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Chuck L.i. - Toomb [Stream & Download]

Kill Bill is a dope flick, but the one scene I don’t f**k with is where Uma Thurman’s character is buried alive. Seriously, that has to be one of the worst things that could ever happen… unless you are Chuck L.i.,... Read More

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Dave Coresh ft. Gatz & Goods and Chuck L.I. - Love&Money [Stream & Download]

If you aren’t familiar with Dave Coresh, you should know that the man loves money. You should also know that he isn’t the only one with his eyes on the green. Joining the Chicago emcee on Love&Money, are fellow... Read More

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Chuck L.i. - Charles [Album]

Chi-town rhymesayer Chuck L.i. has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, Charles. The Windy City representative's first full-length project in nearly three years, the set features 14... Read More

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Chuck L.i ft. Caleb James - Owls [Stream & Download]

Why is Chuck L.i.‘s latest release titled Owls? Excellent question, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to listen to the track’s hook to find out. Frankly I don’t think the written word would do it... Read More

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Chuck L.i. - Time Again [Stream & Download]

It’s that Time Again—time to listen to a fresh record from Chuck L.i.. The inaugural leak off the Chi-town buzzmaker’s next street album, this cut finds Austin White serving up a hazy, sampled beat as Chuck... Read More

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Chuck L.i. - Rapstar [Stream & Download]

The underdog always seems to be the hungriest, not only when it comes to Hip-Hop but also when it comes to life in general. One of my favorite sound bites has always been the Notorious B.I.G. statement in Jay-Z’s My 1st... Read More

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Chuck L.i. - Level Up [Stream & Download]

Buzzed, tipsy, sloshed, trashed, wasted, blotto… with the sheer quantity of English words for degrees of intoxication, it can be hard to keep them straight – especially when you aren’t seeing straight. If you... Read More

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Chuck L.i. - Office Space [Stream & Download]

The latest in a series of fresh unreleased joints from the Chicago up-and-comer, Office Space finds Chuck L.i. tackling the topic of service-industry frustration. Stefan Ponce handles production duties, flipping a piano-led... Read More

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Chuck L.i. - Chuck Norris [Stream & Download]

Don’t let the title fool you: while Chuck L.i.‘s latest effort, unreleased cut Chuck Norris, is indeed a tribute to the action hero who shares the Chitown repper’s first name, there’s nary a stale... Read More

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Chuck L.i. ft. Tino Atoms - BTW (Bring The World) [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the reader-approved I Need Your Soul, Chi-town up-and-comer Chuck L.i. returns with yet another positive-minded unreleased joint. Like Chuck’s last feature, Bring the World finds Tapez working the boards,... Read More

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Chuck L.i. ft. Dave Coresh - I Need Your Soul [Stream]

Listeners beware: the moment you click “play” on Chuck L.i.‘s latest feature, the emcee will reach through your speakers/headphones into your ear canals and extract the very essence of your being, leaving you... Read More

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Chuck L.i. - No Worries [Stream & Download]

Featured early in January, Chuck L.i.‘s Booth debut earned surprisingly mixed reviews from readers: while many were impressed by the mic skills he showcased on 6ixty4our, others simply weren’t buying the whole... Read More

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Chuck L.i. - 6ixty4our [Stream & Download]

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so why let even a second go to waste? Rather than wasting time on hooks, bridges or elaborate instrumental intros and outros, Chuck L.i. cuts straight to the chase on his... Read More

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