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Guilty Simpson - Vanguard Organization [Stream]

Guilty Simpson has bars for days. Today, however, he only has bars for two minutes and three seconds. That said, it’s quality over quantity all day around these parts. Created during recording sessions with producer... Read More

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Don Miguel - Merciless Manuscript ft. Guilty Simpson & Percee P [Stream & Download]

A couple weeks after he gave us Forever (However), Don Miguel is back with Merciless Manuscript, the latest leak off of his forthcoming debut LP. This time, the New York beatmaker enlists the services of veteran Stones Throw... Read More

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Trick Trick ft. Various Artists - Detroit Vs. Everybody (Remix) [Stream]

Detroit vs. Everybody isn’t an all-time great posse record, but as far as major mainstream collaborations go it’s arguably one of the best and brightest of the calender year. The original version of the record... Read More

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Black Milk ft. Sean Price & Guilty Simpson - Scum [Stream]

It’s very easy to greet every new Black Milk release with excitement, he has consistently suppressed our every expectation by being one of the most compelling creators despite criminal under-appreciation. It’s... Read More

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Guilty Simpson - Rap Stampede [Stream]

Guilty Simpson is only one man but, when he’s rocking the mic, it feels like a Rap Stampede. Don’t believe me? Just hit play on the Motown mainstay’s latest feature, and feel your eardrums being pummeled... Read More

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The Audible Doctor ft. Guilty Simpson - Leave Me Alone [Stream]

Some musicians love to shoot the breeze with their fans. The Audible Doctor apparently ain’t one of ‘em. On a new single off his next EP, the Wisconsin-born beatsmith and emcee urges listeners to keep a healthy... Read More

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Skyzoo x Torae ft. Sean Price & Guilty Simpson - All In Together [Stream]

Beef is entertaining, to be sure, but there are few things more beautiful than seeing two or more talented emcees check their egos long enough to go All In Together on a joint project. Skyzoo and Torae‘s forthcoming set... Read More

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Action Figures ft. Guilty Simpson - Hey MuthaF*Cka [Stream]

Only in rap can you greet someone with an upraised middle finger and a “Hey MotherF*CKa!” and be welcomed with open arms. At least, that’s the attitude the Action Figures cop on their latest feature, and I have a... Read More

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Kuniva (of D12) ft. Jon Connor, Boldy James & Guilty Simpson - Michiganish [Stream & Download]

Previously featured as part of veteran crew D12, Motown rhymesayer Kuniva makes his first foray into the solo Booth spotlight with a new promo single that I can only describe as… Michiganish. In addition to the... Read More

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Alterbeats ft. Guilty Simpson & The Rockness Monstah - Fruit Punch [Stream]

Some rap is about diamonds, girls, and chains, which is cool, but sometimes you want to feel like you’ve learned something. For some grown-man, elevated hip-hop, I will definitely be checking out Alterbeats’s... Read More

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Guilty Simpson & Small Professor - Highway Robbery [Album]

Highway Robbery is a collaborative concept album from Detroit heavyweight emcee Guilty Simpson and Philly burgeoning beatsmith Small Professor. Weighing in at ten tracks, the project takes place in a seemingly post... Read More

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Guilty Simpson & Small Professor ft. Boldy James & Statik Selektah - I’m The City [Stream]

Fresh off scoring stellar reader reviews for the AG-assisted It’s Nuthin, Guilty Simpson and Small Professor return to our pages with another brand new single off their debut collaborative set. On I’m the City,... Read More

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Guilty Simpson & Small Professor ft. AG - It’s Nuthin [Stream]

Dodging bullets, chasing paper, swilling whiskey with gangsters—Guilty Simpson‘s daily agenda might seem harrowing to your average Joe, but It’s Nuthin to the Motown street vet. The latest single off the... Read More

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Guilty Simpson & Small Professor ft. DJ Revolution - On the Run [Stream]

Based on the promotional pic accompanying the record, you might assume that Guilty Simpson and Small Professor‘s latest collaborative single found them skipping town with the law on their tail—possibly following the... Read More

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Slum Village ft. T3, YOUNG RJ & Guilty Simpson - Decadence [Stream & Download]

The expression “the more the merrier” is often overused and is occasionally incorrect. For example, in the case of elevators or amusement park lines, the more is definitely not the merrier. However, as it pertains to Slum... Read More

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Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Parkour [Stream & Download]

In the past few weeks, Apollo Brown has been touring Australia and New Zealand, while Guilty Simpson is fresh off a run all the way from Los Angeles to Seattle. Now that they have a little downtime, the Motown-repping... Read More

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Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson ft. Planet Asia - Nasty [Stream & Download]

If I were to say that I find black licorice to be Nasty—and I do—there’s bound to be at least one person who challenges my opinion in the comment section below. When it comes to Apollo Brown and Guilty... Read More

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Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Reputation [Stream & Download]

When it comes to hard-hitting underground hip-hop, Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson‘s respective Reputations precede them—and a merger of two such established brands is practically guaranteed to produce dope results.... Read More

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Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Truth Be Told [Stream & Download]

Scared to face the truth? Then you’ll want to steer well clear of Guilty Simpson and Apollo Brown‘s forthcoming collaborative set. If you prefer the Truth Be Told, no matter how painful it may be, the lead single... Read More

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Oh No & Chris Keys ft. Guilty Simpson & Montage One - Devastation [Stream & Download]

Listeners beware: the sounds you’re about to hear may be devastating to your ears. Those who don’t mind a ruptured cochlea or two, however, are sure to enjoy what rapper/beatsmith Oh No and upstart producer Chris... Read More

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Ruste Juxx x The Arcitype ft. Ill Bill, Guilty Simpson & Shabaam Sahdeeq - The Walking Dead [Stream]

You’d think that a creature as slow-moving, mindless, inarticulate and unfashionable as the zombie would be an unlikely role model for a rapper. On the other hand, you can’t expect to leave such a tempting... Read More

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Montage One ft. Ras Kass & Guilty Simpson - Beat2Def [Stream & Download]

Last featured at DJBooth back in February, thanks to the release of Nomah’s Heat Seekers, Montage One makes a hearty return to our pages with the premiere of his brand new single Beat2Def. The emcee swiftly kicks off... Read More

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Mike Beatz & Adonis ft. Guilty Simpson, Sean Price & Killah Trakz - I Love You [Stream]

Normally when a group of slightly intimidating rappers release a song titled I Love You I tend to get a little nervous. But despite it’s title something tells me that we’re in good hands with Mike Beatz and... Read More

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The Accomplices ft. Guilty Simpson, Damien Randle, D. Rose, TWICE & MaG - The Burner [Stream]

Click… click… bang! That’s the sound of The Accomplices cocking back the hammer and firing a bullet made of pure hip-hop directly into… well, whichever part of your brain processes dope beats and... Read More

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Small Professor ft. Guilty Simpson & Reef The Lost Cauze - Spare Razor [Stream]

When putting together a gully street record, grabbing an emcee from Detroit and another from Philadelphia to flow over a simple yet effective gutter trodden beat is an unbeatable combo. Beatsmith Small Professor accomplishes... Read More

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hasHBrown ft. Guilty Simpson - Break the Chain [Stream & Download]

In a rap game that sometimes seems obsessed with sex, money and luxury goods, hasHBrown is determined to spread a very different message through his music. On the second single off his forthcoming full-length, the Houston... Read More

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Oh No ft. Guilty Simpson, MED & Pok Dog - The Guns [Stream & Download]

What would rap be without The Guns? Though many would rather firearms didn’t loom so large in hip-hop’s visual and aesthetic lexicon, the bloody consequences of their prevalence in the inner-city streets makes... Read More

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ShimEBango ft. Guilty Simpson - Al Bundy [Stream & Download]

It’s always amazing to hear the references artists make when throwing down on a track. From Wayne’s ridiculous pop culture references to Asher Roth’s 90’s nostalgia, I thought that I’d heard just about all of it. I... Read More

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Mike Beatz ft. Guilty Simpson & Reks - You Know [Stream & Download]

Last week, Mike Beatz made his triumphant return to our site with My World.  Less than seven days later, the South Florida native and his production partner Adonis return with You Know.  For guest accompaniment the... Read More

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Trick Trick ft. Guilty Simpson & Marvwon - Can’t F*ck With My City [Stream]

Detroit may still be recovering from the effects of our ongoing economic crisis but, as far as Trick Trick is concerned, his hometown’s still numero uno. On the latest single off his forthcoming third album, the street... Read More

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JR&PH7 ft. Guilty Simpson & Black Milk - Top Rank [Stream]

Here’s a head-scratcher for you: what do the cities of Detroit, Michigan and Cologne, Germany have in common?  As far as I know, the answer was “very little” until this song came along.  In the latest... Read More

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