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Jon Bellion - All Time Low (OxV Remix) [Stream]

Last month, Jon Bellion released All Time Low, a promo single that won over the ears of our readers. Since then the uber-talented artist/songwriter/producer has released additional tunes, but that hasn’t stopped... Read More

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Jon Bellion - Woke The F*ck Up [Stream]

Jon Bellion is gearing up for the kickoff of his The Definition Tour near the end of the month, and in the meantime has been dropping off gems, going two for two with his releases over the past month and a half. The... Read More

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Jon Bellion - All Time Low [Stream]

It would seem that Jon Bellion would be in better spirits after recently announced a 27-city national headlining tour, The Definition Tour, but his latest freshly-minted loosie from the VMG artist finds him at an All Time... Read More

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Jon Bellion - Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction) [Stream]

Just in time for music festival season, Jon Bellion comes through with a smooth, laid-back new loosie that will have you dropping acid “‘cause the time is right” in no time. The appropriately titled... Read More

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Jon Bellion - The Definition [Album]

If you were to look up "overachiever" in the dictionary, you'd see Jon Bellion's picture right next to The Definition. OK, not really, but that should be the case. At only 22 years old, the Big Apple native has already... Read More

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Jon Bellion ft. Audra May - Luxury [Stream]

Though Jon Bellion likes to have his Munny Right—if only to rub the haters’ noses in his financial success—the NYC singer-songwriter, producer and emcee prefers the Simple & Sweet to the flashy and fly. Not... Read More

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Jon Bellion - Simple and Sweet [Stream]

At the bottom of July, we heard Jon Bellion draw inspiration from Yeezy‘s Can’t Tell Me Nothing (as well as channeling a little of his famous ego) on Munny Right, a self-satisfied debut single dedicated to... Read More

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Jon Bellion - Munny Right [Stream]

On Can’t Tell Me Nothing, a 2007 single off his Graduation LP, Kanye West expressed his confidence that the big money headed his way would shut the haters’ mouths for good. It didn’t quite turn out that way... Read More

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Jon Bellion - The Separation [Album]

NYC singer/songwriter and producer Jon Bellion has unleashed his sophomore full-length, The Separation. His first release since February debut set Translations Through Speakers (available for free digital download via... Read More

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Jon Bellion - Jim Morrison [Stream]

As far as I can tell, Jon Bellon‘s eclectic, hip hop-infused style has nothing in common with the loungey psychedelia of The Doors, but watch him as he performs and you can see a hint of Jim Morrison‘s prophetic... Read More

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Jon Bellion - New York Soul [Stream]

Jon Bellion‘s musical career has taken him all over the globe, but his heart remains in the Big Apple. New York Soul, the third single off the singer/songwriter and producer’s forthcoming full-length, is a wistful... Read More

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Jon Bellion - One More Time [Stream]

Last heard waxing philosophical about wealth and celebrity on the Booth-acclaimed Ungrateful Eyes, Jon Bellion returns to wow readers One More Time with the latest single off his forthcoming full-length. On this exhilarating... Read More

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Jon Bellion - Ungrateful Eyes [Stream]

Not glimpsed on our pages since February, when he made his solo Booth debut with reader-approved promo cut The Wonder Years, Jon Bellion finally returns with another set of visuals for our Ungrateful Eyes to devour. Directed... Read More

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Jon Bellion - The Wonder Years [Stream]

Upon seeing the title of Jon Bellion’s new video single, The Wonder Years, I was hoping for an ode to Winnie Cooper, but then I soon realized that the early 90’s TV show went off the air when Bellion was only a one year... Read More

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Ka$ual ft. Jon Bellion - I Don’t Take L’s [Stream]

I know what y’all are thinking: “What could Ka$ual possibly have against Chicago’s rapid transit system?“ Frankly, I’m not sure—I certainly never had any complaints during my visits to the Windy City.... Read More

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