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The Game - 100 ft. Drake [Stream]

The Documentary 2 is coming. While we wait for the release of The Game‘s latest full-length, the Compton native has released a new single. A follow-up to the DeJ Loaf-assisted Ryda, the Cardo and Johnny Juliano-produced... Read More

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Drake Originally Thought Singing & Rapping Was the “Worst Idea” [Feature ]

The Drake we all know, the one at the very top of the hip-hop mountain, the one who can sells hundreds of thousands of copies of a mixtape, almost wasn't the Drake we all know. In the first episode of Obey Your Thirst, a... Read More


Take 2 Album Review: Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” [Feature ]

Two years ago, when Nothing Was the Same dropped, I called Drake a cheeseburger, and since then I've only grown more convinced of his cheeseburgery essence. While I'm fully aware that comparing Drake to a piece... Read More


Drake, The Co-Sign God, Plots His Next Blessing [Feature ]

In the days before DJBooth I wrote for a smaller, now dead blog, less editorials and more music posts, a digital life spent promoting the unknown that deserved to be heard. I would swim through an ocean of... Read More


Juicy J - Tryna F*ck ft. Drake & Ty Dolla $ign [Stream]

Albums and songs may leak, but Juicy J pays that no mind as he’s really just Tryna F*ck. To help hammer the point home, he’s called upon Drake and Ty Dolla $ign for assistance on his latest effort, a radio-ready,... Read More

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Fetty Wap - My Way (Remix) ft. Drake [Stream]

With a certified hit in his back pocket, Fetty Wap is capitalizing on the success of his Trap Queen by releasing a remix for his latest single. My Way, a street banger produced by NickEbeats, now features a guest verse from... Read More

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Drake - My Side [Stream]

Drake‘s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late caused quite the stir when it dropped out of the blue in February, and now the project is headed for a proper physical release on April 21. In addition to the... Read More

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Drake & Future Embarking on Jungle Tour This Spring [Feature ]

Drake will be hitting the road in May for the Jungle Tour  along with Future in support of his new album/mixtape/mixalbum, If You're Reading This It's Too Late.  If you happen to live in one of the six... Read More


Nicki Minaj - Truffle Butter ft. Drake & Lil Wayne [Stream]

Unless you haven’t turned on a radio or left your house in the last couple months, you should be pretty familiar with the taste of Nicki‘s Truffle Butter. In response to it’s wild success, the Drake and Lil... Read More

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Big Sean ft. Drake & Kanye West - Blessings (Extended Version) [Stream]

Update: The Darren Craig-directed visuals for Big Sean’s Blessings single have been added. AND THE BLESSINGS JUST KEEP COMING!!! Just thirty minutes after Big Sean and Drake‘s banger of a collaboration hit the... Read More

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Every Girl Drake’s Ever Mentioned in a Song Ever [Feature ]

(Art by WHIP, who's awesome and you should check out.) In hip-hop we hold certain truths to be self-evident: Illmatic is a classic, JAY Z is past his prime and Drake raps about women, a lot. I mean alot-alot.... Read More


Oh My God, If Drake Dies Is He A Legend? [Feature ]

Rappers are no strangers to hyperbole. I sincerely doubt Kendrick wishes his dick was as big as a national monument and we all know Makonnen is more likely to spend Tuesday watching How I Me Your Mother reruns.... Read More


Did Drake Mastermind His Escape From Cash Money With “If You’re Reading This”? [Feature ]

We knew it was coming. Countless nights were spent speculating, early birds became night owls, all waiting, hoping, that Drake would finally drop his mysterious mixtape. The internet loves to troll, fake covers floated across... Read More


Drake - 6PM in New York [Stream]

Just in case you happen to live under a rock, yesterday evening Drizzy Drake made the Internet explode by unleashing a brand new mix-album. One of 17 new records on the set, 6PM in New York seems to be a spiritual successor... Read More

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1 Listen Album Review: Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” [Feature ]

A new Drake album is more than an album, it's an arrow pointing towards hip-hop's future. Whatever other titles we may or may not bestow on Aubrey Graham, he's indisputably hip-hop's most influential emcee.... Read More


Drake - If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late [Album]

A new Drake album mixtape is more than a album mixtape, it's an arrow pointing towards hip-hop's future. Whatever other titles we may or may not bestow on Aubrey Graham, he's indisputably hip-hop's most influential emcee.... Read Full Review

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Drake - Jungle [Stream]

How many artists could drop a music video featuring almost no non-ambient music, and still score a feature on our front page? To answer my own rhetorical question, only one name comes to mind: Aubrey Graham. Drakes’s latest... Read More

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Big Sean ft. Drake - Blessings [Stream]

Sean Don season is official in motion! After delivering a solid performance on Meek’s B-Boy, Big Sean returns with Drake to give the first taste of his forthcoming third studio album, Dark Sky Paradise. These two have a... Read More

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What If Drake Didn’t Sign To Young Money? [Feature ]

Behind every great rapper, there’s a great co-sign. Sharing the wealth leads to a chain reaction of new faces; stamps of approval can generate a small internet buzz or overnight prominence. A co-sign can also extend... Read More


Lil Wayne ft. Drake - Used To [Stream]

Tonight Lil Wayne dropped an “sorry my album’s not out” apology note in the form of a new mixtape, and as is so often the case with Weezy these days, the project’s highlight features Drake. Used To is... Read More

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OB OBrien ft. Drake & P. Reign - Schemin’ Up [Stream]

OB OBrien hasn’t made an appearance on our front page for more than half a year, but by no means has he been idle. The OVO signee’s been spending his time plotting to conquer the rap game and get his paper up in... Read More

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Rich Homie Quan ft. Drake - Tell Me Why [Stream]

The star-studded official remix of Blah Blah Blah wasn’t the only noteworthy collaboration Rich Homie Quan unleashed upon the ‘net yesterday. Also included among Thursday’s unexpectedly released 11-track... Read More

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Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown - Only [Stream]

UPDATE: We’ve added the new, official video to Only. I’ve got good news and bad news, Nicki Minaj fans. Bad news first: formerly scheduled for November 24, the YMCMB megastar’s junior set, The Pink Print,... Read More

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Birdman Presents Rich Gang x Juvenile ft. Drake - Sho Me Love [Stream]

Hallelujah, praise the Lord; the prodigal son has returned! For those who haven’t been paying attention to the business side of Southern hip-hop, I’m referring to New Orleans mainstay Juvenile, who recently... Read More

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Future ft. Drake - Never Satisfied [Stream]

For reasons known only to Future and Sweet Baby Jesus, when his Honest album dropped what could have been the project’s stand out selection, Never Satisfied featuring Drake, was only a snippet. Well, tonight producer... Read More

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P. Reign ft. Drake & Future - DnF [Stream]

UPDATE: The new Davin Black-directed video for P. Reign’s DnF single has been added. Is it Drake‘s life mission to help the homeless turn average, marginally-talents artists into overnight stars? Last week, the... Read More

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One Song to Prove Drake is a Dope Rapper [Feature ]

Drake is so soft. How soft is he? Drake is so soft, cats watch videos of him on the internet for lolz.  Drake is so soft, he pours breast milk in his cereal.  Drake is so soft, Charmin uses him to wipe its... Read More


Grading Each Song From Drake’s “6 God” EP [Feature ]

You know the drill by now, whenever a big record drops, we do a Heat Check to get the pulse of the (online) hip-hop community and see how we everyone is feeling about said release. Of course Drake being Drake,... Read More


Drake - 6 God EP [Album]

On Friday, October 24, Drake turned 28. In celebration of his 28 years on Earth, the OVO boss has released three brand new records... for free. (We'd call this an EP, but Drake insists they're just a couple of records he knew... Read More

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Drake - 6 God [Stream & Download]

Today, seemingly at random (although his 28th birthday was Friday), Drake freely released three brand new records. Because, why not? “he knew some hackers had” [them].” While How Bout Now and Heat of The... Read More

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Drake - How Bout Now [Stream & Download]

Last Sunday evening, a new Drake record by the name of How About Now leaked. Though the release was unofficial, it didn’t stop us from talking about it. Now, nearly a week later, Drake has officially released How Bout... Read More

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Drake - Heat Of The Moment [Stream & Download]

First Run The Jewels’ RTJ2 unexpectedly drops several days early, and now, on a late Saturday afternoon, when no new music ever is released to the net, Drake has unleashed not one, not two, but three brand new songs;... Read More

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Drake x ILOVEMAKONNEN - Tuesday (Remix) [Stream]

UPDATE: The Goodwin-directed visuals for ILOVEMAKONNEN’s Tuesday (Remix) with Drake have been added. Tuesday has never been the most appreciated of days. It’s not Monday, but it’s not close enough to the... Read More

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Heat Check: How Do You Feel About Drake’s “How About Now” [Feature ]

Drake hates bloggers. Shades of DnF, a new Drake record dropped/leaked on a Sunday evening. I was literally in bed--just having finished my Walking Dead bedtime story--and about to go to sleep, when I decided to do... Read More


We Listed All 72 of Drake’s Top 100 Billboard Songs, Here’s How [Feature ]

Yesterday, Billboard broke the news that Drake had just gotten his 72nd Top 100 hit with "Tuesday (Remix)," a sales feat that places him just ahead of The Beatles for the most Top 100 appearances of all-time. Not too... Read More


Lil Wayne ft. Drake - Grindin [Stream]

We still don’t have a concrete release date for Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter V album, but we have been hand-delivered the second single off the project. Grindin, like it’s successful predecessor Believe Me,... Read More

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Drake vs. Lil Wayne, an Absurdly Detailed Investigation [Feature ]

Drake and Lil Wayne are currently on their aptly-named Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour, and while the general hip-hop populace might not view the tour as a historical moment (because, you know, this and this and this and... Read More


Kanye Thinks Drake is #1 Right Now - Is He Right? (Rap Power Rankings) [Feature ]

Remember when Kanye was dropping new interviews the way Lil Wayne was dropping guest verses in '08? It was kind of a whole thing. But while Yeezy's been relatively quiet lately following his nuptials, Interview Kanye... Read More


Drake’s New Album is Titled “Views From the 6”: Dope, Wack or Eh? [Feature ]

Why does anyone care about album titles? Doesn't the album sound the exact same, no matter what the title is? Trick question, of course it fucking matters. Whether it's a movie, book, song or album, artists... Read More


PARTYNEXTDOOR ft. Drake - Recognize [Stream]

UPDATE: We’ve added the Liam MacRae-directed visuals for PND’s Recognize single. One year and two weeks ago, PARTYNEXTDOOR released his self-titled independent debut. Today, we have received word that the OVO... Read More

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Heat Check: How Do You Feel About Drake’s “0 to 100/The Catch Up”? [Feature ]

For those who are new to the merger, here's the deal. When a new song comes out from the Drake's, Kanye's, and Jay Zs of the game, it seems like everybody in the world talks about. However between the memes, the haters, and... Read More


Drake - 0 to 100 / The Catch Up [Stream]

Drake‘s got a well-earned reputation for being emotional, and sure, Days in the East happened, but lately it feels the man’s mostly been on his worst behavior. Enter new quasi-banger 0 to 100, which finds Drizzy... Read More

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OB OBrien x Drake - 2 On/Thotful [Stream & Download]

Back in January, OVO signee OB OBrien introduced himself with Steve Nash, a boastful joint inspired by the titular Lakers point guard. The response on our pages was positive, but a bit muted. His second feature, however, is... Read More

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Lil Wayne ft. Drake - Believe Me [Stream]

A few days ago we got the “leaked’ art work for Lil Wayne‘s upcoming album, Tha Carter V, and now we get our first taste of the only thing that really matters, the music. Complete with a guest verse from... Read More

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Drake’s Hardest Verses, Ranked (An Absurdly Detailed Investigation) [Feature ]

In hip-hop, certain storylines get established, and once they're cemented in the public's consciousness, they're almost impossible to get out. Macklemore is a sell out, J. Cole is boring, and Drake is soft; those... Read More


Drake’s Nympho Sports Allegiances: An Absurdly Detailed Investigation [Feature ]

In hip-hop you can like as many artists as you want because they aren't competing. I'll never understand why B.I.G fans hate on Pac (and vice versa), or why you always have to support artists from your area; dope... Read More


Drake - Days in the East [Stream & Download]

Earlier this week, a certain heavyweight rapper by the name of Aubrey Graham dropped by our pages with Draft Day, a promotional loosie sampled from Lauryn Hill‘s classic hit single, Doo-Wop (That Thing). Needless to... Read More

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Heat Check: What Do We Think About Drake’s “Draft Day”? [Feature ]

If there is one thing we love as much as rap, it's sports. Okay, so it's probably boobs, but sports is up there too. When the two come together (either boobs and hip-hop or sports and hip-hop) we are going to talk... Read More


Drake - Draft Day [Stream & Download]

On April 11, the major motion picture Draft Day will be released to theaters. The film’s plot follows Sonny Weaver, played by Kevin Costner, a GM for the Browns who has the opportunity to save football in Cleveland.... Read More

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After Jay Z vs. Drake, the De-Evolution of the Rap Diss [Feature ]

Growing up on classic hip-hop, when I hear the word “diss”, naturally the first thing that comes to mind is either "Ether" by Nas, "2nd Round K.O." by Canibus, or the scene in "8 Mile" where Eminem slaughters... Read More


YG ft. Drake - Who Do You Love? [Stream]

Fresh off earning positive reader reviews for strip club anthem Left, Right, YG returns to kick off the New Year with another freshly-minted single off his forthcoming debut set. On this street-ready jam (the finished version... Read More

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Drake - Trophies [Stream]

Earlier this morning, we brought y’all We Made It [Freestyle], the first of “four or five” tracks Drake plans to liberate in celebration of the New Year. Numero dos, the just-released Trophies, follows closely in... Read More

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Drake ft. Soulja Boy - We Made It [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

If you would, Booth readers, bow your heads for a brief moment of silence… OK, we’re good. What were we solemnly commemorating just now? Drake‘s domination of the hip-hop game, of course. On a loosie... Read More

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Future ft. Drake & Juicy J - Sh*t (Remix) [Stream]

Shots fired! (Well, maybe.) Shots fired! (Maybe.) While there’s a lot to talk about on the official remix to Future‘s explicitly-titled Sh*t, most prominently including yet another absolutely crushing beat from... Read More

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Timbaland ft. Drake, Jay Z & James Fauntleroy - Know Bout Me [Stream]

Believe it or not, but its been four years since Timbaland released Shock Value II, his last full-length album.  When he isn’t in the studio creating hits for Jay Z, Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke, however, he... Read More

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Drake - Worst Behavior [Stream]

Drake may be on his Worst Behavior, but he’s certainly putting his best foot forward on the visual tip. Though previous singles Started From the Bottom and Hold On, We’re Going Home spawned some epic, out-the-box... Read More

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Drake - Hold On, Were Goin Home (Kastle Remix) [Stream]

For the past couple weeks, Drake‘s Hold On, Were Goin Home has been running through my head on more or less constant repeat. And I don’t even mind—the song is that f**king addictive, thanks in large part to... Read More

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Find Her: Who’s the Girl In Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” Video? [Feature ]

  Sometimes you're watching a video and you think to yourself, "Sweet baby jesus, who's that? If only there was a community of people on the interwebs almost frighteningly adept at figuring out the identies... Read More


Drake ft. Majid Jordan - Hold on We’re Going Home [Stream]

Featured on our pages just last Thursday, Drake‘s All Me leaned heavily on the rap side of the spectrum. Fans of his more R&B-informed material had no reason to fear, though; today, the T-Dot hitmaker returns to... Read More

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Drake - Nothing Was the Same [Album]

Three albums into his career and Drake is inarguably a rap superstar, maybe rap’s top superstar. But I’m not really sure why. I mean, I know why – he makes hits, the ladies love him, etc. – but I don’t know WHY.... Read Full Review

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Drake’s “Nothing Was the Same” Album Leaked, Let’s Start Listening… [Feature ]

You know what's crazy? On Saturday I was on a panel with Olaf Thomsen, who clears samples for UMG Publishing. Before the panel we were talking, I asked him what big projects he was working on, and he said that he was... Read More