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Camm Hunter - This Side Artwork

Camm Hunter - This Side [Stream]

Recent solo features have seen Camm Hunter showcase his skills as a crooner in between rapped 16s, but never has the T-Dot repper set his “rapper” hat aside to release an “all-singing” record… until now. As the... Read More

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Camm Hunter - Idol Artwork

Camm Hunter - Idol [Stream]

No, Camm Hunter‘s latest feature isn’t a hip-hop tribute to Billy Idol—even though the ‘80s pop star is featured in the image on the left. As the T-Dot native explains on this freshly-minted promo single,... Read More

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Camm Hunter - Something Else Artwork

Camm Hunter - Something Else [Stream & Download]

More than a month after the release of Camm Hunter‘s last single, the reader-acclaimed Oh Lord, listeners are doubtless starting to crave Something Else from the T-Dot buzzmaker. Well, y’all are in luck, because... Read More

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Camm Hunter - Oh Lord Artwork

Camm Hunter - Oh Lord [Stream & Download]

Currently Camm Hunter is busy rocking the nation on tour with Booth favorite Hoodie Allen, but that hasn’t stopped him from unleashing his new single. Though tour life can grind you down, Camm sounds likes a spring... Read More

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Camm Hunter - Well Now Artwork

Camm Hunter - Well Now [Stream & Download]

Well Now, what do we have here? To answer my own rhetorical question, it’s a brand new promo cut from Toronto buzzmaker Camm Hunter. If you were feeling the quirky, crossover-ready vibe of last week’s S.O.B.,... Read More

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Camm Hunter - SOB Artwork

Camm Hunter - SOB [Stream]

Camm Hunter will be the first to admit that he’s a little arrogant, inconsiderate and full of himself. But what emcee worth his salt isn’t a little bit of an SOB? On a brand new single off his latest mixtape, the... Read More

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Camm Hunter ft. Jared Evan - Fire in the Night Artwork

Camm Hunter ft. Jared Evan - Fire in the Night [Stream & Download]

This Monday, Down With Webster rhymesayer Camm Hunter made his solo Booth debut with NLG, a confessional jam which explored the artist’s ambivalent relationship with Mary Jane. Three short days later, the... Read More

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Camm Hunter - NLG Artwork

Camm Hunter - NLG [Stream & Download]

I know what you’re thinking: “After all the National Lawyers Guild has done to promote progressive change in our legal system, it’s about damn time they got their own hip-hop theme song.” Sadly, they’ll... Read More

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