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Joell Ortiz & !llmind - human. [Album]

Slaughterhouse emcee Joell Ortiz and veteran producer !llmind (who has worked with Kanye, Drake and 50 Cent among others) have released their full-length collaborative album, human.. Several months ago, nobody knew a joint LP... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - Hallelujah [Stream & Download]

As Joell Ortiz and !llmind gear up for Friday’s release of their highly anticipated collaboration album, human, the rapper-producer duo joins forces yet again (with HNHH) to release a new heater for your speakers. In... Read More

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Joell Ortiz & !llmind - Lil’ Piggies [Stream]

Slaughterhouse emcee Joell Ortiz and veteran producer !llmind, who are prepping their new album for a July drop, have released the second single off the forthcoming set. Following the previously-featured Latino Pt. 2 is... Read More

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Joell Ortiz & !llmind - Latino Pt. 2 ft. Bodega Bamz, Emilio Rojas & Chris Rivers [Stream]

In 35 days, on July 17, Brooklyn emcee Joell Ortiz and producer !llmind will release their forthcoming collaborative project, entitled Human. For the first release off of the project, Joell rounds up a few fellow Latino... Read More

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TeamBackPack - MULA Cypher ft. Jarren Benton, CyHi The Prynce & Joell Ortiz [Stream & Download]

In case you aren’t already aware, the music movement and online hub TeamBackPack consistently puts out supremely dope cyphers featuring a variety of notable up-and-comers. So dope, in fact, that moving forward... Read More

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Emilio Rojas ft. Joell Ortiz - Nada [Stream & Download]

Update: The A New Vision-directed visuals for Emilio Rojas’ Nada single have been added. Last week, to warm listeners up for the lead single off his next full-length, Emilio Rojas blessed our front page with unreleased... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - PHONE [Stream]

On his last single, Joell Ortiz took us on a tour of his local CRACK SPOT. After that grittiness, fans may be surprised to hear that the follow-up is “a story about love.” Don’t be fooled, though; for those... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - CRACK SPOT [Stream]

As its title suggests, Joell Ortiz‘s latest album, House Slippers, is intended to be an intimate and comfortable listening experience—the next best thing to kicking it with the Slaughterhouse emcee in the comfort of... Read More

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Azad Right ft. Joell Ortiz & SPNCR - Son of Sam (Remix) [Stream]

When it originally dropped in late October, Azad Right‘s Son of Sam didn’t end up on our front page. Not that it wasn’t dope; it just fell through the cracks. In any case, everything turned out for the best,... Read More

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Joell Ortiz Presents: Fade to Famous, The Cypher Pt. 1 [Stream & Download]

The barber shop is the heart of the neighborhood, so when Joell Ortiz wanted to give back to the streets via the pure art of rhyming, it was the natural place to hold the first ever Fade to Famous and DJBooth cypher. We... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - House Slippers [Album]

Wish you could kick it with Joell Ortiz in the comfort of his own home? Well, take off your shoes and slide on a pair of House Slippers, because the Big Apple vet's latest album is the next best thing. On his third solo... Read More

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Talib Kweli ft. Chris Webby & Joell Ortiz - Purest Heart [Stream]

With some ensemble bangers, you can glance over the lineup and immediately see why these particular emcees ended up collaborating. East Coast indie label Bottom Feeder Music‘s debut single and first Booth feature…... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. B.o.B & Mally Stakz - Music Saved My Life [Stream]

If you’re here browsing the Booth, I probably don’t need to tell you that music is some powerful ish. The right combo of melody, harmony, rhythm and lyricism can sustain you when you’re a hair’s... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. Royce Da 59, Joe Budden & Crooked I - Brothers Keeper [Stream]

In Genesis 4.9, Cain, after murdering his brethren Abel, asked the Lord if he was his “Brother’s Keeper”? This isn’t a question you need to ask Joell Ortiz about his brothers in music. Just two short... Read More

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“0 To 100” Freestyles Are Dead…But First Listen to The Five Dopest [Feature ]

Hey aspiring rappers, want to never get featured on DJBooth (or any other self-respecting website or blog for that matter)? Well, there are two sure fire ways to make it happen. First, make sure you do not BCC all the... Read More


CyHi The Prynce ft. Royce Da 5’9” & Joell Ortiz - Huey (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Back in February, CyHi The Prynce earned reader acclaim for Huey, a mixtape single dedicated to the co-founder of the Black Panther Party. Today, the G.O.O.D. Music signee returns to our pages with the official remix. On this... Read More

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D.O. ft. Saukrates & Joell Ortiz - Capture the Moonlight [Stream]

On his latest single, T-Dot emcee D.O. looks to Capture the Moonlight. While this might seem impossible to you and me, the possession of an out of this world single makes what D.O. is trying to attempt fully possible. The... Read More

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AWKWORD ft. Joell Ortiz, Slug (of Atmosphere) & Maya Azucena - Go! [Stream & Download]

No matter the strife and struggle life throws his way (and there’s been quite a bit), AWKWORD never stops moving toward his goals. As the NYC underground mainstay puts it on his latest single, “I keep it on the Go!”... Read More

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2 Pistols ft. French Montana & Joell Ortiz - All I Know [Stream & Download]

As much as I dig All I Know, the latest single from 2 Pistols, I am going to have disagree with him.  On the song’s hook, singer K Major, speaking for 2P and guests Joell Ortiz and French Montana, croons “All... Read More

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Pusha T ft. Raekwon & Joell Ortiz - Tick, Tock [Stream]

A funky, street-ready concoction which found Method Man trading bars with Gary, Indiana gangster Freddie Gibbs, the lead single off the Man With the Iron Fist soundtrack made a big impression when it hit our front page in... Read More

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Slaughterhouse - Truth or Truth [Stream & Download]

Although Hip-Hop supergroup Slaughterhouse are gearing up for the release of their welcome to: OUR HOUSE album, the group has still managed to drop off a new record from their forthcoming On The House mixtape. Titled Truth Or... Read More

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DJ Haze ft. Joell Ortiz, Nipsey Hussle, Cassidy & Dro Pesci - Coast to Coast [Stream & Download]

Previously heard bringing Game together with Young Buck on 2009’s Hate, DJ Haze returns to our pages with another fresh, cross-regional collaboration. Here, the NY resident’s street-ready production sets the stage... Read More

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DMP ft. Joell Ortiz - Pop Sh*t [Stream & Download]

DMP, also known as Durte Muzik Pradukshun, are feeling a little cocky with Slaughterhouse member Joell Ortiz, and what better way to show you’re feeling cocky than to Pop Sh*t.  While these guys seem to have a hard... Read More

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Brainiac Beats ft. Praise & Joell Ortiz - Bring Us Back [Stream & Download]

A Brussels-based DJ/producer with a firm grounding in the old-school, Brainiac Beats teams up with two gifted NYC rhymesayers to Bring Us Back to hip-hop’s early days on his latest single (and first Booth feature).... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - I Tote Guns [Stream]

This Friday DJ Ted Smooth is going to release Retox, a project that mixes classic Dr. Dre beats with new verses from various artists.  On the latest Retox release, Smooth taps Joell Ortiz to rhyme over Dre’s Keep Their... Read More

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Slaughterhouse - The Illest [Stream]

“Ask your friends who’s The Illest” and, if your friends are serious hip-hop heads, you can bet that the flamespitters who make up lyrical supergroup Slaughterhouse will factor in. On this new, unreleased... Read More

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Shalone ft. Joell Ortiz - Where I Belong [Stream & Download]

From his childhood in violence and poverty-ridden Kingston, Jamaica to a bid on Riker’s Island for petty robbery, Shalone has been through much struggle and strife on his journey to figure out “Where I... Read More

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The Fall Guys ft. Joell Ortiz & I-20 - Well Respected [Stream & Download]

The last time I listened to a rap song from a Wisconsinite it was about ten years ago in 2001, when Calvin Bellamay (a.k.a Coo Coo Cal) was telling us about his projects in Milwaukee, WI. Well, just in time for the NFL’s... Read More

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Novel ft. Joell Ortiz - Body Down pt.2 [Stream & Download]

Novel continues his quest for change as he teams up with Joell Ortiz for Body Down pt. 2. The track is a follow-up to Body Down, off of his Grant Me Serenity mixtape, and again uses the Jack Peñate track as a backdrop for... Read More

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Joell Ortiz & Novel ft. Bun B & Tech N9ne - Night Train (Remix) [Stream]

Back in the day—the late 19th Century, that is—grueling hours forced railway engineers, conductors, brakemen and other workers to fight a constant battle against fatigue, with thousands of deaths (and tens of thousands of... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. Masspike Miles - Love Story [Stream]

Rappers record thousands of songs throughout their career, leaving only the very few selected to be mixtape and album material. For whatever reason they don’t make the cut, it’s a shame that true fans sometimes miss out... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. Pharoahe Monch & B.o.B. - Psycho (Freestyle) [Stream]

Featured in the Booth early last month, Tech N9ne‘s Am I Psycho was pretty damn crazy, to say the least. Nonetheless, on new freestyle Psycho (recently released via the artist’s Twitter), Joell Ortiz gives the... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - Marijuana Man [Stream & Download]

Damn—I knew times were tough in the music game, but I hardly thought it’d come to this. Even after achieving heightened success as one-fourth of lyrical supergroup Slaughterhouse, Joell Ortiz is so strapped for cash... Read More

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Omar Linx ft. Royce Da 5’9 & Joell Ortiz - See You In Hell [Stream & Download]

If it’s true that birds of a feather flock together, then you can judge Omar Linx as a dope emcee simply based on the collaborators the T-dot repper’s enlisted for his Booth debut. If you won’t take it on... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - Big Pun’s Back [Video]

Big Pun was and still is a symbol for Puerto Ricans. So it’s no wonder that in new visuals from “Big Pun’s Back”, Joell Ortiz shows off his Puerto Rican pride, his Puerto Rican swag, and of course a... Read More


Termanology ft. Joell Ortiz, Bun B, Saigon & Freeway - Say It (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Can I have a personal moment? Growing up in Boston as a hip-hop head was hard – the city had some dope emcees, but for the most part we never got respect on a national level. Show Off compatriots (pun intended) Statik... Read More

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DJ JS-1 ft. Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz, Freddie Foxxx - Reppin NY [Stream & Download]

This reminds me of when radio usde to be great and DJs broke records live on air. Remember? Probably not. This is that New York City sound. I use to stay up late during my teenage years trying to get Hot 97 way up in... Read More

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Apollo The Great ft. Joell Ortiz - Call it Quits (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Don’t worry, Apollo The Great isn’t retiring from the game before he’s even begun. On the contrary, the Camden-bred up-and-comer’s first feature, a fresh remix off his latest street album, finds the... Read More

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STS ft. Joell Ortiz & Dave Guy - The People (Remix) [Stream & Download]

With a title like Demand More 2, is it any wonder that, a year and change after the release of STS’ Booth-sponsored street album, fans are… well… demanding more? Never one to neglect the needs of The... Read More

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DJ Pain1 ft. Smokes, Joell Ortiz & Rain - Roots [Stream & Download]

While I think we can all agree it’s a good thing that hip hop did take it this far, the downside of the genre’s enduring appeal is that fewer and fewer artists remember where it all started. Good thing we have... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - Free Agent [Album]

I’m an OG in the hip-hop album review game. Believe it or not, my first review for the Booth was a full four years ago, when I called Sean Price’s Jesus Price Supastar the most ignorant album of 2007. In the days since... Read Full Review

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Kyle Rapps ft. Joell Ortiz - Hard Knock Children [Stream & Download]

In the world of hip-hop, nothing’s more important than staying true to your roots and remembering where you came from – and, since just about all of us spent our formative years chilling in an elementary school... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. Slaughterhouse & The Lox - Put Some Money on It (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Yeah, that’s right, Joell Ortiz and Slaughterhouse have been taking over the Booth lately. Any problems with that? We didn’t think so. Just a few days after Joell declared life to be So Hard, and just one day after group... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. Anna Yvette - So Hard [Stream]

The YAOWA army is in full effect, gearing up troops to take over the world. The opponent is disbelievers and the ammo is the constant jams that 5 Star General Joell Ortiz keeps pumping out, and we here at DJBooth are... Read More

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Swizz Beatz ft. Maino, Jim Jones, Jadakiss, & Joell Ortiz - We Keep It Rockin’ [Stream & Download]

I bet when rocker Joe Cocker was creating the piano part to his single Woman to Woman in 1972 he had no idea it would become one of the most widely recognized samples in the history of…wait for it…hip-hop. Almost 40 years... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. Iffy - Ooh [Stream & Download]

Through good times and bad, Joell Ortiz has always come through with the kind of tunes that make listeners go “Ooh” – whether it’s the pleasantly surprised “Ooh!” a junk food fiend makes upon noticing... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. Novel - Night Train [Stream & Download]

Mellow and harmonious singing dance in the background. The band is playing together in a dimly lit hole in the wall while cigar smoke drifts to the ceiling. If I could direct Joell Ortiz’ video for Night Train, that’s... Read More

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Chris Webby ft. Joell Ortiz - Bulletproof [Stream & Download]

Are La Roux on their way to becoming hip-hop’s latest indie obsession? While I hadn’t heard of the English electro-pop duo till their hit single, In for the Kill, was flipped in a joint by The Illz, it’s... Read More

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John Regan ft. Joell Ortiz & Meylin - Yesterday [Stream & Download]

Considering Yesterday has literally been covered more times than any song in history, it isn’t surprising that John Regan, the Baltimore emcee who impressed us with his DJBooth debut Paint the World, has chosen to use The... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - Battle Cry [Stream]

I’ve been called crazy for making this claim before, most recently on Joell Ortiz’ previous feature ‘80s Baby, but for my money, the Brooklyn microphone destroyer is Slaughterhouse’s best emcee. Budden may be deeper,... Read More

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Sheek Louch ft. Joell Ortiz & Termanology - This Is Hip-Hop [Stream & Download]

Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once famously said about pornography that he couldn’t define it, but he knows it when he sees it. Similarly, in today’s wide-ranging rap field it’s nearly impossible to define... Read More

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Peter Jackson ft. Joell Ortiz & ShowTyme - Head Up [Stream & Download]

Peter Jackson is a busy, busy man – though the bearded New Zealander who brought us the Lord of the Rings trilogy is currently hard at work on several forthcoming films, he’s found time to… oh, this isn’t... Read More

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Novel ft. Joell Ortiz & Colin Munroe - Walkin on Air [Stream]

Are you currently with that special girl or guy in your life who makes you feel like you’re walking on air? If you are, be careful, because air doesn’t offer much stability and you may fall to your death if you’re... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - 80’s Baby [Stream]

What are the chances that a day after I launched into a “remember the ‘80s?” riff, thanks to 1982’s new track, Slaughterhouse alum Joell Ortiz would drop a cut called 80s Baby? Apparently the hip-hop gods really... Read More

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DJ Suss.One ft. Uncle Murda, Cassidy, Joell Ortiz, French Montana & Vado - That Work [Stream]

When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Despite scoring a lukewarm 2.5-star average rating for his last feature, Maino-assisted album leak Let ‘Em Lay, DJ Suss.One sounds as determined as ever on new... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. Novel - Call Me (Remix) [Stream]

With an impressive four-star average reader rating, the original version of Free Agent lead single Call Me most definitely falls into the “if it ain’t broke” category, but listeners shouldn’t begrudge three... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - Project Boy [Stream]

Don’t look now, but I’m pretty sure that Joell Ortiz has not so quietly become one of the best underground rappers in the game (see his work with Slaughterhouse, Defying the Predictable, etc., etc.). And by underground I... Read More

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Eternia & MoSS ft. Joell Ortiz - Its Funny [Stream]

Remember how, in his December dual interview with ex-Shady emcee Obie Trice, producer MoSS mentioned that he and fellow North-of-the-border buzzmaker Eternia would be teaming up for a collaborative LP, the first single off... Read More

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Novel & Joell Ortiz - Ghetto (Pt. 1) [Stream]

Like money and orgasms, you can never have too many Joell Ortiz and Novel tracks, so when we got hit up with the dynamic duo’s latest leak Ghetto (Pt. 1) we didn’t hesitate to share it with the nation. While... Read More

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Joell Ortiz & Novel - Like I Know [Stream]

Barack and Michelle, Jordan and Pippen, Snoop Dogg and marijuana, all duos that not only made each other better but changed their respective games. To that list we can now safely add Brooklyn heavyweight Joell Ortiz and the... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. Cory Gunz - Line Em Up [Stream]

If Joell Ortiz keeps up his current frenzied pace we’ll be talking about the Brooklyn heavyweight’s 2010 like we do Lil Wayne’s 2008, when Weezy dropped approximately 7,000 tracks. In addition to his work with... Read More

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Novel & Joell Ortiz ft. Cri$tyle (aka The Ink) - Stressful [Stream]

Believe me, I want the cash, the cars and the clothes, but all the shine in the world don’t mean anything when life’s so Stressful, and I’m not the only who wants more than mere success. The Booth’s favorite... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. Novel - Call Me [Stream]

After Joell Ortiz’s team at Aftermath failed to secure a victory for his very dope debut album The Brick: Bodega Chronicles, the Brooklyn born lyrical bomber decided to strike out on his own and test the free agent waters.... Read More

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Brother Ali ft. Freeway & Joell Ortiz - Best@It [Stream]

On Us lead single Fresh Air, Brother Ali sounded like the happiest man in underground hip-hop – and why shouldn’t he be? He’s got a wonderful family, a devoted fanbase and, as evidenced by album inclusion... Read More

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DJ Yodah & Tommy Lee ft. Lil Wayne, Spark Dawg, Big Sean, Joell Ortiz, Sum 41 & J-Son - Loser [Stream]

Writing about new music on the daily may be, like, the coolest job ever, but I’m not gonna lie: it’s always a relief when I can spend half a paragraph simply listing off all the artists and producers involved in a... Read More

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Joell Ortiz Joins Forces with Green Lantern and OnSmash for “Covers The Classics” Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

Brooklyn, NY -- On his latest mixtape Joell Ortiz puts his own spin on all of hip-hop's most classic cuts, from the Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" onward. Hosted by DJ Green Lantern, Covers the Classics is available... Read More


Joell Ortiz Discusses Forthcoming “Covers The Classics” Mixtape with OnSMASH [Video] [Feature ]

Brooklyn, New York -- In a new video interview with OnSMASH, Joell Ortiz discusses his forthcoming Covers The Classics mixtape, a Green Lantern-hosted project in which the Brooklyn native puts his own spin on some of '90s... Read More


Colin Munroe ft. Joell Ortiz - Piano Lessons [Stream]

Booth readers already know Colin Munroe as an up-and-comer with an unconventional take on pop songwriting, but this latest feature may be his quirkiest—and most intriguing—yet.  Originally featured on his Unsung Hero... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. Novel - Stand Up [Stream]

If you’re still not convinced that Novel is a bona fide jack of all musical trades and styles, take a listen to this new cut off Joell Ortiz’ forthcoming LP, Free Agent.  Stand Up was personally delivered to... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - Too Soon (Biggie Tribute) [Stream]

Just about everyone in the hip-hop community will agree that the March 9, 1997 shooting death of Biggie Smalls cut short what promised to be a long and illustrious musical career—in other words, his passing came Too... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - Bout My Money [Stream]

Ever since his release from Aftermath/Interscope, Joell Ortiz has worn his “Free Agent” status proudly, both as a sign of self-sufficiency and a call for labels better able to handle him.  For now, the... Read More

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Joell Ortiz ft. Joe Budden, Royce Da 5?9? & Crooked I - Move On (Slaughterhouse Mix) [Stream]

When a well-known recording artist chooses to leave his or her major-label home, it’s a sure thing that that the subject will arise in every interview for months afterward.  Such was has been the case for Joell... Read More

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Solitair ft. JD Era & Joell Ortiz - Can’t Front [Stream]

Solitair‘s stage name may suggest that his policy is to fly solo, but this isn’t always the case; on a new street single off his forthcoming LP, The Departure (set to drop in ‘09), the Ontario emcee/producer... Read More

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Joell Ortiz - Air Y’all [Stream]

Nice guys have never gotten far in the rap business.  For a New York collective known as the Diggin’ In The Crates crew, however, niceness plus hard work has paid off, earning the bunch some well-deserved... Read More

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Novel ft. Joell Ortiz - I Can Be President [Stream]

Following last Tuesday’s Presidential Election, the Booth has been bombarded with celebratory music from many of today’s most popular artists.  One of the best submissions from this crop comes courtesy of Atlanta... Read More

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