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Caskey - Black Sheep [Album]

The YMCMB family has always been home to its share of eccentrics but, even in such unusual company, Caskey unconventional style sets him apart. And he wouldn't have it any other way. On his latest mixtape, Black Sheep, the... Read More

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Caskey - Bad4Ya [Stream]

In contemporary America, kids are the targets of advertising practically from the moment they come out the womb. How does that onslaught of pro-consumer imagery affect the developing brain? Well, if I were a little more... Read More

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Caskey - Too Much Information [Stream]

Don’t worry; Caskey‘s latest single doesn’t feature the Orlando rhymesayer rapping at excruciating length about his favorite sex acts, or describing his bowel movements in minute detail. (If that’s... Read More

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Caskey - The Transient Classics [Album]

Orlando emcee Caskey has unleashed his latest street album, The Transient Classics. His second major mixtape, the project follows 2012's No Complaints. Heralded by (non-Booth featured) lead single "Condolences," the set... Read More

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Caskey - Show Me Some [Stream]

Last we heard from YMCMB signee Caskey, he was rhyming about the struggles that led up to his big break on January mixtape inclusion The Truth. Having put his past into perspective, the Orlando representative shifts focus to... Read More

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Chris Richardson ft. Caskey - Why You Mad [Stream]

When a relationship has hit the skids, any little thing can set someone off; just ask, singer/songwriter Chris Richardson. On his latest effort, the YMCMB crooner asks his girl “Why You Mad?” and then proceeds to pressure... Read More

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Caskey - The Truth [Stream]

Signing a deal with YMCMB would be a big break for anyone; when you manage to ink that contract before turning 20, like Booth newcomer Caskey, “good fortune” hardly begins to describe it. But don’t get it... Read More

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