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Jelani - Growing Pains [Stream & Download]

As Frederick Douglass once said, “Without struggle, there is no progress.” On his latest effort, a previously-unreleased jam recorded back in December of 2010, Big Apple buzzmaker Jelani fills us in on a few of... Read More

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Jelani - The Extravaganza [Stream & Download]

It’s not uncommon for a rapper to want to flex their lyrical muscles from time to time. Emcees have long set out challenge for themselves when it comes to rhyme scheme or topic, and those who succeed push the envelope of... Read More

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Jelani - Say What?!!?! [Stream & Download]

Having tackled the heavy topic of race relations on his last feature, Jelani takes the opportunity to kick back and let his mind wander on freshly-minted promo single Say What?!!?!. The joint’s lack of lyrical focus, of... Read More

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Jelani - Race Matters [Stream & Download]

In a classic text published in 1994, Dr. Cornel West informed readers that, regardless of how fervently some might wish otherwise, Race Matters. Of course, now that Barack Obama’s in the White House, that’s all... Read More

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Jelani - Away We Go [Stream & Download]

We all have our social pet peeves; on his latest promo single, Away We Go, NYC buzzmaker Jelani shares a few of his. Over producer Durkin‘s soulful, sampled boardwork, the artists vents about his irritation with clubs... Read More

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Jelani - Japanese Architecture [Stream & Download]

As those who tuned in for the NYC hopeful’s previous features are well aware, Jelani‘s rhyme style is much more than skin deep. On his latest effort, a new promo single not attached to any forthcoming album, the... Read More

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Jelani - Clarity [Stream & Download]

Artists find inspiration in all sorts of places. Wiz Khalifa finds it in the burning joint in his fingers, Rick Ross finds it in the shaking booties of Magic City strippers and Eminem finds it, well, who knows how that... Read More

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Jelani - Ok, You’re Up [Stream & Download]

Known in the Booth for lyrically-reflective cuts Paradise and De La Vega, Harlem up-and-comer Jelani switches the script on his latest promo single. Designed to wow crowds when the artist rocks the stage live, Ok You’re... Read More

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Jelani - Paradise [Stream & Download]

On Booth debut De La Vega, Jelani gave us a glimpse into his daily life, explaining that, though his pockets could stand to be a little more flush, his musical ambition and the urban landscape around him provide everything he... Read More

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Jelani - De La Vega [Stream & Download]

If you’ve strolled the sidewalks of Manhattan lately, you may already have encountered the work of De La Vega: simple, seemingly childish, but always iconic chalk drawings with captions that range from the profound... Read More

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