflections [Stream & Download]

Sometimes, you hit play on an artist’s first Booth feature expecting a decent listen, and what you find is even doper than you’d Suspected. For listeners unfamiliar with the Orlando buzzmaker whose name I... Read More

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Foreign Allegiance ft. Jon Connor, SRH & Maffew Ragazino - Listen [Stream & Download]

The Foreign Allegiance may be Booth newcomers on the solo tip, but they’ve already earned high praise on our pages; back in June, the Flint, Michigan production crew crafted the reader-acclaimed beat that backed Big... Read More

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Kuniva (of D12) ft. Jon Connor, Boldy James & Guilty Simpson - Michiganish [Stream & Download]

Previously featured as part of veteran crew D12, Motown rhymesayer Kuniva makes his first foray into the solo Booth spotlight with a new promo single that I can only describe as… Michiganish. In addition to the... Read More

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Gino The Ghost ft. Isaac Castor & Jon Connor - Basics [Stream]

If you’re looking for trendy gimmicks, look elsewhere; Booth newcomer Gino the Ghost is all about the fundamentals. On his second single, the follow-up to the non-featured Next Day, the 20-year-old Michigan buzzmaker... Read More

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DEMRICK ft. Rass Kass & Jon Connor - BARS [Stream & Download]

Some song titles are all hyperbole, and the actual records fail to live up to the hype. The title of DEMRICK’s latest feature, BARS, however, might be the understatement of the year, considering the phenomenal performances... Read More

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Jon Connor - Unconscious State [Album]

Jon Connor, a signee of former NBA baller Mateen Cleaves' All Varsity Music, has liberated his latest independent full-length, Unconscious State. Coming on the heels of 2012 street releases The Blue Album, The People's Rapper... Read More

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Jon Connor ft. Chris Webby & Smoke DZA - When I Was Young [Stream & Download]

Jon Connor may be part of the Midwestern vanguard but, when he’s not busy pushing the game forward, he does feel the occasional pang of nostalgia for the past. Coming on the heels of last week’s Freddie... Read More

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Jon Connor ft. Freddie Gibbs - F’N Right [Stream & Download]

You mean to tell me that two monsters of the Midwest, Jon Connor and Freddie Gibbs, both with big summer project releases, have joined forces on Connor’s latest single? F’N Right! As expected when two Booth favorites... Read More

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Jon Connor ft. Mistah F.A.B & Willie The Kid - Rozay Splashin [Stream & Download]

A quick Google search has informed me that the price of a bottle of Rozay ranges from eight bucks all the way up to $500. For that reason, I hope Booth favorite Jon Connor opted for the eight-dollar bottle, because he is... Read More

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Tito Lopez ft. Jon Connor - Tryna Get On [Stream & Download]

While Tito Lopez and Jon Connor are well-known and respected in the industry, the grind of a true artist never stops; no matter how high they climb, they’re still Tryna Get On. If the aforementioned emcees weren’t... Read More

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Jon Connor ft. Talib Kweli - Rise Up [Stream & Download]

If Jon Connor is, as the title of his next album suggests, in an Unconscious State, he must be one of those coma patients who hears and remembers everything that happens despite the appearance of being out cold. New single... Read More

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Bobby Capri ft. Jon Connor - American Dream [Stream]

Remember, if you work hard and stay focused, you’re sure to get rich and reach your goals… ha! While the American Dream is a nice thought, the reality is that it is damn near impossible to achieve. If you want an... Read More

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Jon Connor ft. Royce Da 5’9” - Michigan Sh*t [Stream & Download]

The Great Lakes State may not boast the same quantity of hip-hop talent as New York or Cali but, pound for pound, their forces rank with the best in the country. (I’m excluding Insane Clown Posse from my calculations as... Read More

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Thello Jay ft. Jon Connor - Dream Out [Stream & Download]

Thanks to the Internet, not only is music readily available in copious supply, but it also allows for dope collaborations; a producer and emcee can team up to create your new favorite song from opposite ends of the... Read More

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DJ Mickey Knox ft. Kaleber, Stat Quo & Jon Connor - Hip Hop [Stream & Download]

Back in college I took a class called American Music in the 20th Century. While the class was interesting, I definitely got the most out of the two weeks that we spent discussing hip-hop. I learned more about the art form and... Read More

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ChrisCo ft. Jon Connor & Elzhi - Straight Up [Stream & Download]

Ladies and gentlemen, you have entered the No-Spin Zone. And I’m not talking about Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin Zone, which, of course, contains more spin than Kendrick Lamar‘s head after a swimming pool... Read More

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The Kid Daytona ft. Jon Connor - Copy Copy [Stream & Download]

Now that Bronx spitter The Kid Daytona has gotten his fill of patriotism thanks to his last release Made In America, he’s ready to drop off yet another record from his forthcoming Summer Games: The Kid With The Golden... Read More

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Willie The Kid ft. Jon Connor - Marina [Stream & Download]

It’s been almost a year since we last heard a new headlining track from Willie the Kid, but that doesn’t mean the Michigan emcee has been wasting his time. Instead, Willie’s clearly been traveling the seven... Read More

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Gameboi ft. XV & Jon Connor - Top Of The World [Stream & Download]

I hear it’s pretty lonely at the top so lets consider the trio of wordsmiths consisting of Gameboi, XV, and Jon Connor your friendly neighborhood loners on former’s latest world premiere Top Of The World. While... Read More

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Jon Connor - Scriptures [Stream]

Like a true man of God, Jon Connor prays for his enemies every morning upon waking. Since said foes can’t hear his personal correspondence with the Man Upstairs, however, it’s only right that the Michigan emcee... Read More

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Jarren Benton ft. Rittz & Jon Connor - Billion Bucks [Stream & Download]

What could be better than feeling like a million bucks? Try feeling like a Billion Bucks. Not only does Jarren Benton‘s latest single find him in $1,000,000,000 worth of high spirits, but the ATL fave’s brought... Read More

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REKS ft. Jon Connor & Venessa Renee - Shotgun [Stream]

When REKS calls himself Rebelutionary, he’s not messing around. As evidenced by the lead single off his next full-length, the Boston representative’s so dissatisfied with the way things are going that he’s... Read More

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Jon Connor - True Colors [Stream]

I’ll admit that there was a part of me that hoped Jon Connor‘s True Colors would sample Cyndi Lauper’s ‘80s hit of the same name, and it didn’t take long for my hopes to be confirmed. Sure... Read More

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¡MAYDAY! ft. Black Thought, DJ Khaled, Jay Rock, Jon Connor, & Stevie Stone - T-N-T (Remix) [Stream & Download]

It’s freezing in the US of A right now, and with the climax of events happening across the nation, ranging from the cries surrounding the murder of Trayvon Martin to the heated debates on health care and civil liberties,... Read More

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Jon Connor ft. Freeway - Gonna Make It [Stream & Download]

By hook or by crook, Jon Connor is Gonna Make It in the music game. On the latest leak off his next street album, the Flint, Michigan emcee tells the world just how sure he is of his prospects for success, flowing over a... Read More

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Jon Connor ft. GLC & Cass Swift - Church on the Move [Stream & Download]

Fresh off shaking up hip-hop’s status quo on No Thrillz, Jon Connor returns to our pages with another mixtape leak that’s sure to have fans in the Booth exclaiming “Church!.” Church on the Move finds... Read More

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Jon Connor - No Thrillz [Stream & Download]

Sick and tired of the rap game’s status quo? Jon Connor can relate. On newly-leaked mixtape inclusion No Thrillz, the Flint, Michigan repper (also a freestyle series alumnus and a contributor to SMKA‘s... Read More

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Donny Goines ft. Just Blaze, Laws & Jon Connor - Barbarians [Stream & Download]

From the Mongols streaming into India to Genghis Khan toppling China’s Jin Dynasty (thanks 8th grade history class!) Barbarians have a long and successful history of invading the establishment with their combination of... Read More

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Joe Scudda x Termanalogy x Jon Connor - Heaven’s Door [Stream]

What would you do if you found the door to Heaven? Some folks would bang on it until they were let in; others would probably attempt to break in until ADT notified the authorities (probably God in this case). Today we drop... Read More

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Jon Connor - Dirty Diana [Stream & Download]

If you experience a little déjà vu upon reading the title of Jon Connor‘s latest unreleased cut, chances are that’s because you have listened to another record named after Michael Jackson‘s Dirty Diana in... Read More

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Jon Connor ft. Pill - Don’t Fall In Love With A B*tch (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Press play. Rotate your thumb clockwise to turn up the volume on your iPod. Nod your head. These are the actions I completed when this track landed in my email. After releasing his debut album Salvation this summer, Jon... Read More

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J. Capri ft. Jon Connor - In My Lifetime II [Stream & Download]

In fear of repeating myself, I won’t enter this article (re)enlightening listeners that the Carolinas are doing pretty well for themselves in the current rap game. I just won’t do it. On a completely different topic,... Read More

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Rochelle Jordan ft. Jon Connor - Sing [Stream & Download]

Tell me, who do we thank for the city of Toronto? Official since the days of Kardinal Offishall, Ontario’s own little Motown has delivered a nice string of folks to the industry, giving us a peep into the enclave that... Read More

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Jon Connor - Fli69 [Stream & Download]

Fresh off being highlighted on SMKA‘s The Report EP, Jon Connor returns with Fli69, the final leak off his forthcoming digital-only LP. Produced by Rob “Reef” Twolow, this aggressive... Read More

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Kid Ink ft. Jon Connor & Kevin Cossom -  Hold It Down [Stream & Download]

Someday, Kid Ink‘s long hours on the hustle will pay off big-time—until then, though, the Los Angeles representative’s asking his girl to “Hold It Down” and remain faithful. On this APB-produced... Read More

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Jon Connor - Someday [Stream & Download]

Someday I’ll be out in beautiful sunny weather (away from humidity…dry heat is way better) lounging in white pants and sandals. Well, maybe not the pants and sandals, but you get the point. Until that day, though,... Read More

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Jon Connor - Broken Mirror [Stream & Download]

Coming from the right mouth even the simplest of language can feel like a revelation. Jon Connor, the growing character in rap music’s latest movie holds up his recently-leaked song, Broken Mirrors, to the ears of the... Read More

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Jon Connor - Money Comes Fast [Stream & Download]

There’s nothing fast or easy about the grind to make a living in the rap game but, as the Morton Salt girl could tell you, “When it rains, it pours.” Having put in overtime to plant the seeds for future success,... Read More

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Jon Connor - Big City Dreams [Stream & Download]

For those who start their grind in a smaller pond, nothing spells “success” like a metropolitan skyline. On the inaugural leak off his forthcoming EP, Brownsville native Jon Connor shares a few of his Big City... Read More

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Jon Connor - The Heist [Stream & Download]

In anticipation of the Glorification of Gangster exhibit, the final installment from the project’s official mixtape has been released with Jon Connor’s The Heist. Produced by Elite, the final track off the mixtape,... Read More

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Jon Connor ft. XV - U Aint Gettin Nothin [Stream & Download]

Think you can get under Jon Connor‘s skin? Au contraire; as the Flint native (and freestyle series alum) puts it on his latest single, “U Ain’t Gettin’ Nothin.” Sean C & LV of Grind Music... Read More

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Maffew Ragazino ft. Jon Connor - 1995 [Stream & Download]

Heads all seem to agree that there was a Golden Age of hip-hop, but everyone has his or her own idea of where precisely that sweet spot lies. On his latest single, Foreign Exchange Student emcee Maffew Ragazino reveals that,... Read More

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DJ Quiz - Jon Connor Interview [Video]

In the latest of his Quiz Knows series, DJBooth favorite DJ Quiz sits down with up-and-comer and American Psycho creator Jon Connor to talk about lyricism, the future of hip-hop and Connor’s upcoming Season 2 project. Read More


Jon Connor - All I Need [Stream & Download]

The 238th entry in and Streetammo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Jon Connor, the Flint, Michigan emcee who earned reader approval for Epic (Remix) and Keep Ya Head. On his brand new,... Read More

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Jon Connor Spits “All I Need” for DJBooth x Streetammo Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Jon Connor, the Flint, Michigan emcee who earned reader approval for "Epic (Remix)" and "Keep Ya Head," has stepped into the Booth with the 238th entry in and Streetammo's Exclusive Freestyle... Read More


Jon Connor is an “Americn Psycho” for DJBoothTV [Video]

Fresh off the release of his DJBooth debut Keep Your Head, Jon Connor delivers his homage to American Psycho, the disturbingly dope movie starring Christian Bale, in the form of a new freestyle by the same name. Keep it... Read More


Jon Connor ft. Styles P & Scram Jones - Epic (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Upcoming Freestyle Series entrant Jon Connor released his Vinnie Chase Season 1 mixtape last fall.  Now, roughly six months later, the Flint, Michigan native has remixed one of the stand out tracks from the street... Read More

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Jon Connor is an “Americn Psycho” for DJBoothTV [Feature ]

Fresh off the release of his DJBooth debut Keep Your Head, Jon Connor delivers his homage to American Psycho, the disturbingly dope movie starring Christian Bale, in the form of a new freestyle by the same name. Keep it... Read More


Jon Connor ft. Elite - Keep Your Head [Stream & Download]

Whether in the streets, the music game or… well, anything, really, the difference between success and self-destruction often comes down to the ability to Keep Your Head when others are losing theirs. Well-prepared for... Read More

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