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Cheatcode ft. DJ N-E-B & Hugh Currier - Gangsta [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from CHEATCODE, the restlessly-creative DJ and producer was mashing up dead prez and Pink Floyd on an acclaimed April remix of They Schools. Gangsta, part of a recently-released instrumental EP from the... Read More

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Pink Floyd x Dead Prez - They Schools (CHEATCODE Remix) [Stream & Download]

An ocean and several musical generations may separate English classic-rockers Pink Floyd from Brooklyn hip-hop duo dead prez, but the two acts can agree on at least one thing: teachers need to leave them kids alone. On his... Read More

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The Rolling Stones x Eminem - Mother’s Little Helper (CHEATCODE Remix) [Stream]

Back in February, Western Massachusetts beatsmith CHEATCODE introduced himself to our pages with Street Dreams (Remix), an audacious mashup which saw him infusing Nas’ ‘96 single with elements from... Read More

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Nas x Aerosmith x Sinatra - Street Dreams (CHEATCODE Remix) [Stream]

Frank Sinatra, Aerosmith and Nas: three acts from very different genres, embodying three distinct musical eras. In other words, the perfect ingredients for an epic mash-up. Though CHEATCODE‘s remix of It Was Written... Read More

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