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Eligh - That’s My Seat ft. Locksmith [Stream & Download]

Last week, we got a first look at Eligh‘s upcoming 80 HRTZ album with On My Lap, and today the veteran emcee/producer keeps it moving with a world premiere release of his latest effort, That’s My Seat featuring... Read More

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Eligh - On My Lap ft. Andre Nickatina [Stream]

Earlier today, veteran emcee and producer Eligh announced that he will releasing a new album next month. To punctuate the announcement and prepare fans for what he has in store on the 18th solo project release of his esteemed... Read More

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Eligh - Victim [Stream]

Recently, while on tour, West Coast underground phenom Eligh fell in love with the boardwork of BKSmith, a Bay Area producer who makes up one-third of beat collective AngorRepublic. Luckily for listeners, they wasted no time... Read More

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CunninLynguists, The Grouch & Eligh - The WinterFire EP [Album]

Need a little something to keep you warm as the mercury continues to drop? Look no further than The WinterFire EP, the new joint digital release from West Coast mainstays The Grouch and Eligh and acclaimed Southern crew... Read More

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Scarub ft. Eligh, Voice Watson, 9 Theory & Emily Afton - Rising Up [Stream]

With the release of his next full-length less than a week away, Living Legends member Scarub has liberated another fresh single off the project. Follow-up to Get Out!, which won rave reviews when it premiered on our front... Read More

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Eligh - Pac-Man [Stream & Download]

Eligh‘s latest single may share its title with an ‘80s arcade classic, but don’t get it twisted; the Cali rhymesayer isn’t playing any games on Pac-Man. On the contrary, the issues he tackles on this... Read More

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The Grouch & Eligh ft. Steve Knight - Fireflies [Stream]

Milk and cookies, peanut butter and jelly, The Grouch & Eligh; sometimes the best things come in pairs. Though they don’t always work together, Grouch and Eligh have been longtime collaborators and have released... Read More

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The Grouch & Eligh ft. Pigeon John - Run [Stream]

In search of a fresh record to round out your jogging playlist? The Grouch and Eligh have you covered. Though new promo single Run is technically about forward momentum in the figurative sense, the title can just as well be... Read More

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The Grouch & Eligh - All These Lights [Stream]

Last seen offering lyrical support to Zion I on September 2012 single We Don’t, Eligh & The Grouch return to the Booth with All These Lights, a new promo single and their first co-headlining feature on our pages. A... Read More

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Zion I ft. The Grouch & Eligh - We Don’t [Stream & Download]

Thought Zion I were gonna hang it up anytime soon? I have no idea where you got that crazy idea but, in any case, you are as wrong as wrong can be—on their latest single (coming on the heels of lead effort Float), the Cali... Read More

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Eligh & Amp Live - What’s in a Name (N-Jin Remix) [Stream & Download]

Earlier this year, Cali underground spitter Eligh and beatsmith Amp Live (of Zion I fame) invited producers worldwide to submit their remixes of What’s in a Name, a single off the emcee-producer duo’s... Read More

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Z&G&E (Zion I, The Grouch and Eligh) ft. Evidence - Amp Live for President [Stream & Download]

While out on last month’s How the Grouch Stole Christmas Tour, Zumbi and Amp Live of Zion I, The Grouch and Eligh found time to come together and record new promo single Amp Live for President.  Over the titular... Read More

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Eligh & Amp Live ft. The Grouch & Zumbi - Destination Unknown [Stream & Download]

Fresh off earning stellar Booth reviews for single Tattoo Song, rapper Eligh and producer Amp Live return to give us a sneak peek at what the latter calls “one of the ‘hardest’ songs on the entire... Read More

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Eligh & AmpLive - Tattoo Song [Video]

While ink has become trendy, for some tattoos are deep expressions of self. In the new video for their aptly-titled Tattoo Song, Eligh and AmpLive delve into their fascination with tattoos and their various meanings and the... Read More


Eligh x Amp Live - Tattoo Song [Stream & Download]

For some people, body art is simply decoration—for Eligh and Amplive, it’s a means of self-expression, as well as a profound experience of transcendence through pain. On new single Tattoo Song, the Zion I... Read More

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Eligh ft. Brother Ali & Lisa Ahlstrom - Wake Up [Stream]

A member of Cali’s famed Living Legends crew (which also includes MURS and The Grouch) and a prolific solo artist in his own right, Eligh should, by all rights, already be on your radar. Ever the considerate artist,... Read More

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