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Rome Cee x Greenspan ft. Al Great - Journey to the Stars [Stream & Download]

Buckle up, Booth readers; Rome Cee and Greenspan are back, and they’re fixing to take you on a musical Journey to the Stars. The second featured single off the Baltimore mic-murderers’ forthcoming collaborative... Read More

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Rome Cee x Greenspan - The Harvest [Stream & Download]

While many American crops won’t be fully-grown until late summer or even autumn, dope music can mature much more quickly under the right conditions. For example, Rome Cee and Greenspan‘s hometown of Baltimore has... Read More

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Greenspan ft. Kane Mayfield, Balance & Karron Johnson - Day at a Time [Stream & Download]

In a “what have you done for my lately” industry, emcees often rush projects in order to stay relevant, when the secret is really quality instead quantity. Greenspan knows the tortoise beats the hare ten times out of ten,... Read More

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Greenspan - DFTC [Stream & Download]

Dope music always makes for an enjoyable evening, but if you want to have a great night you’ve got to have some DFTC (Drugs for the Concert). On Greenspan‘s latest unreleased joint, One Man Band Prod.‘s... Read More

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ELLIS ft. Greenspan & AL Great - Warriors [Stream & Download]

ELLIS and his homies don’t see themselves simply as rappers; they’re Warriors, tirelessly fighting for the betterment of hip-hop and battling rivals for their rightful place in the game. Single number two off the... Read More

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Greenspan ft. Kyle Henley - Gourmet [Stream & Download]

If you had asked me a few weeks ago, “Who are the best Baltimore hitmakers?,” I would have probably responded with Adam Jones and Chris Davis—two young guns on the Orioles baseball team. I would now like to... Read More

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Greenspan x Feevaleo - System [Stream & Download]

The competition had better watch out: DMV rhymesayer Greenspan and “Bronxtimoreidelphia” representer Feevaleo have hit upon a surefire System for crafting dope music and multiplying their paper in the process. On... Read More

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Greenspan - Ride [Stream & Download]

No, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve has not forgone his retirement to start a rap career. As much as it would amuse me to hear him try to spit 16 over that Jay-Z & Kanye Otis instrumental, the Greenspan... Read More

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Greenspan - Got Green 2 [Album]

DMV buzzmaker Greenspan has hooked up with, Federal Reserve Music,, Water N Oxygen and Herkules World Promotions to bring fans his third street album, Got Green 2. Mixed by DJ Soundwave, the... Read More

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Greenspan ft. Phil Adé - Keep Up [Stream]

Greenspan‘s race to the top of the hip-hop game may only be in its beginning stages but, now that the DMV up-and-comer’s gotten moving, there are precious few who can Keep Up. On leak number two off his... Read More

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Balance ft. Greenspan, Rain & Manny - I’m Here Now [Stream]

When every new artist makes their mark on the hip-hop game, there is usually an intro song that truly lets the people know that they’ve arrived and are ready to rip. For the Oakland emcee known as Balance, his new song... Read More

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Greenspan - Calling Me [Premiere] [Stream]

Since ending his stint as Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan’s been a busy, busy man – not only has he been working as a consultant and private advisor, but he’s grown several decades younger,... Read More

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“When The Sky Turns Green” Greenspan Delivers New Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

Washington, D.C. -- Greenspan, the DMV up-and-comer who recently introduced himself to the Booth with "Headbop," (ft. Feevaleo & RAtheMC) has teamed up with Judah and DJ Benzi to bring fans his latest street album. The... Read More


Greenspan ft. Feevaleo & RAtheMC - Headbop [Stream]

Just as former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan helped the country recover from the ‘87 stock market crash and the dot-com bust, Baltimore rapper Greenspan is hoping to rectify our current deficit of good hip-hop... Read More

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